Kevin Magnussen, Haas, Circuit de Catalunya, 2018

Magnussen very keen on future full-time IndyCar move

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In the round-up: Kevin Magnussen says he’s eager to race in IndyCar after Formula One.

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Are results the main thing that matters when it comes to keeping sponsors?

If Williams want to keep their sponsors then they have to be competitive.

The simple reason McLaren lost so many of theirs is that the team slumped when Mercedes jumped ship and acquired their own team. If McLaren are the real deal in 2018, and are fighting for podiums and possible wins, then the sponsors will go to them.

That could be from Williams and any other team on the grid to be quite honest, outside of the big three teams.
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Josef Newgarden, Penske, 2018

Reigning IndyCar champion Josef Newgarden pictured during testing for the new season, which begins next Sunday. Look out for RaceFans’ preview on the site tomorrow.

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  • On this day in 1978 a late engine failure for Riccardo Patrese handed victory in the South African Grand Prix to Ronnie Peterson

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26 comments on “Magnussen very keen on future full-time IndyCar move”

  1. The Monaco change for F-E is just preposterous, in that it reveals that even a top tier championship that uses almost superkart-esque tracks, finds Monaco too narrow. So how is F1 still using the same track? This is the equivalent of MotoGP racing around Lombard street in SF, USA for over 40 years.
    This is why I don’t trust Liberty and still support Bernie = Liberty has just placed a new name to stuff till today, every major rule that decides racing this year is still Bernie or Toto and Ferrari’s idea. Don’t forget it.
    Extending Monaco would be a great shocker.
    Instead of going straight at the casino you’d turn left onto the Madone Road, right onto the Grande Bretagne and you’d follow it all the way to Larvotto and to end in the tunnel again at Portier (Larvotto to Portier would even be flat-out in today’s cars) = two technical straights right there.

    All the excuses are nonsense, speeds are not too much, we have the halo, Liberty has $400m from the 1,9b to pay the citizens of the new part and put up safety-measures, and they axed Hockenheim, the Osterreichring, Clermont-Ferrand and you’re still watching this comment. either you’re also an Arsenal fan and love supporting something that keeps getting worse or you’re fooling yourself.

    1. Have you *seen* Formula E at Monaco? It jumped off the Grand Prix circuit at Saint Devote, ran down JFK Ave (runoff from the Nouvelle Chicane), hangs a hairpin at the chicane and rejoins the traditional track– effectively taking out every single passing opportunity save Rascasse.

      Most of the rest of your post is simply incoherent.

    2. Re:Comment of the day: “The simple reason McLaren lost so many of theirs (sponsors) is that the team slumped when Mercedes jumped ship and acquired their own team.”

      Your opinion doesn’t make it a fact mate…

      1. @baron Agreed, and it’s not even a valid opinion since McLaren didn’t slump when Mercedes first came back to f1 and Vodafone left for other reasons.

    3. Just goes to show, people will moan about just about anything.

      @xiasitlo they used a shortened version of the track and now they will use the FULL version, how is that anything other than a good thing? What a nonsensical rant.

  2. That picture of Josef Newgarden…

    I always wondered what it would look like if a spider got into the driver’s helmet.

    1. These IndyCar drivers are just funnier and united. Can’t wait for the season to start and shine back.

    2. The spider’s trying to catch the fly the driver accidentally swallowed.

    3. I had a wasp bounce off my face, and land on the cheek piece of my helmet while I was riding a motorcycle once. I imagine the look on my face was similar.

  3. That snow-Mercedes car, though.

    1. Santa must be drooling at the thought of his next ride…especially now that grid reindeer have been banned…

      1. Then there was even talk of grid fawns.

  4. Bye then, KMag.

    1. Kevin has to earn a place in Indycars before going there, and it’s not always easy, even for a F1 driver…

      1. Chips O'Toole
        4th March 2018, 13:04

        Looks like KMag’s career is following the same trajectory as his fathers. He’ll probably prove mediocre in IC and then on to GT racing. Maybe he can replace Jan at Corvette.

        1. I had an opportunity to have dinner seated next to either Pat Patrick or Jan Magnussen. I chose Pat Patrick, and didn’t have to think about it.

      2. Look how hard Max Chilton had to fight to be there

        1. Haha, ouch.

    2. The best open wheel teams in the USA are all IndyCar teams.

  5. Ummm re the short article about the McLaren rear suspension:

    To quote ” …… is that the pick-up point of the pushrod link …..”

    The McLaren rear suspension uses pullrods.

    1. It is indeed pullrod actuated – a mistake on the official website!

  6. Magnussen would find out in a hurry there are very good drivers in IndyCar. Would love to see him at the 500, and how he’d do on road and street courses!

  7. So, McLaren is using a suspension concept from 2013– their first car to not win or podium in nearly 20 years.

    That’s…. bold.

  8. Please please no more Max Mosley stories he’s not F1 anymore !

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