Kubica says he’s still targeting a return to F1 racing

2018 F1 season

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Robert Kubica says he is “extremely happy” to have earned a place as reserve and development driver at Williams for 2018.

However the 33-year-old, who was seriously injured in a rally crash in 2011, says he is now in great shape and his goal remains to make a full return to F1 racing.

“I feel in the best physical shape that I have ever been,” said Kubica, “but it has taken a lot of work to get to where I am now, so I’d like to thank Williams for the opportunities they have given me so far, and for putting their faith in me with this appointment.”

“I have enjoyed being back in the Formula One paddock over these past few months, and I now look forward to working with the Williams technical team, both at the factory and at the track, to really help push forward the development of the FW41 and to make a real difference to their 2018 campaign.”

“Having driven both the FW36 and the FW40, I’m looking forward to seeing how the FW41 measures up on track and working with the team to ensure we can maximise the performance of the car. My ultimate goal remains to race again in Formula One and this is another important step in that direction. I cannot wait to get started.”

Williams said as part of his duties Kubica will “be available to stand in as the race driver if required”. His last F1 race start was in the 2010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

2018 F1 season

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15 comments on “Kubica says he’s still targeting a return to F1 racing”

  1. Persistence, persistence and persistence. It will be nice to see Robert around the paddock.

    I wish however, he would spend the year competing in some sports car/DTM series though.
    During the whole process of getting back to F1, nobody even once mentioned his success of winning the European Rallye Championship-2, as if there was only a large void in his career in the last 6 years.
    The racing community doesn’t seem to recognize that success, as if it belonged to an irrelevant different world.
    Thus, I think it’d be beneficial for Robert to have some recent track racing accomplishments.

  2. It is a pity that Kubica seems to be used as a mean to promote his management.

  3. I for one will be curious to see what we can get from Kubica. Would be fun if he was the one finetunging the setup, pushing car development etc. But will it motivate everyone to really ace it? I doubt it.

    Still, better to keep him on board this way than to be completely reliant on two drivers who will still have to learn how to push for all of that and become consistent.

  4. I hope he will get a shot, in a another series.

    so many good talents are coming up and its sucks to see robert snatch a seat from them.

    Russel, Norris, Rowland, Giovanazzi, Ghiotto and Rosenqvist, they deserves it more

    1. Robert Kubica is one of the most talented drivers out there. I have noticed all your negative comments towards him. When you have it, you have it, and Kubica has it. None of those drivers you have mentioned have shown they should be in F1 more than Kubica. Kubica has top 3 F1 driver pedigree, he has proved it guess where?? In the ultimate place, In F1!

      1. a couple of podiums and a fluke win? i said i wanted him to get a shot but in a diffrent series, WEC, Blancheplain, DTM so robert can keep racing.

        so Robert, who has been away for 8 years, has done the same amount of things that the other drivers have?

        Rosenqvist got 3rd in both super formula and FE in his rookie season, ended one position higher than vandoorne did.

        Robert proved his speed, back in 2010

        1. That means every race win by every driver is also a fluke by your reckoning. In his last season in F1 Kubica was pretty much unanimously named driver of the year by fans, media and colleagues. You can’t have wins if you don’t have the car to do it, Kubicas talent is remembered by people in F1 who don’t judge negatively the way you have.

    2. Why does the name Giovanazzi keep coming up as talent. All I remember him crashing in F1 when he was supposed to show how good he is.
      What am I missing…?

      1. @dutchtreat You are missing the 2016 GP2 season. He was the stand-out rookie that almost clinched the title up the the last race against his more experienced teammate. Really exciting driver if you ask me though his crashes points to a lack of maturity probably. But talent he has, and a driving style in the likes of Ocon and Verstappen.

        1. yes, but when you get to F1 you are supposed to keep the car in 1 piece

  5. I’m targeting winning euromillions.

    1. I’m targeting being your post euromillions win social director.

  6. And what about the returning of insurance money that he has received after the rally crash that has terminated his F1 carrier? Because it was a problem. He can participate as reserve or development driver obviously but what if he participate in a race? See Paul Di Resta !

  7. Full credit to Robert for being fully candid about his relative pace and diminished ability throughout his return.
    And his grace and humility throughout shows he’s a classy fellow!
    Formula One could do with a lot more people like Robert.

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