Lance Stroll, Felix Rosenqvist, Daniel Juncadella, Robin Frijns, Daytona 24 Hours, 2018

Reuniting with F3 rivals is a “once in a lifetime” chance – Stroll

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In the round-up: Lance Stroll says he had to take the opportunity to race at the Daytona 24 Hours with former F3 rivals Felix Rosenqvist, Daniel Juncadella and Robin Frijns.


Ford GT, Daytona, 2018
Ford GT, Daytona, 2018

The Daytona 24 Hours begins today with Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll among the competitors. We’ll be following the race on F1 Fanatic Live from 7:30pm (UK time).

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Assen hosting the Dutch Grand Prix? The idea has received mixed reaction so far:

I raced this track on a sim quite a lot. It is awesome. A good driver can overtake here in them corners. They are very naturally flowing and allow dives down the inside.

Maybe aerodynamic would be too restricting for overtakes, but I bet Verstappen in that Red Bull would do some.

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  • New BRM signing Clay Regazzoni put his car on pole position for the first race of the season at Buenos Aires on this day in 1973

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34 comments on “Reuniting with F3 rivals is a “once in a lifetime” chance – Stroll”

  1. Sundar Srinivas Harish
    27th January 2018, 2:01

    The Jackie Chan DC line-up is one of the best after Penske and probably one of the cars from United Autosports. Although, many people on F1 forums might disagree.

  2. Ah come on. They’ll probably delete the truth but…Again, the Assen circuit doesn’t suit F1 in current form. Only in the rain. The straights will be just too short. COTD is nonsense and the fact it is COTD is ludicrous. Listen to guys that actually raced there… here it comes…… the end of the straights at turn 8, 9 and 16 and 17 only have ONE racing line for current F1 cars, and the aero disturbance will be too much, even for dive-bombs. Don’t use Sims (didn’t everyone dissect Stroll when he said he used consoles to train?), as Rfactor 1 is a 13 year old sim, RF2 still lacks a good F1 mod and the others (except Iracing but they don’t have Assen) are just very poor is several aspects. If COTD doesn’t mean Rfactor PRO then it is a ridiculous argument to use as all the great test-drivers Pirelli used avoid the commercial sims as they just get beaten by 13 y.o as it is not realistic yet.

    Go to the circuit or better yet… watch Nico Hulkenberg and Max Verstappen as they both have done runs in hybrid F1 cars at the future F1 configuration, there you can look up for yourself before people generally call me incorrect just like they did with me calling out Bottas…. or Sirotkin, or Vettel…
    Remember the F1 circuit will be exactly the same only higher curbs, which will even slow the cars down more. I’m not against the race(!), not at all, the race will take place at Assen soon for sure as Zandvoort is a bureaucratic and transportational hell, Amsterdam will have elections this year where the two most ecological parties will win and Rotterdam is not popular enough (even as former hosts of the City Racing events, just look at when most Dutch fans started watching F1) but let’s not for the sake of commercialism pretend it’s gonna be another Silverstone.

    1. You are right.
      I agree that Assen does not suit F1.
      There’s no track in the Netherlands capable of hosting f1, Zandvoort is too small as well. The old Assen or the new Assen are both great layouts but neither suit post 80’s f1 cars, particularly the current Assen, the scale of the track needed to be multiplied, considerably, single file with a lot of aero constraints, very short lap time as well. I’m shocked that the track is almost safe enough for f1, I thought only the new section would be safe enough.

      1. I forgot. Concerning motorsport magazine article. Even though more and more teams have gone for high rake designs I’m pretty sure that the elongated diffuser actually promotes less rake than what we’ve become accustomed, this happens as you can only go for as much of an angle up until you start having airflow separation, particularly at lower speeds, another rule that promoted less rake was the suspension rule amends, the teams were trying to control ride heights without such systems, using high rake became less beneficial.
        In the end to confirm my thought process we only need to recall RB and Mercedes negotiations over the 2017 regulations, Mercedes was very clever as they were able to pass all the rules they wanted.

    2. @xiasitlo Agreed except for ”the race will take place at Assen soon for sure” part. This is something that is far from guaranteed to happen, i.e., isn’t set in stone.

      1. Before I see this correction; A season is which the FIA has to ban teams from swapping the left and right tyres around to avoid Silverstone-like shenanigans is not an proper V8 utilizing season, let alone that horrible nose.

        The Dutch owners of Assen made such a u-turn this year, I’m would not put it in stone, I’d put it into my mortgage.
        Just like every time Tilke designed a circuit already just like the Danish lay-out and the fact Estoril is already an Grade 1 circuit. Only thing needed with those last two are the economical positions of those countries. But the Dutch are too lyrical about Verstappen not to let this happen as Spa is an hell to get to if they actually sell out too.

        The circuit had a great profile for F1 in ’82 and ’83. Now that would be a great profile.

    3. COTD is nonsense and the fact it is COTD is ludicrous

      Why not just use your arguments (robust ones I may add) rather than writing such disparaging comments in bold about others?

      1. Agreed – I have to be honest, when I saw the bold font and the harsh comments, I stopped reading his entry.

      2. ‘disparaging comment’

        I agree, how rude.

        I’ve always wondered why people target others rather than voice an opinion on here , sigh !

    4. People are always so quick to look at a circuit layout and decide with 100% certainty how good racing a particular formula on it would be. It’s better to keep an open mind.

      When Valencia Street Circuit first came around I thought it was going to be brilliant; super fast sweeping corners between concrete walls and some big stops for overtaking… It’s funny to say now but it looked really promising. 2012 was good but overall it turned out to be one of the most disliked tracks F1 ever used.

      A lot of people derided Baku’s layout at first glance and the inaugural race confirmed their suspicions. Then 2017 served up a classic.

      My point is that quality of racing (already a highly subjective thing) comes down to circumstances and luck more than anything and any circuit can produce good and bad races. If anybody thinks overtaking is the only criteria for excitement, I recommend they go watch Imola 05 and 06.

      I’d welcome Assen to the calendar. The calendar is more homogenised than ever. Something a bit different sounds great.

    5. “Ah come on. They’ll probably delete the truth but…”

      God, what a pretentious, self glorifying load of nonsens by our wanna be King of the Truth.
      (Shouldn’t you be posting your conspiracy nonsens on the drudge report or something?)

  3. Strange statement from Renault.

    Mercedes don’t seem to find their customers high maintenance, but then they deliver a quality PU to them.

    RBR and Mclaren will only be high maintenance if Renault don’t do their job properly. Are they suggesting that yet again their PU won’t be up to scratch in 2018?

    1. There seems to be something in the DNA of RBR and McLaren(‘s driver) which makes them higher maintenance than colleagues. There are ample examples in the past, with varying degrees of appropriateness.

    2. @dbradock I think you must not have read the article as Renault is seeing their relationships with Mac and RBR as challenging and positive. The high maintenance part only comes from the fact that they are supplying two out of the four top teams in F1. I’m including Mac as a top 4 team in the sense of their usual placing on average over their tenure in F1 of course, as the Honda let-down is (was) an anomaly.

      Mercedes does not supply a top ‘have’ team. So of course supplying two of the four teams who can have reasonable expectations, along with their fans, of fighting for wins, or at least having the resources and potential of doing so, is going to be more potent than supplying teams that won’t likely be anywhere near fighting for wins even with a Mercedes Pu.

    3. I think what makes RBR and McLaren ‘high maintenance’ is the sheer size of the organizational structure of the team. We’re talking big teams with ~1000 employees, compared to the Merc customers who combined have that number of employees. This will lead into a much bigger hunger for success from both these teams. Chances are we’ll have the Renault works team and their 2 customers in the top 5 next year, with the other 2 places occupied by Ferrari and Mercedes. That does sound very high maintenance to me frankly.

  4. ‘so why dont Brits like him’

    A true F1 fan would never hate someone as talented and quick driver like Hamilton. If it ever was in doubt, the way he defeated a 4 time champion in a more or less equally quick car put all doubts to rest about how supremely talented and quick driver Lewis is. Further evidence is all major publications and experts voting him the BEST driver this year.
    A true F1 fanatic would never care what Lewis does outside the track. I don’t even understand and like Lewis fashion/clothing those gold chains or whatever social media stuff because i like him for how exciting, quick and aggressive driver he is ON TRACK with all those stunning poles and wheel to wheel battles and coming out on top of quality opposition (Alonso, Vettel, Button, Rosberg).
    F1 would be a poorer place without Lewis and would lose lot of flavor, excitement, competition and fans that he brings. Hoping for a great and competitive season ahead.

    1. Isn’t this a bit like saying a true football fan would never hate Manchester City? Or Barcelona?

      This is sport, and as fans, we naturally gravitate toward a team or individual of our preference. So you can acknowledge the capability of a team or individual as being world class/top notch, but you dont necessarily have to like them.

      I acknowledge that Pep Guardiola is a wonderful coach, and his Man City team play a breath-taking game of football, sort of which we have never seen in the Premier League. But I can’t stand them. That does not mean I’m not a football fan.

      Similarly, I’m no fan of Lewis, or Vettel for that matter. That doesn’t mean I don’t acknowledge their ability, it would be daft not to.

  5. @amg44
    Liking someone is different from respecting their talent, Andy Murray has the same problem (although I do like him, he’s like the Kimi of tennis). When it comes to personality Hamilton just rubs a lot of people up the wrong way, there’s not really anything he can do about it, and no it’s not because of his skin colour.

    Personally I’d put myself in the camp of being a fan of his on-track, but not off it. He’s become more tolerable to me over the years but he still occasionally says or does something to make me cringe.

    1. @amg44 Speaking of the word cringe, what makes me cringe is how for some people if you are not a fan of someone then you automatically must hate them.

      A person can be a ‘true F1 fan’ or fanatic for many many reasons, so using one example of fan like or dislike of any one driver is not a measure of his/her devotion to the sport and it’s many many facets and personalities and different eras and iterations over the years.

      In fact, such is my ‘fanaticism’ for F1 that I was offended on F1’s behalf as well as Mercedes’ when on several occasions throughout 2016 LH, while off the track but at racing venues, through the media, levelled insinuations of sabotage against him within the team, thus reducing F1 and his team to a lower level. That has nothing to do with his life choices away from race weekends of which I completely respect are his freely to make. Who are any of us to dictate what a person does with their life? But when he takes his personality and his sense of entitlement to the media on race weekends, that’s a cross between on-track behaviour and personal life choices away from race weekends.

      And it is that personality and sense of entitlement that makes me no fan and therefore unable to get excited seeing him drive. And that’s ok, right? Can’t I just let his 4 WDC’s speak for themselves? Wouldn’t LH himself claim ‘to each their own’ in defence of his own choices? (except of course when it comes to his little nephew I guess…). When there was backlash for that, he suddenly remembered what he wants us all to be mindful of toward him…live and let live…I gotta be me…

      Can’t non-fans of his enjoy the same freedom of choice without being categorized a hater? And still be a true F1 fan?

      1. A F1 driver’s job is not to have great personality or mic skills (they are good extras though, i dont mind). In fact more and more teams prepare their drivers to be like robots and filter out emotions/human element as much as possible (Redbull is probably an exception). So whats the complain?

        Like them or dislike them based on ON-TRACK performances make sense to me (Humor, mic skills are good only when you are great at your main thing).
        Its like liking or disliking a professional body builder, athlete, swimmer…etc based on personality, mic skills…

        For example, Riccardo is pretty good at mic, presentable and because of that he is quite popular too. But once he starts getting outperformed by his teammate (which appears very likely), then all those EXTRAS (mic skills, humor, personality) wont save him. And in the eyes of TRUE F1 fans and experts, he would surely go down.

        Now Compare that with Hamilton who since his debut has proved himself against many challenges and challengers and ‘Still he Rise’. Its 2018 and Lewis is widely believed and considered the quickest and best.
        Since his debut to STILL hold onto the Position of being considered by majority of experts and fans to be the Quickest driver is extremely tough and thats what makes Lewis unique (another one who held this position was Senna).

        Its unfortunate and sometimes very sad to notice that Lewis is disliked even by his own countrymen (i am not British) because of these EXTRAS and they not recognising and appreciating the History he is creating, the Unique Position He holds in the record books and in the eyes of True F1 fans and experts.

        1. @amg44 But I just don’t believe your last paragraph. I think we all recognize LH’s numbers and talent. It’s out there for all to have witnessed and to acknowledge as the reality of his place in F1’s history. That doesn’t mean we all have to be fans of his. For me I can’t buy into him in terms of his personality, so I’m not likely going to cheer for him on the track just because he is good on the track.

          The driver I have little respect for in terms of on-track behaviour is Schumacher so I was never a fan, and look at his numbers. In that regard, even though I am not an LH fan, I do appreciate that he has not spent his career as a bully out there on the track, nor has he needed designer cars and tires and a contracted subservient teammate fo achieve his numbers.

          So at least for myself I have to like the person to back him on the track. I don’t think you are right to say teams want robots for drivers and encourage that. Personality is very much a part of the picture and drivers need to always be out there marketing their team and it’s sponsors. And I’m not into entitled people who will throw his team under the bus with accusations of sabotage when there is pressure and challenge.

  6. I never liked Alain Prost but I always respected his talent and what he achieved. As far as the British attitude towards Hamilton I think it is the fact that he is brash, successful, and a sore loser when things don’t go his way. The British have never liked anyone who is ‘selfmade’, which Lewis is. They only tolerate people with money who came from the upper classes, which Lewis did not.
    The fact that years ago he left England to escape the tax man riled many, but he did nothing different than any other top race car driver. Many of them live in tax havens. This aspect comes back to pure old fashioned jealousy on the part of the public. His firing of his father, Anthony, as his manager did his public image no favours. His father having spent a fortune on Lewis’ career as a kid only for his son to turn on him once he had ‘made it’ was pure tabloid fodder for the masses.
    I respect the guy, you can’t deny that he is as talented as he is devisive. All top sportsmen are like that, especially race car drivers. In my opinion, Nigel Mansell was way more abrasive than Hamilton even has been, and the British adored Nigel. Go figure!

  7. gutted about Sky Deutschland losing the f1 license here in Germany.

    I have been subscribing to there service since they began broadcasting f1 in 1997 when they were carrying the f1 digital+ service that offered a number of additional video options. when that service ended at the end of 2002 what at the time was premiere sport was the only f1 broadcaster to continue producing additional video options & it was great in those years of single lap qualifying to be able to use the premiere sport in-car camera channel to watch every lap from the in-car cameras.
    Marc Surer & Jacques Schulz were a great commentary team but you always had the option to turn them off & have just the natural sounds.

    They were the 1st to take the f1 digital coverage, They were the only one to keep a cut back version of that going once the f1 produced one shut down, There coverage was so good that many fans from other country’s found ways to get access to it to get the in-car cameras & all of the sessions live with no ad-breaks & if you wanted no commentary.

    The RTL coverage may very well be free but it has never been anywhere near as good as what DF1/Premiere/Sky offered up over the years & i am not looking forward to having to go back to having no extra video feeds, having to put up with ad-breaks & not having the option to turn the commentators off (Especially since the RTL commentators are pretty bad).

    I am very sad with this news :(

    1. On the contrary it is very good news that RTL will continue to broadcast F1 Live and Free To Air (albeit with adverts) and Live is much better than recorded highlights. RTL is easy to receive in the UK with a normal size satellite dish and a cheap Standard Definition Satellite receiver (the dish needs to be pointed at the Astra satellite at 19.2 degrees East).
      All the F1 races are available live which is a godsend for those races not covered live by Channel 4. The commentary from RTL is superflous as BBC Radio 5Live broadcast a commentary from each race (it keeps you in touch with the action during AD breaks).
      So by viewing live on Channel 4 and then viewing on RTL for the races not Live on Ch4 you have the best of both worlds and no subscription is required; its FREE.

      1. i did not say that rtl keeping the rights was not good, the free option for those that don’t want to or cannot pay for the pay option is fine.

        i am just very disappointed that german viewers have now lost the better coverage. and having had that better coverage for the last 20 years having to watch on rtl is for me going to be a huge downgrade and i am not looking forward to it.

        i may end up finding a way to get access to the sky uk or italy coverage so that i can continue watching the extra in-car camera options and things which was one of my favourite aspects of what sky were offering here. the sky uk coverage i could understand as my english is good enough i think (my husband is half english) but my italian is not which is unfortunate as the sky italy coverage would be easier to get.

        i think maybe those in the uk who use the bbc radio commentary rather than rtl due to not knowing german may not appreciate how bad it is and having not had the Sky Deutschland maybe will not appreciate just how much better there coverage was in comparison.

    2. LyndaMarks

      There coverage was so good that many fans from other country’s found ways to get access to it to get the in-car cameras & all of the sessions live with no ad-breaks & if you wanted no commentary.

      I was one of them. I brought a satellite dish & a receiver capable of giving me access to the Premiere/Sky coverage in the UK.

      At the time ITV were not showing practice sessions & we didn’t have the OnBoard channel which was something I was keen to get access to. I was watching F1 via Premiere for a few years until BBC got F1 back in 2009 & began showing practice live & offering the OnBoard channel.

  8. F1 at Assen would be like Monaco without the walls. Unless massive changes (take all the wings off…) were made to the cars, there’s no way a 560m (other very good sources, like Honda, say the longest is 487m, but I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt) straight would be long enough to give even the possibility of overtaking.

    And from my limited MotoGP watching I think it’s a lovely track for bikes, so I wouldn’t want them to mess with the layout just for F1’s sake…

    1. No walls means plenty of room for Verstappen to overtake which will be highly enjoyable.

  9. No rancour then among three great drivers overlooked by F1 in favour of the Forbes racer…

  10. All four of the drivers in the pic arguably deserved to drive in F1. Just one made it, that too prematurely.
    Frijns was such a missed opportunity…

  11. Used to not like Hamilton but I now love the guy. He is awesome, personality? Never met him it’s a public persona and some do not like it, so what. He is like Ferrari, huge passionate support base but the few who do not like him (them) let it be known.

  12. Funny how Stroll is the one in F1, when looking at the lineup for his car at Daytona I rate him third best out of four. Rosenqvist and Frijns should be in F1 before Stroll. That doesn’t mean Stroll is poor, it means the other two impresses me more.

  13. Interesting words from Marchionne on what makes a great champion. It’s also equally interesting to see how Vettel has very few of those qualities, and surprisingly Hamilton has more of them XD

  14. So Kimi can have drunken orgies with strippers and that’s ok but Lewis wears a gold chain and some people freak out.
    Something else going on here?

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