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2017 F1 season review

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The all-time record for most pole positions fell during 2017 and many other statistical milestones were reached too. Here’s the most notable from each race.


Vettel and Ferrari disrupted Mercedes’ dominance


  • Hamilton’s third ‘grand slam’ – pole position, fastest lap, led every lap and victory
  • This is the 11th consecutive season in which Hamilton has won a race
  • Two drivers tied at the top of the championship for the first time in five years
  • Renault’s first appearance in Q3 since Brazil 2011 (Bruno Senna)
  • In the 14 seasons since the Chinese Grand Prix began this was the first one in which Fernando Alonso wasn’t classified



Bottas became a race winner
  • Bottas scored his first win in any category for 2,044 days. His previous victory came with an F3 team which was set up by Kimi Raikkonen
  • More than half of all Finnish drivers to race in Formula one have won grands prix
  • Mercedes remain unbeaten in Russia
  • However Mercedes’ run of 30 consecutive front row starts (five less than the record) and 18 consecutive pole positions (six less than the record) ended
  • The total duration of all racing activity during the Russian Grand Prix weekend was just two hours and nine minutes, almost 90 minutes of which was the F1 race



  • Ferrari’s first win in Monaco for 16 years
  • Raikkonen set a new record for longest gap between consecutive pole positions in terms of races (129) and time (3,262 days)
  • Jenson Button made his 306th and likely final F1 appearance, giving him the same number of starts as Michael Schumacher


  • Hamilton equalled Ayrton Senna’s former record tally of 65 pole positions
  • Hamilton’s fourth grand slam
  • Lance Stroll scored his first points in his home race; the last driver to do the same was Daniel Ricciardo in 2012
  • Stroll became F1’s second-youngest points-scorer after Max Verstappen
  • Ferrari lost the constructors’ championship lead to Mercedes (and never regained it)


Stroll was the second-youngest driver to reach the podium



Hamilton crushed his rivals at home




  • Hamilton broke Michael Schumacher’s record of 68 pole positions
  • This was the only race all season where the all-time track record wasn’t beaten. Had qualifying been dry, it might have been
  • Stroll became the youngest driver to start a race from the front row, breaking Verstappen’s record by 23 days
  • The second-highest number of grid penalties ever was applied: 150, 18 less than was seen at the same race two years earlier
  • For the fourth year in a row Mercedes led every lap at Ferrari’s home track
  • Massa’s 1’40.660 in a streaming wet final practice session was the slowest lap which headed a session at Monza since 1976
  • This was the only time all year the drivers’ championship lead changed hands, as Hamilton passed Vettel


Double disaster for Ferrari in Singapore



United States

  • Hamilton won the United States Grand Prix for the sixth time, a new record, which he achieved in just seven appearances
  • Hamilton broke Schumacher’s record of front row starts with his 117th
  • Ocon set a new record for most classified starts from the beginning of an F1 career with his 26th, surpassing Max Chilton. He extended it at the next race
  • Kvyat left Toro Rosso after 51 starts for the team
  • Verstappen’s post-race time penalty dropped him to fourth place which meant no one had to skirt the issue of him not being legally old enough to drink the podium champagne in Texas


Title number four for number 44


Abu Dhabi

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2017 F1 season review

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  1. Didn’t Rosberg win his 200th grand prix as well?

    1. Yes, last year in Singapore.

      1. @dan_the_mclaren_fan @hunocsi Good point, thanks, have revised that line.

  2. Hulkenberg has DNF’d in Singapore and COTA three and four seasons in a row respectively while Sainz is still yet to reach the chequered flag in Bahrain after three attempts, and he’s also DNF’d in Abu Dhabi for two seasons in a row. Also, Wehrlein is still yet to reach the chequered flag in Spa, and he might have to wait a bit to get another chance to do so. Two consecutive Monaco GPs have seen a double-DNF for Sauber.

  3. Marcus Ericsson is the first driver since Aguri Suzuki (1992-93) to compete two successive full seasons without scoring point while his team-mate having scored in both years.

    Had Ukyo Katayama contested 1995 European Grand Prix (while not scoring point) he would have been the most recent one.

  4. Ericsson, I like the guy and he is comparable to Wehrlein. But, it’s pointless to have a point-less driver in the car, excuse the pun.

    1. He’s actually had 48 consecutive pointless point-less races.

      1. This is a pointless statistic ;)

        1. What’s the point!

  5. What a great season. Sorry it’s over already.

  6. Stroll became the youngest driver to start a race from the front row, breaking Verstappen’s record by 23 days

    Never would’ve expected Verstappen to lose a ‘youngest’ record ;)

    1. never expected to loose it to Stroll

  7. I noticed this while reading Hamilton’s wiki page-

    Hamilton won the hybrid era’s 3rd title with lowest amount of championship points compared to the previous 3 years,

    2014 – 384 – 19 races
    2015 – 381 – 19 races
    2016 – 380 – 21 races
    2017 – 363 – 20 races

    1. Makes sense to me, car wasn’t dominant.

      1. Car wasn’t as dominant.

  8. Didn’t US-GP marked the first time that only one UK driver on the grid?

  9. Ericsson continued his streak of always outqualifying his team mate at Suzuka. Throughout his F1 career, it’s the only track where he has done so.

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