Ferrari SF71H, 2018

Ferrari unveil their new F1 car for 2018

2018 F1 season

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Ferrari have revealed their new SF71H car for the 2018 F1 season.

The car was presented online by team principal Maurizio Arrivabene and drivers Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen. It will have its first run at the Circuit de Catalunya on Sunday before testing begins the following day.

Interactive: See more of the Ferrari SF71H

Brighten up the dark area of the pictures to see more of the Renault RS18. More the slider left to right to show the original and brightened images.

Ferrari SF71H: Front

Ferrari SF71H: Front (low)

Ferrari SF71H: Top

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83 comments on “Ferrari unveil their new F1 car for 2018”

  1. Well at least the livery reminds of Kimi’s glory days

    1. Not even Pepperidge Farm remembers.

      1. Haha.

        Now seriously, after seeing these images I think Ferrari might be 4rd quickest car out there, or perhaps even worse than that. This is the car I thought Ferrari was going to come up with last season, now the pain starts for the tiffosi.

        1. Well, @peartree, with your prediction and analysis track record, i am thourougly at ease and, dare i say, optimistic that ferrari will be able to build on last years progress

        2. Do you mean fourth quickest or third quickest.

          1. I read ‘fourd’ quickest.

        3. @peartree can tell the speed of a car just by looking. Some F1 team hire this guy quickly!

          1. @pastaman thanks.
            *4th typo,
            @mrboerns typo you were recalling your track record.

  2. Ooooh, it’s so red!

  3. Lots of red, me likey.

  4. Beautifully red, halo included. Love it, now if we can bring back the championships that would be great.

    1. The halo is not that bad: visually slimmed down by the two colors, kinda. With that logo on top also reminds me of Ferrari World structure in Abu Dhabi.

      1. Looks like an aero modification on top of the Halo. Interesting.

        1. Sauber has it as well. McLaren had it on their Halo during post-season testing last year.

  5. Its red. It’s got very weird sidepods. Its also got a painted halo with a logo (and some sponsors?).

    Doesn’t look as tight at the back as the Merc but better than most. Lets go 2018

  6. Somehow they’ve almost made the halo look dignified, respectable, perhaps because of the Ferrari badge. I still hate it but they’ve made it look like it’s a part of the car and not just a flip flop somebody left on top

  7. They’ve gone long wheelbase…. Going to make a prediction now that the Merc will be the faster car at most circuits, they know the long wheelbase setup better. Ferrari should have refined the 2017 package further.

    Looks fantastic though, Halo and all

    1. Not sure how you can tell whether or not their wheelbase is longer than last year, or how long it is compared to Mercedes, nor how that may or may not have affected how Ferrari will do. If indeed Ferrari have gone to some longer wheelbase philosophy I see no reason for it to be written in stone that Mercedes will be faster and better with longer wheelbases forever.

      1. Sauber confirmed their car is long wheelbase to accommodate the 2018 Ferrari engine and PU and Scarbs has tweeted that it clearly looks to be a long wheelbase F1 car so thats solid enough information for me

        1. Sorry PU and gearbox*

      2. Robbie you are right but its guaranteed every team has gone to a longer wheelbase even Merc, ideally you would have the longest car you can have within the weight limit.

        1. @JettC @peartree Fair enough. Thanks. Fingers crossed that Mercedes doesn’t have a written in stone guarantee to be better at longer wheelbases, and that this means Ferrari and Mercedes will be more evenly matched at more circuits.

          1. @robbie let’s hope so. Pu are going to matter even more.

        2. When they tidy up the 2020 regulations I hope they impose a wheelbase restriction for the sole reason that these cars just look too damn long sometimes.

          <2016 length + 2017 width and aero + MUCH better integrated Halo or screen = would be lovely

          1. The pinnacle of Motorsport should not introduce rules based on someOnes opinion of the looks of the car.

            2017/18 f1 cars look fast to me. I even liked the anteater noses (STR’s was fantastic!).

      3. @robbie

        I agree with you – it does look longer although very difficult to tell.

        Could be interesting. Ferrari led the WDC for 13 of the 20 rounds due to the diva aspect of the longer Merc. It was good at some circuits but really the Ferrari had it covered on race pace and ability until Seb and the team imploded.

        Was this a good move – or bad? Tough to tell.

        When you consider Seb out qualified VB 13 -6 across the year you have to concede that without LH, last year would not have happened. Seb had a better car – just not if Lewis was driving the Merc.

        Moving towards the longer chassis/low rake might not be the magic bullet.

        Guess we will see.

        1. Or the Merchant was not as balanced aero wise but long wheel base helped on faster tracks but lost them nothing on downhole tracks, just not great aero on Merchant. Ferrari may now be better on all tracks aero wise…..or maybe not. I will know when the 2018 season is over.

        2. Nah, please, you cannot say ferrari was better than mercedes cause vettel would’ve done better than bottas!

          Bottas was 45 seconds slower than hamilton in some race? Was hamilton really extracting 7 tenths per lap from a top driver, or perhaps bottas wasn’t that good, especially in the later part of the season, when he had to adapt to the changes of the car and it was his first year at mercedes?

          What if mercedes had in average 3 tenths advantage and vettel was good enough to overcome this when compared to bottas, but not compared to a driver equal to him, like hamilton?

  8. Copied Merc’s long wheelbase!

  9. So no title sponsor this year? I know Santander left, but there is no replacement on the rear wing.

    1. Racecar is racecar backwards
      22nd February 2018, 15:11

      Apparently there’s going to be a Philip Morris brand as main sponser. Some e-cig or vape thing.

    2. And the FIAT/Alfa Romeo sponsorship is also almost gone.

      1. The Alfa Romeo racing logo is still there at the rear exactly as it has been for the last few years

        1. Alfa Romeo logo will be on two constructors’ cars then? Interesting.

  10. Wow, all those openings make it look like a spider with many eyes! aggressive and cool. Check out those literal ‘wing’ mirrors as well… never seen anything like that; could they be ducting air perhaps?

    1. Uhm, it really looks like:

    2. Surprising indeed!

  11. At least it is not as ugly as last year. The Ferrari from above was by far the most ugly car on the grid.
    So a lot of improvement there it seems.

  12. To me, still the fastest, most aggressive, wonderful car on the grid. I love how futuristic it looks at times. Liking the more red livery too – wonder what will happen with the tobacco stuff.

    1. Only now come to realise that from the front it really is nothing alike – the sidepods especially.

  13. The sidepod concept appears to be very similar with the sauber. While the Haas looks a lot more like last year’s Ferrari, maybe Gunther will be jealous.

    They haven’t settled, and that’s good, we just have to wait to see if they improved and somewhat catched Mercedes

    1. When I saw Sauber’s side pods, I was wondering whether Ferrari would have a similar approach as well. It’s an aggressive approach, now let’s see if it works out on track.

  14. Looks fairly decent.

    Hopefully they will get some decent numbers on the nose/engine cover. Last years “white triangle” nose numbers looked awful.

  15. Interesting gearbox boomerang wing, what’s happening with those sidepods? This is both beautiful and adventurous, cannot wait until it hits the asphalt!

  16. Not too shabby. Wonder how long it is going to be before Merc goes crying to the stewards about something illegal they spotted on the Ferrari?

    1. If the Merc and Ferrari perform as they look Merc will go moaning. I think they will complain about burning oil because clearly Ferrari have been burning the midnight oil to produce the most tightly packaged F1 car ever, sidepods are as small as Redbulls from the top but Ferraris are undercut where Red Bulls are over cut so much more floor space on the Ferrari, like a beautiful Italian lady next to the Mercs frumpy Helga.

  17. Those sidepods are so narrow, especially compared to last year’s car. Seems like all the PU manufacturers have worked to reduce the need for big sidepod openings this year, but this looks by far the most aggressive.

    1. Seems like all the PU manufacturers have worked to reduce the need for big sidepod openings this year, but this looks by far the most aggressive.

      All except for the Mercs.

  18. Looks much better than previous year model… I like ”more red” livery too… :)
    Forza Ferrari!

  19. It looks like there are cupholders on top of the sidepods

  20. Is that lower T-Wing low enough?
    Anyway, back to full red is a good move I guess? With the Merc reveal showing a pretty safe design, I hope Ferrari have created a good evolution of the previous car here, what with all the aero bits around the mirrors and the radical sidepod.

  21. It looks cool. A bit more Ferrari-like with less white on the engine cover. Furthermore, the front-end like with Toro Rosso looks similar to MCL32.

  22. What is going on with the mirrors??

    1. The mirrors appear to have vents in them. Interesting idea, we’ll see if they keep it all year or revert to a standard mirror shape.

    2. I think the mirror vents are there to direct the airflow straight on the upper sidepods openings…very clever concept.

  23. Ferrari seem to have spent a lot more time on the halo than other teams. I wonder if the halo on this car is functional and will be used on track or if it was just made for the car release.

  24. Looks potent. Looks great. I have to chuckle at their not so subliminal inclusion of the Marlboro pentagon on the shark fin.

    1. Ooh, now I see

    2. Looks to me like a box for the number placement

      1. Yeah it could be that too. But I think it’s a pretty safe bet to suggest the shape is intentional.

  25. The sidepods and aero in that area are incredible . Ferrari seem to be on to something, as all the other teams are now putting effort in that area also, Ferrari seem to have a 1 year advantage in this area, good luck to them!

  26. Were the side mirror supports made into a aero element – they seem hollow.

  27. I wonder if this car will be able to follow as well as the last? Out of the two think i prefer the Merc design.

    On to testing!!!

  28. Well, not that good looking. I hope it is fast. Prettier than last year.

  29. It’s refreshing to have an all red, uncompromised livery. And great to see the prancing horse logo on the halo – brilliant idea. That’s what I want other teams to do too – accept that it is part of the car. Don’t like what Mercedes has done, not painting the halo and leaving it black. Maybe because Toto wants to ensure that everyone sees it as an ugly piece of kit that must be chainsawed off. And we wonder why Jackie Stewart had such a hard time convincing people of the need for more safety in Formula 1 all those decades back. It’s because people don’t wanna accept safety standards, citing aesthetics and other such lame excuses.

  30. Vettel fan 17 (@)
    22nd February 2018, 17:11

    That looks so cool!

  31. Love the look of the Ferrari, nice and aggressive. Personally I think its too red haha. The mirrors are very interesting indeed, but as with all the cars the halo ruins them.
    For those moaning that Mercedes haven’t painted the halo – surely if they painted it silver it would stand out far too much and wouldn’t flow with the current livery with where the black currently is on the car. I also think they’ll have a very different looking car come Melbourne.

  32. Lots of aero changes at the front. The baseplate of the front wing has horizontal slits. They have introduced Mclaren nostrils. Not clear whether the mirrors have some aero elements. The halo is nicely integrated and perhaps the best seen so far with a Ferrari logo adding some visual element to the structure. The pod area has several aero changes but is relatively less crowded. The back is nicely packaged. There is a T wing element The sloping back is reminiscent of the old Alfas and Ferrari’s and the Quadrifoglio is a nice touch.
    In short plenty for others to copy if proven functional !!

  33. Definitely the most exciting looking car so far. Those sidepod openings are insane. Never seen anything like it.
    It’s really great seeing something new cool-looking on F1 cars again, instead of just seeing how each team managed to incorporate phallus on their nose.
    The only sad thing is that horrible shade of red. They had a clean slate to go all red, and they choose that tomato color, instead of going for that deep red they had in the early 90s.

  34. Why are the mirrors hollow. What downforce can you possibly achieve there?

    1. No full length photo in side-view released by Ferrari. The half-length photo hits at an aggressive rake. Also, no shot from the back of the car.

      They are hiding something. The diffuser!!

      1. My profile picture was the last time Ferrari released pictures of the back at release.

  35. I’m just glad to finally see the back of that horrible square scuderia ferrari logo on the engine cover

  36. Michael Brown (@)
    22nd February 2018, 17:49


    Brighten up the dark area of the pictures to see more of the Renault RS18

    Is this a mistake, or are we in another Spygate?

  37. That’s the first halo that I can live with.

  38. Best looking car so far, Halo doesn’t seem that horrible. It reminds me of Lewis Hamilton LaFerrari, same color and the red Halo is quite similar to the Red roof.

  39. my f1 2018 predictions
    Mercedes will win at least 5 races.
    Ferrari will win at least 3 races
    Red Bull Renault will win at least 3 races
    Kimi will retire
    Leclerc will go to Ferrari
    He will win three championships with them
    Vettel will win two titles in between Leclercs three
    Vettel will then retire
    Verstappen goes to Ferrari
    Gasly goes to Red Bull Honda
    Verstappen will win 5 titles in a row
    Hamilton will win DTM
    Stroll will go to NASCAR and do rubbish and then becomes a business man for TAG Heuer
    Maldonado will also go to NASCAR
    Then go to Indy Car
    Maldonado wins it
    becomes an ambassador for Chevrolet
    Has a son
    Who faces Hamiltons grandson in DTM
    Maldonado jr smashes Hamilton jr jr in DTM
    Rooney starts a DrinkDrive Racing League
    won by the original Pastor
    who has a great-grandson
    who develops the worlds first flying racecar
    Starts a flying racecar team called racecar spelt backwards
    wins 43 titles in a row
    before Honda finally, start building engines instead of memes and win it forever and ever and ever.

    AND F1 GETS RID OF HALO :) :) :) :) :)

  40. Great looking car.
    A great reminder from the past.
    All it needs is Marlboro sponsorship and this will be the car of the decade so far
    To sum up 2017 in one sentence… Vettel>Hamilton>Riccardo>Honda
    note: the gap between Riccardo and Honda is so huge, that it cannot fit in this galaxy, hence why I have shortened it.

  41. Multiple well thought out color and design livery=boring…flat red car=AMAZING LIVERY!!!!

    You guys crack me up

  42. The floor in pic is photoshopped, all flat on the edges, no blowings. Bargeboards areas are quite empty. We’ll see something different in Barcelona

    1. Give yourself a pat on the back.

  43. So when is Erdogan receiving these mutts.

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