Esteban Ocon, Force India, Yas Marina, 2017

New buyer rumoured for Force India

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In the round-up: An energy drinks producer is the latest company to be linked to a takeover of Force India.

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Are ‘online launches’ a waste of time?

What is the point of these online launches?

We don’t get to see the real car – and given the relative simplicity of the Renault compared to other designs that have already been launched I wouldn’t be surprised if the car we see at Barcelona is quite a bit different from this. For example the whole barge board area looks more or less the same as it was at the end of last season.

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26 comments on “New buyer rumoured for Force India”

  1. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
    21st February 2018, 0:15

    So, is Ron Dennis a night guard now?

    1. @omarr-pepper That was my initial reaction as well when I first saw the video thumbnail on a different website where it’s a bit different than here, LOL.

  2. Seeing that Petrobras signed with Mclaren pretty much confirms that if Camara beats Norris I’m pretty sure that a seat will be his. But that is unlikely. It would make more sense for Petrobras to sign FI if they want to bring a brazilian to drive with their brand. Sooner or later Perez and Ocon will move on.

  3. Love the McLaren teaser. I can’t wait to see the car.

    1. @darkstar this must be the most overblown failure since new coke right?

      1. … What?

    2. Well we can now confirm it will be orange.

      1. Oh good! They will do anything to try and make it look even more like a Ferrari in the distance!

        1. You can tell them apart by the puffs of smoke from the Renault

          1. Different oil mixtures results in different puf color you mean ;)

  4. I would be happy that some stable company can buy force India, this is a good team that should not fall by the way side.

    1. Then not this one.
      I wouldn’t call the n-th Red Bull mimicking wannabe drinks start-up a stable company. Probably as stable as the previous owners (Dutch loss leading super car dream).

    1. Can not unsee :(

  5. Nice bit from McLaren
    Humor and Heritage
    2018 starts a new campaign
    Hope it reflects a heritage too

  6. A lot orange in that video!!!

  7. A few months ago it was almost certain a Chinese owner would be found for Force India. It was also certain that a name change would happen (still might tbf, haven’t launched). All this uncertainty isn’t good, but for the team, having a less problematic owner and more money/security would definitely be good.

    1. @hahostolze

      It was also certain that a name change would happen

      That wasn’t the case the last we heard on the matter.

    2. From all of it, the only thing that really seems to be a certainty @hahostolze, is that FI is on the market and want’s to find someone to take over. And probably that no deal is quite completed with anyone yet.

  8. it would make them just the second British-owned F1 team

    Amizing statbit. That would make it more British teams than British drivers, and more than Quality F1 websites with British domain.

  9. Love this time of year. Cars being introduced, loads of speculation, pictures being airbrushed to try and hide innovations…

  10. Rich Energy is a company with net working capital of £1,924.00 Yes, far less than in my checking account.
    This is a company with £1.8 million of “assets”, almost all of which are intangibles. What do they claim has such intangible value, the brand “Rich Energy”, which nobody has heard of?
    This is a company whose tangible shareholder equity is -£1,360,641.00 … yes that’s a negative-sign
    Can we get real please.

    Rich Energy Balance Sheet
    Intangible assets 1,772,808
    Tangible assets 3,719
    Total 1,776,527

    Stocks 7,800
    Debtors 443,478
    Cash at bank 103
    Total 451,381

    Amounts falling due within one year (449,457 )

    Amounts falling due after more than one year (1,366,284 )

    NET ASSETS 412,167

    Called up share capital 50
    Profit and loss account 412,117

    1. I visit this website during lunch to get away from balance sheets.

  11. Petrobras another huge win for McLaren after the Dell announcement. Their future is looking brighter.

  12. I’d love to see Lando in IndyCar! Lots of really good drivers. We’d find out how good he really is in a hurry.

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