Nico Hulkenberg, Lego Renault F1 car, 2018

Caption Competition 147: Hulkenberg’s Lego Renault

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Nico Hulkenberg tried out a full-size Lego model of Renault’s F1 car last month.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

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113 comments on “Caption Competition 147: Hulkenberg’s Lego Renault”

  1. My worst fears for 2018… it’s bricked…

  2. Nico was surprised to discover that the lego Renault was more reliable the real life one.

    1. Ha Ha. Probably true.

      1. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
        3rd March 2018, 16:52

        Other than that it will never work or move anywhere and fall apart way more easily :)

    2. Nico was surprised to discover that the Lego Renault was more expensive than the real life one ;)

      1. Sorry – just realized @flyinglapct posted something similar…

  3. This year, Renault decided to be a bit more playful with their on-track approach!

  4. The Hulk goes to extreme lengths to demonstrate how easy it was to get in the car before the halo era, by building a life size replica.

  5. Ian (@valkyrassassin)
    3rd March 2018, 11:17

    As Hulkenberg patted his new challenger for 2018, he found that somehow he just couldn’t Lego (Let Go)….

  6. Vettel fan 17 (@)
    3rd March 2018, 11:17

    Hulkenburg is amazed to find out that he has been demoted to Formula Lego.

  7. Renault’s creative way to attract the ever younger F1 drivers.

  8. Ian (@valkyrassassin)
    3rd March 2018, 11:19

    “I hope this is fast right out of the box”

    1. haha +1

  9. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
    3rd March 2018, 11:20

    “Those tyres look just like the real thing!”

  10. joe pineapples
    3rd March 2018, 11:21

    After a crash during quali, a special mention must go to Renault whose mechanics sons & daughters worked on the overnight rebuild, even though it was way past their bedtime.

  11. *puts foot down* Ouch!

    1. Okay, that’s funny!

    2. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      5th March 2018, 10:59

      This is my favourite

  12. The grid kids presence is already taking effect.

    1. Good one loooool.

  13. Of course they used the French made Legault pieces.

  14. Bet I’ll still be quicker in this than Palmer was last season

  15. Don’t let Palmer drive this one.

  16. A Halo was left out, as the Lego builders decided it was just too blocky.

  17. Willem Cecchi (@)
    3rd March 2018, 11:55

    Le’ go go go!

  18. Renault have accomplished their goal of making a car that really sticks to the track and has a locked in advantage.

  19. deMercer (@)
    3rd March 2018, 12:07

    Hülkenberg posing for the “Minecraft – The F1 edition”-cover.

  20. The special taskforce created by Renault to make repairs to Maldonado’s car more affordable finally presents their result

  21. When asked how do he felt about testing Renault’s new challanger, the Hulk smiled and replied, “I can’t wait to take a spin around the block.”

  22. If i win with them maybe they give me one of this for my living room!

  23. Success in F1 is about putting all the pieces together

  24. Renault aim to rebuild their F1 success brick by brick

  25. Hulkenberg paid a visit at Renault young driver academy.

  26. I’ll show them how to make a winning car. It’s child’s play.

  27. F1 launch time 2018! The transition from digital to real cars. Renault goes pixelized with legos! Let’s go!!!

  28. Derek Edwards
    3rd March 2018, 12:58

    The first subscribers to F1 TV were a little disappointed at the resolution of the official feed.

  29. When told he needed to build the team around him, Hulkenberg took it a little too far…

  30. Hulk: Haha! this surfaces can do a hell of turbulence to those behind. Rock n roll!

  31. Hulkenburg suspected that Renaults attempt to create vortices using their new block-step design language may have gone a little too far.

  32. Don’t you cut me off! it’s easiest to pick this mirror and throw out. I’ll test your halo! haha.

  33. Renault’s new ‘adaptive chassis’ will allow them to make quick changes to the bodywork as needed and replace parts without the use of tools.

  34. Ha, those Red Bull only go as far as digital camo. Renault shows digital pixelated car is the way ahead.

  35. ‘If you’re lucky Nico we might let you stand on a toy podium as well’.

  36. Having seen the new halo, Hulk really started bricking it.

  37. After clashing with Mag in Hungary last season, the Danish company Lego has it’s own answer.

  38. Seriously? This one’s got the seat and seatbelts too! You gotta be kidding me Lego.

  39. “Ugh, no Halo at last…”

  40. Nick (@theawesomefish)
    3rd March 2018, 14:24

    Well that explains why the engine kept falling apart.

  41. Nico is hoping this yellow brick roadster will make him the Wizard in Oz

    1. Very good

  42. At the launch of the new range of Lego men, featuring F1 drivers and more lifelike than ever.

  43. What kind of torture is this

  44. As long as this car doesn’t have a halo..

  45. I told them hiring James May as chief technical officer was a mistake.

  46. Robert McKay
    3rd March 2018, 15:03

    “Lego? No, I said the engine ‘let go’…”

  47. It said 3+ on the box so this should work.

  48. With the ban on grid girls, Renault is looking to bring studs to the grid.

  49. Renault is proposing a second tier to F1 called Formula L which uses commerically available products for construction.

  50. The building blocks of success…

  51. To change a damaged nose, Renault mechanics have to be under eight years old.

    1. JohnS’s Dad
      3rd March 2018, 16:41

      Silly dude, don’t you know most race car mechanics are STILL under eight? We refuse to grow up!

  52. Renault said they were focusing on reliabuildity first, then performance

  53. Hulk Smash!!!

  54. Would still be faster than a Mclaren…

  55. Nico: On the bright side there are no cheap bolts here.

  56. Nico Hulkenberg was… stunned upon finding out that even the knock-off lego Renault used was the 4th best-sold in the world.

  57. Renault’s rivals will find it hard to Duplo-cate their new design.

    1. Excellent work.

  58. Renault find a loop hole in the regulations that allows them to use a full size car in a wind tunnel if the car is “a toy”.

  59. Trying to reduce the weight of Nico’s car, Renault take weight saving measures to the extreme.

  60. Renault went too far with their new Lego sponsorship.

  61. Nicolas Hulkenberg won this weeks “Bring and Tell” school competition with his talk on a white quilted arm band his mother had lovingly made for him. First prize was being the first boy allowed to sit in Room 27’s “Renault racing car”.

  62. Legault of my Reno!

  63. Nico, you’ve got to LEGO of your championship dreams already!

  64. Renault have finally created a solution to the frequent instances of Hulk taking his anger out on the car…

  65. Renault was forced to proved the software they supplied to McLaren was identical to that used in their own car.

  66. Photographer captures Hulkenberg moments before painfully stepping on a Lego.

  67. Money had to be saved although engineers were boiling over with the first car mockup after Renault F1 got a new financial controller

  68. It soon became apparent that Nico Hulkenberg had misunderstood Cyril Abietboul when he said the Renault F1 team have the building blocks in place for a stronger 2018.

  69. “I hope the same thing is under the engine cover !?”

  70. Drives like a brick.

  71. Sainz messed with the Rapid Prototyping Machine.

  72. ‘You know this is fast yeah? like 360kph..has Loctite spondored yet?’

  73. ‘would u hitch a ride on this Nando?’

  74. Brian (@flyinglapct)
    4th March 2018, 2:24

    Formula 1’s latest attempt to cut costs was a complete failure when teams realized that building their cars out of Legos was actually MORE expensive.

    1. Haha! +1

  75. Brian (@flyinglapct)
    4th March 2018, 2:27

    Renaults attempt to attract Max to the team hit a curve in the road when it was discovered that he prefers Nanoblocks.

  76. That moment you realise that Lego created a real life model Renault F1 car & the marvel superhero Hulk, all captured in the same image….

  77. If you thought stepping on a Lego hurt, try sitting on one…

  78. No Nico, wait. First we pull it back, you climb in, then we let it go. Voila! More efficient than Formula E.

  79. Renault’s engineers had got bored during the Christmas break and decided to throw a Lego party

  80. Hulk: Oh man…! I told Cyril not to buy the new wind tunnel from Lego!



  83. Hulkenberg’s nerves meant he was always bricking it before the start of testing …

  84. The moment Carlos Sainz started to question having insisted on that equipment-parity clause.

  85. Option 1: “Why is the seat making squishing sounds? Oh God, has Button been sitting in my car again?”
    Option 2: “I was going to drive the Ferrari, but after a week of testing the odometer says 5. Five what? Kilometers? Days? Engines? Sorry, even a Lego Renault is less dodgy than those things.”

  86. They probably spent more time building that than the actual car.

  87. Nico demonstrates the new fold-away-so-it’s-invisible Halo.

  88. Nico was far from convinced about the Renault aero concept for 2018.

  89. In anticipation of closer on-track competition with Max Verstappen, Hulkenberg thought he’d better get some blocking moves of his very own.


  91. ‘hey Cyril? sure you’ve imagined how this looks after Autoclave, eh?!’

  92. Björn Andersson
    5th March 2018, 7:40

    Finally I can do something about the aero myself!

  93. Nico’s always thinking outside the box to get that elusive first podium

  94. Sergey Martyn
    5th March 2018, 14:08

    Every kid knows – the only vehicle that can beat Lego car is the Flintstones footmobile!

  95. Lego Engineers: ‘F1 really is about corners. Lego corners! yes, agree?!

    Jenson Button: Yeah! Too many corners! makes a tickling race. Nando would hate that if you had them on McLaren in Monaco. I sure would pee in his seat!!!

  96. Darkschneider
    5th March 2018, 17:39

    Hehehe … dare to pass me and you’ll get some blocks on your cockpit … *smirks*

  97. Mark Tranter
    6th March 2018, 14:58

    Nico was having his doubts that the new sponsorship deal will work out.

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