Nissan DPi, JDC-Miller Motorsports ORECA LMP2, Daytona 24 Hours, 2018

Daytona 24 Hours build-up in pictures

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The 2018 motorsport season is slowly coming to life and today two current F1 drivers will be in action. Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll are part of the 50-strong field for the Daytona 24 Hours.

There are many more top names scattered throughout the field including former F1 drivers Juan Pablo Montoya, Christian Fittipaldi, Felipe Nasr, Paul Di Resta, Bruno Senna, Jan Magnussen, Sebastien Bourdais, Markus Winkelhock and Pedro Lamy.

IndyCar stars Scott Dixon, Simon Pagenaud, Helio Castroneves, Graham Rahal and Ryan Hunter-Reay are also among the entry. And there’s a wealth of upcoming racing talent including Felix Rosenqvist, Daniel Juncadella, Antonio Felixda Costa, Ferdinand Habsburg and McLaren junior Lando Norris.

The race begins at 7:40pm UK time and we’ll be following the action as it unfolds on F1 Fanatic Live. Here’s a look at some of the field in action during testing, practice and qualifying for the race.

F1 pictures

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Daytona International Speedway, 2018
Daytona International Speedway, 2018

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  • 12 comments on “Daytona 24 Hours build-up in pictures”

    1. Is it being shown on UK TV ??

      1. The first hour or so will be on Eurosport, but I think that’s it… in the past IMSA has streamed it for free on their website (to viewers outside the US, that is) and I believe they’ll continue to do so.

      2. The first hour and the final hour are being broadcast on Eurosport 2, as far as I can tell – apart from that, the only other way to watch the race in the UK would be via the IMSA’s online streaming service.

        By the looks of things, only the Oreca LMP2 cars have looked somewhat close to the pace of the DPi cars, and even then there are quite a few who reckon that the Cadillac entry hasn’t been pushing to its limits to avoid being hit with further Balance of Performance penalties (they’ve already had their restrictor size reduced and a small amount of ballast added). It suggests that Stroll/Juncadella/Frijns/Rosenqvist are perhaps the most likely competitors to them, rather than Alonso/Norris/Hanson.

    2. What an amazing event! Probably the closest we have to a proper all-star motorsport event. I count two F1 race winners (including a certain world champion), 6 overall Le Mans winners (3 of them WEC champions too), 3 DTM champions (including the current champion), the last 3 European F3 champions, 4 Indy 500 winners, 5 IndyCar champions, the 2 drivers currently heading the Formula E standings… I’m not even going to try to count the number of class winners at Le Mans, or bother naming the vast number of series regulars who have tasted success in IMSA.

      Where else can you see as diverse an entry list as this?

    3. Unf that Mazda. Unfortunately my internet is rubbish since I moved house so I probably won’t be able to watch the stream :(.

    4. A Hapsburg? Like, the real Hapsburg family? European history class comes to Daytona Beach!

    5. US coverage is (hopefully) excellent it’s on the MAIN ! network Fox channel from 11am (west coast) to 2pm. then over to Fox sports..Hope they’ve dragged Hobbo into the booth !
      This is going to be fun :)

    6. Here in the Pacific Northwest (USA) our ridiculous coverage goes as follows

      Coverage begins at from 8pm-10pm(PST) and thats the entire race that is shown during the race. The program starts 14 hours after the race starts and covers just 1/12th of the event.

      AND coverage resumes Sunday from 7:30 to noon(PST) AFTER THE RACE IS OVER !!

      Just Brilliant.

      1. Really? Not on channel 11 at 11am ?
        Is so that blows, now you have me nervous..

    7. Budchekov

      Thanks for the info about times and coverage about the 24. I rechecked my listings and sure enough just as you said. Funny though how other programming scheduled for that time slot has changed overnight. So thanks very much for letting race fans know !!

      One attaboy for you

    8. Confirmed on channel 11 Fox right now..@ Looks like weather could creep into affairs as the race progresses..

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