Sergey Sirotkin, Alex Lynn, Spa-Francorchamps, GP2, 2016

Caption Competition 144: Sirotkin at Spa

Caption Competition

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Sergey Sirotkin is Formula One’s newest driver for 2018 and we’re welcoming him in traditional fashion with a Caption Competition.

Here’s the new Williams race driver tackling one of Spa’s most famous corners in 2016 alongside former Williams tester Alex Lynn when the pair raced in GP2.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

Caption Competition

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  • 108 comments on “Caption Competition 144: Sirotkin at Spa”

    1. Sirotkin was surprised at how well Williams’ chameleon inspired livery for 2019 worked.

    2. “Without your funding this is what we’d be driving this year”

    3. “F1 driver Sergei Sirotkin proves it’s possible to take Eau Rouge at full speed”

    4. People can now see that they were wrong and I didn’t pay for a seat. Just the steering wheel.

    5. “Sirotkin already lost his seat to Kubica”

    6. Lower simulator budget forces Williams to take drastic measures.

    7. Stroll is using the car for private testing so this is what we got for you right now Sergey.

      1. haha good one

    8. Lighter weight cars, low ride height, no frivolous aero. Finally they got the regs right!

    9. The new Williams’s young driver program leaves much to be desired…

    10. ” …. and, errm … the clutch is slipping.”

    11. Sometimes drivers in slower cars feel like sitting ducks.

    12. Michael Freeman
      20th January 2018, 13:16

      Sirotkin: I think we could have done with a little less downforce!
      Lynn: And the drag is hurting, too!

    13. F1’s experiment with high-degradation cars left much to be desire.

    14. And the backward tumbling race starts in 3,2,1, goooooooooo..

    15. “Now I just need to buy the car.”

    16. joe pineapples
      20th January 2018, 13:44

      Hiding the skid marks.

    17. Lynn: so this is how it felt overtaking on the outside of eau rouge!
      Sergey: yeah, but in slow motion

    18. And Kubica driving the safety car exiting La Source saw his golden opportunity….

    19. Teams seek clarification on the new rule to separate car and driver weight.

      1. Duncan Snowden
        20th January 2018, 15:02

        I give up. That’s the one. :)

      2. Many good ones before; but this one is great ;)

      3. Very good!

    20. Codemasters’ share a screenshot of their upcoming F1 2018 video game.

    21. That’s not fair, he put all 4 wheels off the track!!!!


    22. This isn’t what I paid for!

    23. A Williams cockpit – £13m. Two-wide into Eau Rouge – Priceless.

    24. Liberty’s plan to bring ‘seat-of-the-pants’ racing back to F1 took an unexpected turn in 2018. The drivers in particular were worried about the new cars causing excess wear to their planks.

    25. Williams asked Sirotkin to get familiar with the tracks ahead of next season…

    26. tgu (@thegrapeunwashed)
      20th January 2018, 14:19

      Todt’s plans for an eco formula in 2021 got off to a bad start when the donkeys slipped their harnesses during testing.

    27. Sirotkin reveils the new Williams AERO in Eau Rouge.
      This will take F1 to a full new level of transparency.

      1. Oops, reveils must be reveals

        Sirotkin reveals the new Williams AERO in Eau Rouge.
        This will take F1 to a full new level of transparency.

    28. The FIA just got its plans for a “road-relevant” formula horribly wrong.

    29. “A typing blunder in FIA’s new technical regulations book for the 2018 Formula 1 season, which erroneously introduced a max. car weight of 70 kilograms (with driver) – instead of a min. car weight of 770 kgs – was met with surprisingly little suspicion from teams and drivers. Race attendance, however, has dropped significantly. Just as have the lap times…”.

    30. After complaints the halo covered the drivers too much F1 responds with a typical knee jerk reaction.

    31. Sirotkin makes his first rookie error when his trainer suggests he do yoga at the Spa.

    32. yeeeeoooow, yeeeeeeeoooooooowww, vroom vroom vroom…

    33. “Do you think it’d be weird if I told you I sit on the toilet like this, too?”

    34. “Is the new car ready yet?
      What about now?”

    35. Bottoming out through Eau Rouge

    36. In a surprising move, the Williams team test out their new 2020-spec car in the daytime before the FIA can rule on their stealth livery concept.

    37. Lynn: “You know, when Williams promised us track time on race weekends this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind… Seems like you and me are in the same boat, right Sergey?”
      Sirotkin: “Unfortunately for you Comrade Lynn, my boat has better sponsorship…”

    38. “I thought Massa was using a metaphor when he said you could feel every bump on the track in a Williams car.”

    39. Racing fans should not really complain about the lack of wheel-to-wheel racing.


    41. Sirotkin’s talent is so big he out-drives his car on the first day of testing.

    42. The result after one day of testing with Stroll.

    43. New F1 sim game promises to make you “feel like you’re really there”!

    44. F1 newest daily workout.

    45. F1 drivers newest daily workout.

    46. The FIA’s start their new closer racing campaign.

    47. “Hey, are you passing me mid-corner by opening your DRS?”
      “Sorry, that speed boost wasn’t my DRS, that was last night’s curry.”

      1. Naanboost?

    48. Williams reveal one off livery promoting the new wonder woman film.

    49. Surprisingly, some still say the performance gap to F1 isn’t large enough.

    50. With the bigger budget Stroll has priority using the test car.

    51. Side by side in Eau Rouge, dangerous? Hah, we do it all day long.

    52. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
      20th January 2018, 18:45

      Here we have on display the parts of F1 cars that the FIA and the teams have actually agreed on so far for future regs.

    53. Sirotkin could be forgiven for misunderstanding an instruction to feel the limit around Eau Rouge with the seat of his pants, but Lynn??

    54. Ferrari steps up its veto campaign, by releasing an image of how F1 would look if they pulled out.

    55. This is what I see in the rear view mirror when PCars 2 starts glitching out in VR.

    56. Sergey and Alex are shown here testing Wonder Woman’s invisible F1 cars, which strangely never got past FIA preliminary scrutineering.

    57. You know those dreams where you leave the house without any trousers…

    58. The new Williams cammo liverly doesn’t look like it’ll go down well with sponsors.

    59. First look at EA’s version of this years game. Costs $15 extra to include the cars

    60. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      20th January 2018, 22:00

      The anti-halo breakaway series wasn’t messing about

    61. My babushka always said I had a super soft bum.

    62. The limited testing restrictions made the seat shootout a bit tricky for Williams.

    63. Alexandre Truppel
      20th January 2018, 23:01

      “F1 rule change: to cut costs for teams, only 0 power units and 0 chassis allowed for the entire season. Changing steering wheels mid season still allowed.”

    64. Still faster than Mclaren Honda

    65. “I’ve got plenty of grip”

    66. CGI has come a long way in Grand Prix broadcasting

    67. Sergey: Alex – How are we going to explain on stealing Wonder Woman’s invisible plane?


    68. When drivers were asked to choose between
      A car with Halo or driving on their butt !

    69. Sirotkin’s MAXIMUM STEALTH augment fails to work as planned.

    70. “And in Formula One News, SMP Bank’s check to Williams bounced, in the middle of the Belgium Grand Prix, leaving Sergey Sirotkin without a car.”

    71. 2018: Williams exploited a regulatory loophole for translucent components in 2018, leading to a furore amongst the paddock concerning whether their new everything adhered to current technical regulations. Ferrari, naturally, were the key aggressors, and threatened to leave the championship at the end of the year were the situation not resolved, in what was quickly dubbed ‘invisi-gate’. Ferrari claimed Williams drivers regularly cut through the Ardennes forest during that year’s Grand Prix, and cited one spectator who apparently saw, ‘A man in white overalls hovering several inches above the ground, weaving between trees, accompanied by the sound of a tumble drier’.

    72. Williams teaching their youngsters the meaning of word “losing youre seat” before the season starts.

    73. Dude, where’s my car?

    74. Williams’ new cloaking device needs more work

    75. “these cars really are too quiet, maybe if we eat Beans for Breakfast tomorrow we’ll be able to attract a bigger crowd”

    76. Williams next cost saving idea.

    77. Still faster than Stroll

    78. “Williams’ new stealth technology hides illegal aerodynamics” claim Ferrari.

    79. Williams tries to circumvent the testing ban by employing the cloaking device Sirotkin’s sponsors provided on their F1 2-seater, but they are not fooling us!

    80. Having taken nearly 2 hours to film the front straight alone, Sirotkin and Lynn were beginning to regret agreeing to star in a stop-action animation of an entire lap at Spa.

    81. Bottoming out.

    82. Williams shows what happens when the proposed budget cap for teams comes in to place.

      McLaren showed a picture of only half of Alonso: that would be the result for their team.

    83. Williams making comparisons on drivers’ seating position – therefore giving Sirotkin an edge over their former test driver Lynn.

    84. “This is still faster than Stroll”

    85. “When you said at the start of the season we’ve done alot of weight stripping to have less drag, I DID NOT THINK YOU WOULD DO THIS”

    86. After Lance crashed every available chassis in testing, Williams was left with no other option.

    87. Sergey Sirokin receives a 5-second penalty for leaving the track and gaining an advantage.

    88. Wow, these F1 cars ARE quiet.

    89. The F1 diver version of sleepwalking.

    90. Damn. The Halo looks terrible.

    91. If Stroll and Alfa Romeo hadn’t come along, a Williams & Sauber driver set would be a whole lot less exciting.

      1. Sorry. Had a typo –

        If Stroll and Alfa Romeo hadn’t come along, a Williams & Sauber driver test would be a whole lot less exciting.

    92. SS: Hey Lance how long are we gonna sit here?
      LS: Until Williams confirmation that our bank transfers were successful.

    93. Eau Rouge? How about my a$$ is now Rouge!

    94. We can clearly see their nuts.

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