The complete F1 Fanatic 2017 Formula One season review

2017 F1 season review

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As we prepare to close the book on 2017, take a look back at F1 Fanatic’s complete review of the 68th world championship season.

Driver rankings

The driver of the year
The 20 drivers who contested the bulk of the 2017 season reviewed and rated.

2017 F1 driver rankings #1: Hamilton
2017 F1 driver rankings #2: Verstappen
2017 F1 driver rankings #3: Vettel
2017 F1 driver rankings #4: Alonso
2017 F1 driver rankings #5: Ricciardo
2017 F1 driver rankings #6: Bottas
2017 F1 driver rankings #7: Perez
2017 F1 driver rankings #8: Ocon
2017 F1 driver rankings #9: Hulkenberg
2017 F1 driver rankings #10: Sainz
2017 F1 driver rankings #11: Raikkonen
2017 F1 driver rankings #12: Grosjean
2017 F1 driver rankings #13: Massa
2017 F1 driver rankings #14: Vandoorne
2017 F1 driver rankings #15: Magnussen
2017 F1 driver rankings #16: Wehrlein
2017 F1 driver rankings #17: Stroll
2017 F1 driver rankings #18: Ericsson
2017 F1 driver rankings #19: Kvyat
2017 F1 driver rankings #20: Palmer

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You can read the driver rankings for previous years, including the mid-season run-downs, here:


Vettel and Ferrari were back on form in 2017
The big three teams pulled further ahead, McLaren reached the end of the road with Honda and the midfield fight was intense. Here are the reviews of each team’s championship:

Mercedes: Another triumph in their closest title fight yet
Ferrari: Rejuvenated but falter with titles in sight
Red Bull: Power unit problems weren’t their only weakness in 2017
Force India: Fourth despite civil war outbreak
Williams: Team face crucial driver decision after failing to put up a fight for fourth
Renault: Slow but certain progress in second season
Toro Rosso: Sainz departs on a high as team hit reset again
Haas: Team holds steady in second season
McLaren: Third year of Honda pain is one too many
Sauber: Brighter future for 2017 strugglers after Alfa Romeo deal

2017 in pictures

What was your favourite picture from 2017?
Enjoy the best photography F1 Fanatic had to offer in 2017:

Over 100 of the best high-resolution pictures from the 2017 F1 season

Passes and crashes: The top action pictures from the 2017 season

Farewell to Felipe: Massa’s F1 career in pictures,

The best pictures of fans around the world during the 2017 season

2017 in statistics

Renault made the biggest step forward this year
Take a deep dive into the data from the 20-round championship. here’s the 2017 season broken down in numbers:

20 telling stats about each driver’s 2017 season

Car performance and reliability: Six charts which reveal the best and worst teams of 2017

2017 season statistics highlights: The top statistics from every race

The 68th Formula One world championship season in context

Team mate battles

In his final year Massa dominated rookie team mate Stroll
The final verdict on which drivers were the top dog in their teams:

2017 F1 team mate battles: Hamilton vs Bottas at Mercedes
2017 F1 team mate battles: Vettel vs Raikkonen at Ferrari
2017 F1 team mate battles: Verstappen vs Ricciardo at Red Bull
2017 F1 team mate battles: Perez vs Ocon at Force India
2017 F1 team mate battles: Massa vs Stroll at Williams
2017 F1 team mate battles: Hulkenberg vs Palmer at Renault
2017 F1 team mate battles: Sainz vs Kvyat at Toro Rosso
2017 F1 team mate battles: Alonso vs Vandoorne at McLaren
2017 F1 team mate battles: Grosjean vs Magnussen at Haas
2017 F1 team mate battles: Ericsson vs Wehrlein at Sauber

The races of 2017

Bottas became a grand prix winner
Australian Grand Prix: Ferrari renaissance sets up Vettel vs Hamilton title fight
Chinese Grand Prix: Vettel’s flying Ferrari can’t keep Hamilton from fifth Shanghai win
Bahrain Grand Prix: Vettel divides and conquers Mercedes duo
Russian Grand Prix: Bottas defeats the red army to join the grand prix winners
Spanish Grand Prix: Mercedes tag team beat Vettel in hard-fought battle
Monaco Grand Prix: Vettel strikes body blow to Mercedes and Raikkonen
Canadian Grand Prix: Hamilton hits back as title fight tightens up in Montreal
Azerbaijan Grand Prix: Championship tensions boil over between Vettel and Hamilton but Ricciardo stays cool
Austrian Grand Prix: Second win for Bottas raises prospect of a three-way title fight
British Grand Prix: Hamilton dominates at Silverstone as Ferrari’s fortunes deflate
Hungarian Grand Prix: Vettel first, Raikkonen accepts second and Hamilton gives up third
Belgian Grand Prix: Hamilton keeps cool under Vettel pressure as Force India fracture
Italian Grand Prix: Tables turn in title battle after Hamilton cruises to easy win on Ferrari’s home turf
Singapore Grand Prix: Hamilton takes a big win after Vettel risks too much
Malaysian Grand Prix: Verstappen wins on another bad weekend for Ferrari
Japanese Grand Prix: Title number four beckons number 44
United States Grand Prix: Another Austin masterclass bring Hamilton’s fourth title ever closer
Mexican Grand Prix: Hamilton champion again as Vettel clash opens door for Verstappen
Brazilian Grand Prix: Vettel puts Ferrari back on top as Mercedes slip up
Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: Bottas grabs confidence-boosting victory in lifeless finale

The community

The crazy Azerbaijan Grand Prix was your race of the year
Your contributions to F1 Fanatic’s 2017 season coverage:

F1 Fanatic’s funniest Caption Competition winners of 2017

How you rated the races of 2017

Hamilton voted Driver of the Year by F1 Fanatic readers – plus your nine different Driver of the Weekend winners

More from 2017

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F1 Fanatic’s top Tweets of 2017

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