Charles Leclerc, Sauber C37, 2018

Pictures: Sauber’s new C37 hits the track for the first time

2018 F1 season

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The Sauber C37 had its first run at the Circuit de Catalunya yesterday. Here are the first pictures of the car in action.

Sauber C37, 2018
Pictures: Sauber C37 launch
Marcus Ericsson and new team mate Charles Leclerc both had the chance to drive the car during a filming day at the Spanish track.

Ericsson said the team have “been waiting for an opportunity like we have this year” following the arrival of Alfa Romeo as a new backer. “I can see how excited everybody is – including me – so it’s going to be a great opportunity for all of us.”

Alfa Romeo’s arrival comes as the team switches from using year-old Ferrari power units to current-specification machinery.

The team said its filming day was “successful”. The C37 will return to the track when the first day of pre-season testing begins on Monday.

2018 F1 season

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29 comments on “Pictures: Sauber’s new C37 hits the track for the first time”

  1. That Sauber got Airplane style wings. Hope it flies.

    1. Perhaps downforce would be more useful :D

      1. Haha. Don’t you think Sauber is gunning for a Martini deal

        1. Put some red on the front of the Sauber to help tell it from the Williams. Think of the fans!

  2. That has got to be the ugliest car on the grid, holy crap that is abysmal!

    1. Have you not seen the Mclaren?

      1. Oh you mean the orange car that looks amazing? ;)

        1. I know fans love that Orange because of nostalgia reasons. But honestly, that color is ugly for a modern fine-detail car. Also, almost all cars look somewhat ugly this year. See – Halo.

      2. The McLaren is the second best looking car on the track this year.

    2. I like it. Too bland but still elegant. Way better than last year’s livery!

  3. Mothra, is that you?

    1. Reminds me of a Fokker Dr.1 triplane.

      1. lol ya when it’s coming right at you, right?

  4. Like some cougars: cathedral from the back… museum from the front! =))

    1. What does this even mean?

      1. Confused, true to it’s name.

  5. This car is difficult to get excited about. Very corporate, very dull.

    Having said that, I reserve judgement till I see it in the golden Australian sunshine on Friday practice.

  6. Weird that the consensus here seems to be that it’s ugly. Over at the formula 1 reddit this car has a huge amount of fans. I personally love it.

    Opinions I guess.

    1. Ya that and it’s just that I wasn’t expecting that look in that one shot when it’s coming toward the camera. Was fine with the car until I saw that and even then I’m sure it’s just at some angles. At first I thought it was appendages for testing, for sensors or something. I do like the car and the paint scheme otherwise, but just wasn’t expecting that particular look.

    2. It’s not the consensus here, just vocal complainers.

    3. The back,to me, looks great, especially in that glorious red.The front of the livery looks just like a Williams, ie. rather bland.

    4. Stick to mate. Its the real fans here.
      I think its a huge improvement from the blue Sauber from last year. Looks classy

  7. So far those 2018 beast are simply beautiful, especially in the action.

  8. how can this look so gorgeous from the back as much as it looks hideous from the front is beyond me

    1. Maybe their hoping the will be the only view their competitors will get.

  9. Hey Sauber! 2008 called – want their appendages back!

  10. At first pic from side I like it .. small sidepod opening minimalist.. but wheb I see now, wow what a big sidepod, cramp suspension, big chunky air intake bar, this car have high drag for midpower engine

  11. And next year all these new winglets will get banned. they are starting to remind me of 2008 cars.

  12. Surprised noone else has confused that main picture (in thumbnail form at least) with a Williams?

    Point being, when you’re looking far down the kemmel straight at 2 white midfield cars that are predominantly white, you’re going to have no chance identifying them between in each.

    Really, really poor livery from Sauber. Really poor.

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