McLaren Senna, 2017

McLaren reveals new 789bhp road car named after Senna

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In the round-up: McLaren’s latest road car, named after Ayrton Senna, is the lightest the company has built since the McLaren F1 and produces 789bhp from its 4.0-litre V8 twin-turbo.

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McLaren Senna, 2017
McLaren Senna, 2017

More pictures of the new McLaren Senna.

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  • 84 comments on “McLaren reveals new 789bhp road car named after Senna”

    1. JP Morgan’s view of f1, calms my nerves a little, not because of JP Morgan but because not everyone thinks f1 is on a financial decline.
      See, Hamilton put the jet money into good use. I can’t see how’s this an appealing bit of news, but that’s subjective.
      Shame on McLaren. Misappropriation of the name; given to an uninspired product. Besides it looks like the track version of the LaFerrari. McLaren should’ve used the name on a significant car, like the P1.

      1. I think McLaren had forgotten what P1 feels like. Maybe McLaren P55 its more like it, P20 with 35 grid penalty. Or maybe they use Senna name because it’s powered by Honda?

      2. @peartree @ruliemaulana You can call the new McLaren car many things but not an uninspired product, it exists for one purpose only: ultimate track performance with minimum added to achieve road legality. It is not a supercar looker designed for cruising around Dubai / London / Monaco & youtube videos. They dumped the hybrid drive-train from the P1 saving 350kg in weight, it’s ruthless in it’s focus and I admire them for the pursuit of that.

        McLaren will also be donating to the Senna Institute……not sure why they should feel ashamed…’s the first of their cars they feel is suitable to carry the Senna name.

        1. @ju88sy I actually didn’t mind with the name but it deepen my suspicion that they were ready with this car 2-3 years before and had no courage to release it until recently due to fail F1 historic re-collaboration.
          The timing is right that they need to release new commercial product and they happen to believed that next year F1 result won’t hurt their brand image.
          I think McLaren is heavily depend on F1 more than Ferrari.

        2. @ruliemaulana Nice one. @ju88sy Uninspired in the perspective that this is just another limited edition, track focused yet not so track focused road car, like those silly Gt3 911 that strip components make compromises and yet cost more. A purpose built racing car is not built on top of another platform, it’s purpose built. This is not a relevant car within the marque. And it looks like a La Ferrari with a big spoiler and a after thought front splitter.
          @baron I’m not saying like that, I know the name has been heavily commercialised, particularly in Brazil, but it isn’t misappropriated by another company, as a marketing gimmick and considering the money and honour of course they accepted it, but I think you would agree that the name could’ve been saved for a momentous car.

          1. @peartree Well, McLaren are toying with a GTR version that strips out another 80-90kg and isn’t road-legal. As for not being relevant within McLaren’s portfolio, that’s for McLaren to define. It fits the bill perfectly as the next car in their low volume Ultimate series, the Sport Series and Super Series road cars are the ‘volume’ platforms. The vast majority of owners will want to drive these.

            As for the 911 GT3, it is FIA homologated for GT3 category racing.

      3. @peartree I think you might be a bit late with the ‘appropriation’ thing. I have been proudly wearing my most excellent Senna sunglasses for a couple of decades along with other official branded apparel. It’s how the Estate makes money. But does this mean I have to lose the dreadlocks?

        1. @baron, and in this instance, the Senna Foundation has had a fairly active role during the inception of this car (particularly with Bruno Senna having been involved as a development driver for McLaren). As you say, it’s probably a lot more appropriate to be naming a car after him rather than, for example, the food products that carry his name in Brazil.

    2. WEC could well benefit from all these amaizing supercars racing these “racers for the road” at Le Mans. I guess that’s what they want to do because it feels like such a waste to have LaFerraris, P1s, and the lot and not being able to see them in full race trim for 24 hours.

      1. it feels like such a waste to have LaFerraris, P1s, and the lot and not being able to see them in full race trim for 24 hours.

        The LMP1 category should infact have cars like the Ferarri FXXK, Porsche 918, Aston Martin Vulcan and this McLaren Senna to actually showcase brands. It would probably result in more manufacturer attention and bigger grids. Basically, bring back GT1 rules!

        1. I disagree. I love seeing Prototypes as the most extreme category, which it’s been for most of the history of the race. I agree that there’s a place for more extreme GTs, but I don’t see a reason why that should be in place of LMP1.

    3. That Sam Bird tweet reads like something straight out of a dystopian novel.

      1. @casjo beat me to the punch but I like where your head is at, haha.

      2. @casjo – Exactly.
        Who would really care that much? And why?
        Soylent F1…

    4. In response to Mr. Bird, it is an extremely dangerous notion to “just conform like everyone else”. I realize this is just a ceremonial thing, but my goodness, his statement is out of some authoritarian dystopia. In certain professions, a dress code is important to maintaining credibility and managing expectations, but this is just a standard award show where the industry pats each other’s backs.

      Also, that McLaren car…since only a handful of people can actually drive it, our appreciation of its race-track dynamics is inherently limited. Function over form for a halo car is kind of against the point since those of us who can’t drive it can only look at it, and it has some pretty awkward angles!

      1. If you thought his comment was authotarian, what would call Felix De Costa’? Who basically said, Hamilton not wearing a tux meant he was uneducated & lacked manners?

    5. Sam Bird certainly opened himself up a monster of a twitter storm there. Brutal all the way around.

      My thought is that tolerance is good. It’s not life or death. If only the world’s truly serious issues could be easily solved by self appointed fashion police.

    6. I can’t decide if I think the McLaren is stunningly beautiful, or if it looks like it was designed on an old Need for Speed game. Possibly both.

      Not a fan of the see-through doors, though.

      1. I suppose no woman with skirt can drive it … after all is for track use mainly.

        1. @bluechris don’t worry about the women in skirts. There will be the Carmen Jorda edition available for women. Comes with a 160hp engine and will only be allowed to be driven at Yas Marina where there is enough run off. The sat nav
          In fairness it was all Mclaren could do in order to have any chance for a women to drive one after she informed the world that women are biologically inferior to men when driving fast cars.
          How’s her new role in the FIA going by the way??

          In all seriousness, I’m like @neilosjames and cannot decide if I love the looks or hate them…guess they should have called it The Marmite :)

    7. @neilosjames – I liked it at first glance and then I could not get that wing out of my head. It might actually be good for aero, more so than a 1969 Dodge Daytona Charger wing, but it seems rather inelegant for such a high dollar sports car.

      I suppose the see through doors are for watching the ground rushing by your feet so you know how fast you’re going?

      1. ooops.. supposed to be a reply to @neilosjames

      2. Apparently the little windows are for spotting apexes, but will more likely be used to avoid kerbing the wheels when parking in the centre of London to show off.

    8. I hope that McLaren Senna gets added to Gran Turismo Sport cause I’ll never get to drive one… maybe never even see one in person! At least I know I’m not alone.

      1. It’ll probably make it to Assetto Corsa, and that’ll be a much better representation of what the car is like.
        And considering how amazing the P1 is, I can’t wait :)

        1. And even if it doesn’t “make it”, people will mod it in, because PC master race.

        2. +1

          Hope we get it in Assetto Corsa

    9. Sam Bird is right. And Hamilton’s legion of obtuse fans refuse to acknowledge it. It’s like with Wimbledon: sometimes the world expects you to adhere, and not adhering makes you unnecesarily stubborn. Hamilton is a phenomenal driver, but a bit of a caricature at times.

      1. Why would a real F1 fan care about what drivers wear; where they live, what others opinion about that.

        But probably I’m mistaken, and that’s exactly what makes a fan a fanatic.

      2. You sound like you’re from the 1950’s. Are you from the 1950’s ?

        1. If only F1 was still in the 1950s

      3. And this is different from his legion of obtuse detractors gleefully seizing on any irrelevance they can find how exactly?

    10. Love how the f1 = road relevance theme went it to that mclaren, with its 4ltr v8 twin turbo lol

      1. By their own admission it’s not a road relevant car, but a track relevant car with some road legal adjustments. Lollers

        1. Also McLaren probably doesn’t make the engine.

          1. Ricardo builds them for McLaren at a factory set up specifically for the task.

            The design of the V8 has its roots in TWR’s Infiniti Indycar motor of the late 90s (Nissan VRH35ADE), but other than the bore size and V angle just about everything else was redesigned by Ricardo for the original M838T in the MP4-12C. The newer M840T that the Senna uses is a longer-stroke version based on the P1 LM bottom end, initially for the 720S.

            Basically, they’re not 100% clean sheet but are still a specifically McLaren engine, not bought in from another OEM.

        2. And now I have to eat my hat and scream fake news.
          Why would a legalised track car have Phone, Media, Navigation, Radio, Rear View Camera, and User Manual as its primary driver options ;)

          1. software is already written and the whole thing probably adds less than an extra lb since you’re already going to have a touch screen for track data and backup cameras that are mandatory is some places now. Probably nothing more than a few extra chips on a card to.

    11. Wow, that McLaren road car even has more horsepower than the McLaren F1 car.

      1. More reliable too, @f1infigures

    12. I’ve always wanted to see the thighs of car drivers! Great news!

    13. The dress code mash up thing in F1 really started with James Hunt but he was a bit cleverer with it, turning up in Black Tie but with white gym slippers @ no socks. That got him the headlines he craved but didn’t detract from the formalities as long as his feet were out of view. I also hated the DJ thing on the banquet/dinner circuit and started wearing black shirts with black bow ties, that kind of thing, but always deferring to the organisers overall dress code. You can make a statement without looking like an attention whore, it just needs some thought (and a teensy weensy bit of humility). But what on earth was Sam Bird thinking?😮

    14. tgu (@thegrapeunwashed)
      11th December 2017, 9:06

      I think your driving is out of this world and your talent is unquestionable but if the dress code is black tie , wear black tie and conform like ever other person.

      I’ve no idea who Sam Bird is, but this is just the plea of a square that others act more squarely. How very prim and proper!

    15. Personally I don’t like brands naming their cars after people, regardless of who they are, because eventually the people who drive them will crash, especially these that are designed for race days.

      The car itself looks ugly to me, but looks like it means business, I think that’s what they wanted

      1. Then I guess, you don’t like Ferrari, McLaren, Cooper, Brabham and so on…. These are all Brands which started out life from people’s names and currently, we have Williams, Sauber and Haas so your comment makes absolutely no sense.

        1. Mercedes too.

        2. @mikejtw models, should have said models

          brands are legacies, I’m fine with that

    16. That is one gorgeous car, holy crap!

    17. I’m guessing Hamilton figured the dress code would be about as strongly enforced as track limits and took his chances.

      1. good one, @philipgb
        (as long as he didn’t pass Kimi on the inside of the cloakroom queue).

    18. Orange car, blue brakes. God awful.

      1. Why though? It’s the best color combination!

      2. Painted calipers are oversaturated now. A bit like beards. The sort of thing David Brent will do when everyone else paints their calipers Black and shaves off their beards.

    19. McLaren Saudite. Have the Kingsom of Saudi Arabia got 500 princes who aren’t arrested yet?

    20. Awful looking car. Why it’s so fussy?

        1. No need to be rude :)

      1. Sony Playstation, that’s why. Remember when gaming became grown up.

    21. The Daily Mail really are ridiculous, they may as well have given that article the headline “Wealthy person buys expensive house”. What sort of house do you expect a person who earns $50,000,000 a year and who has his own aircraft to buy, a 2 bed mid terrace in Hartlepool?

      1. I was more surprised that a designer at a stuffy fashion house could afford such a mansion ;)

    22. The McLaren car is awful. Not a huge fan of any of their cars though the sheer quality of finish does make them look better in the flesh. This ‘Senna’ is the end result of CAD taking over from clay and pencils. Messing around with every single detail.

      A Honda Civic for A-rabs

      1. and B-rappers.

      2. And Pakistanis Pakis?

    23. LOL. I dared to click on the Daily Mail article and saw Ham wearing a plaid suit with pearls and carrying a purse????

    24. I’m really excited at how stunning the McLaren Senna is. It would be even more stunning with a halo…. said no one ever….

    25. That new mclaren looks to me like what the new honda nsx couldve been, especially from the side. A lot of people will hate its looks, but that is what modern supercars are now, aero substance over style.

    26. Ah what the heck…seems like a tabloidy kind of a day…haven’t been a fan of any of the McLaren supercar looks, and this Senna is no exception, and LH’s new mansion makes me feel the same. I’m sure they’re both much better seen in person, but from the pics, there are far nicer cars and homes, imho of course. However, one good thing…those bent out of shape for LH not paying taxes in the UK can now rest assured he will be.

      1. You are assuming he will live in that house long enough to be tax resident in the UK. My guess is he won’t…just given how much travel he does with F1 and in his personal capacity.

        1. Council tax though

          1. LOL. Council tax? Lewis could pay that out of the change in his coat pocket. How about the 45% on Lewis’ annual income of £40 million (minimum), or £18 million.

            1. I’m no accountant but I’ve heard the law is that you only pay income tax in a country if you live there.

    27. The car looks awful and sam bild is right, Call me old but is a dresscode to much to follow for one night?

    28. That’s nice of Ricciardo and Verstappen to show off all of Sebastian Vettel’s trophies.

    29. I’d like to see them roll a handful of those McLarens off a truck on a Friday and have a fastest lap competition among the F1 drivers. Fastest lap in an unreasonably priced car!

    30. Dissapointment to hear that the new McLaren Is being called the Senna. He was a dangerous driver who put into jeopardy those who tried to race him because of his mindless pursuit to be the best. His actions on the track were loved by fans and loathed by his fellow racers and it killed him and now he is god like. Really ?? I fully admit to thinking early in his career he will end up killing himself and others around him. Lucky it ended with just him. To call the car Senna is plain stupid

      1. I think you’re confusing Senna with Schumacher. The sad thing is once Senna had gone, there wasn’t much talent left which made Schumacher’s actions even less necessary. Senna was up against and tangling with the likes of Mansell and Prost for the lead and he was often in the right, certainly with his most controversial coming together with Prost.

    31. I know this is totally out of the blue, but on an italian website I read Kubica has been excluded as a possible choice by Williams. Though you might want to know. There is no source on the article I read, though.

    32. This is what you get when video games turn emotions. This is got to be the definitive ‘Playstation Generation’ car.
      (post the original Ridge Racer game)

    33. Would feel like an idiot driving round with that big spoiler – only a 12 yo would like that… sorry..

      Think the design all over is too violent – misses those smooth lines.. my personal view…

    Comments are closed.