2018 F1 race data

Laps per position
Started and finished
Laps led
Position change on lap one

Laps per position

How many laps each driver spent in each position during the season.
Lewis Hamilton4582702181171323732642121101000
Valtteri Bottas84410167172182451644181367169440500
Daniel Ricciardo116459121922320819951061910952511220
Max Verstappen16916834317412238413412010557002420
Sebastian Vettel3452441981421436731157912551836520
Kimi Raikkonen92127225330158143122735312321000
Sergio Perez0012261848109109132156981006012591323621221
Esteban Ocon000639841221221307998104651103821141154
Sergey Sirotkin00000000162250493997174200209180802
Lance Stroll0000004382236627397141139167188816444
Fernando Alonso00003410108124848110387398357464857186
Stoffel Vandoorne00000163979326775170120122176140855236
Carlos Sainz Jnr0088158012220614820412682973123387000
Pierre Gasly00229397559317386101809888996227333317
Romain Grosjean00010531007615884761179462414442416097
Kevin Magnussen00021531441561161471045050751874584534207
Nico Hulkenberg0004281432688169716044675421810260
Brendon Hartley00004119312613015214199948985653339
Marcus Ericsson00000844658114731448411813983116662612
Charles Leclerc00051928137919610371731138667624134248

Started and finished

How many races each driver started, was classified in (covered more than 90% of race distance) and completed (covered 100% of race distance).
Lewis Hamilton212019
Valtteri Bottas212017
Daniel Ricciardo211312
Max Verstappen211816
Sebastian Vettel212019
Kimi Raikkonen211716
Sergio Perez211911
Esteban Ocon21159
Sergey Sirotkin21182
Lance Stroll21194
Fernando Alonso21155
Stoffel Vandoorne21195
Carlos Sainz Jnr21199
Pierre Gasly21167
Romain Grosjean21156
Kevin Magnussen211810
Nico Hulkenberg21148
Brendon Hartley21162
Marcus Ericsson21174
Charles Leclerc21167

Laps led

How many laps a driver led as a percentage of all the racing laps during the season (full season laps led) and of all the racing laps covered by that driver (driver's season laps led).
DriverFull season laps ledDriver's season laps led
Lewis Hamilton458/1264 (36.23%)458/1255 (36.49%)
Valtteri Bottas84/1264 (6.65%)84/1202 (6.99%)
Daniel Ricciardo116/1264 (9.18%)116/1034 (11.22%)
Max Verstappen169/1264 (13.37%)169/1127 (15%)
Sebastian Vettel345/1264 (27.29%)345/1248 (27.64%)
Kimi Raikkonen92/1264 (7.28%)92/1116 (8.24%)
Sergio Perez0/1264 (0%)0/1196 (0%)
Esteban Ocon0/1264 (0%)0/1052 (0%)
Sergey Sirotkin0/1264 (0%)0/1118 (0%)
Lance Stroll0/1264 (0%)0/1156 (0%)
Fernando Alonso0/1264 (0%)0/985 (0%)
Stoffel Vandoorne0/1264 (0%)0/1200 (0%)
Carlos Sainz Jnr0/1264 (0%)0/1195 (0%)
Pierre Gasly0/1264 (0%)0/1032 (0%)
Romain Grosjean0/1264 (0%)0/1074 (0%)
Kevin Magnussen0/1264 (0%)0/1172 (0%)
Nico Hulkenberg0/1264 (0%)0/936 (0%)
Brendon Hartley0/1264 (0%)0/999 (0%)
Marcus Ericsson0/1264 (0%)0/1091 (0%)
Charles Leclerc0/1264 (0%)0/1058 (0%)

Position change on lap one

How many places a driver gained (positive) or lost (negative) on the first lap of every race, on average.
Lance Stroll+1.89+36
Max Verstappen+1.65+33
Carlos Sainz Jnr+1.2+24
Sergey Sirotkin+1.16+22
Pierre Gasly+1.17+21
Nico Hulkenberg+0.94+17
Charles Leclerc+0.5+9
Esteban Ocon+0.47+8
Kevin Magnussen+0.4+8
Brendon Hartley+0.33+6
Marcus Ericsson+0.3+6
Fernando Alonso+0.26+5
Daniel Ricciardo-0.05-1
Sergio Perez-0.1-2
Stoffel Vandoorne-0.25-5
Romain Grosjean-0.47-9
Valtteri Bottas-0.55-11
Lewis Hamilton-0.8-16
Kimi Raikkonen-1-20
Sebastian Vettel-1.7-34