Red Bull to launch new car next week

2018 F1 season

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Red Bull has announced the launch date for its 2018 F1 car. The RB14 will be revealed for the first time on February 19th.

It will be the second of the 2018 cars to appear. Williams will be the first to unveil its new car later this week when it presents the FW41 on Thursday in London.

Red Bull has not given any details of the form its launch event will take. Last year the team launched its RB13 by presenting a video of the car on social media.

Testing for the 2018 F1 season is set to begin at the Circuit de Catalunya one week after Red Bull’s launch.

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2018 F1 season

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  • 16 comments on “Red Bull to launch new car next week”

    1. Remember when everyone thought that Red Bull’s RB13 launch was just a way for Red Bull to appear behind the game, only to come up with some genius car at Melbourne? Let’s hope they do indeed have something good up their sleeve this year and produce a car to match Mercedes. F1 really could do with more people fighting for poles and wins.

      1. I am hoping /wishing for a nice chassis battle between redbull, McLaren and Renault… Hopefully they will also be close to Ferrari and Mercedes.

        I know it looks like a big hope but in a sense I don’t think it is totally unrealistic. McLaren chassis was very good last year and could have been a match for RedBull (or not) and Renault have a full development year behind them with an experienced driver providing feedback. They have been producing good cars in the past. Not sure they will reach redbull level next year but if they come close we could at least have a nice battle between the three, like we had in the mid field last year but closer to the front.

      2. Lol! Yeah, I remember. The general consensus from the RBR fan camp was that the car looked obviously “simple” for a reason, that reason being they didn’t want anyone copying all their brilliant aero. Now we have Max saying all they need to dominate the sport is a Mercedes engine. I wonder how their engine partner Renault feels about that……

        1. That is not really what he said, I think it was slightly taken out of context. Here is what was originally published on
          “I think that if we had a Mercedes engine in the back, they would never see us again,”

          1. Eh? How can you not see that Max has just shut down Renault and said it’s not as good an engine as Mercedes? He indeed did say that with a Merc engine they’d be unstoppable but instead have the Renault power unit which is inferior.

            1. I don’t think Renault would be too worked up about Max stating the obvious. Renault have repeatedly and openly admitted they have work to do to catch Merc. To be sure, Max is playing up the RB chassis, but it’s not outlandish to say the Merc is the class leading lump, it’s truth plain and simple. Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill.

    2. The advantage to lead in design or to choose instead to follow by shaping your vehicle in the mold of the previous seasons best machine is a calculated game of chance. How much improved is the Mercedes now just days away from first drive. Looks like The top three will be Mercedes, Ferrari and RedBull to start. Curious about McLaren as we will see if the Renault is a diff maker. You gotta believe Alonso is amped up. I will change the date of my HO Slotcar invitational for Fernando to attend this event if it would fit into his schedule. Amazing the popularity of a driver so much so that significant race events will move their racedate to have Fernando be able to race at that event. 2018 is here with in a few weeks the efforts of many will be realized as testing starts. Gotta put Mercedes at the top and give the “what the hell trophy” to ToroRosso who with conscience actually did a deal for Honda Engines. Wouldn’t it be great if TR figures it out but its doubtful having a reality check.

      1. @TEDBELL Lol, Not sure if you’re just kidding about the HO Slotcar invitational, but just for the record I’m a slot car fanatic of sorts myself. HO and 1/32.

        1. @robbie How cool, I am a slot racer too! Not into HO but 1/32. Mainly racing NSR and

          1. @oel-f1 Nice…a couple of quality brands no question.

    3. Can’t wait to see the Red Bull – that’s going to be a car with 2 drivers that we’ll all be watching very closely next year:-)

      1. Absolutely.

    4. Next week already :D This off-season is going so quick! Can’t wait to see how the cars look with the halo.

    5. Bloody Ugly

    6. I hope Red Bull’s launch will be a succes or they’ll threaten to quit F1 even before the season starts…

    7. Wondering how much Aston Martin will be on the car? Any green?

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