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2018 F1 season

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Sauber has confirmed plans for the launch of its 2018 F1 car, the C37.

The team’s new contender will be revealed online on February 20th, six days before the first pre-season test begins at the Circuit de Catalunya.

Sauber will continue to use Ferrari engines but as of this year they will be branded by Alfa Romeo. Charles Leclerc has joined the team as a new driver alongside Marcus Ericsson.

Half of the field has now officially confirmed their launch plans. Williams, Ferrari, McLaren and Mercedes have all announced they will launch their cars before the first test of the season, and Force India and Toro Rosso are expected to do the same. Red Bull, Renault and Haas are yet to reveal their plans.

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2018 F1 season

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17 comments on “Sauber announces 2018 car launch date”

  1. Have a feeling they’re going to do a great job with the livery.. and significantly better on track than they did last season. Significantly better than Toro Rosso at least.

    1. There’s huge potential for a great livery, also a great potential to fail, with their introductory presentation unfortunately suggesting the latter.

      Teams should finally start hiring professional top-notch graphic designers for their car liveries, which doesn’t seem like it’s been ever the case, really. Compare the simplistic F1 livery designs to those made by fans on the internet, and it’s just embarassing. These are amazing:

      1. That second one ( looks amazing, even the halo looks good on it!!

      2. Teams should finally start hiring professional top-notch graphic designers for their car liveries

        Compare the simplistic F1 livery designs to those made by fans on the internet

        Oh, I don’t know, @damon – after seeing some of those very nice examples that you linked to, it feels like teams could just pick the livery from a fan contest – that will come out as a nice gesture.

      3. The fact is, liveries are primarily a commercial exercise. If they end up looking nice, its a happy accident. I’m sure they will do their best, but commercial decisions will ultimately win the day.

        1. A great livery has high marketing value and that’s exactly what you need in a commercial exercise.

      4. I like the idea from the second one of having the name on the rear wing. Although that is often used for branding, I do like it.

  2. You should start calling it as it is from 2018 onwards – Alfa Romeo Sauber – not just Sauber.

    1. The team name is Alfa Romeo Sauber, but the official chassis name is Sauber – so it could be argued that it is still correct to call it the Sauber C37.

    2. So you were the guy who called them BMW Sauber Ferrari that year?

      1. I called them BMW Sauber when It was actually a BMW Sauber, as simple as that. Today it’s Alfa Romeo Sauber, period.

        1. When it was called BMW Sauber did it not run a BMW engine? What engine will be running now?

    3. And of course everyone is always on about that Red Bull Tag Heuer.

      1. …say the guy that called Lotus the racecar that came out of Enstone from 2012 to 2015…

    4. What about Alfa Romeo SaubEr as an abbreviation.

  3. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
    29th January 2018, 20:34

    Can the Halo be covered (partially) by sharp-looking panels? The main reason it looks so bad is that it is rounded. If it were more similar to an F-117 it might look better.

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