Ralph Boschung, MP, Paul Ricard, 2018

Pictures: New F2 car tests at Paul Ricard

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Formula Two resumed tests of its new car for 2018 at Paul Ricard today following the shakedown runs of the chassis at Magny-Cours last month.

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    4 comments on “Pictures: New F2 car tests at Paul Ricard”

    1. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
      6th March 2018, 14:41

      For the people who have been complaining about the ugly F1 cars, these are way worse.

      1. Yeah, the promoters did an excellent job in making the F2 car as uggly as possible.

    2. Looks like Lando has gotten his initials onto the Halo. Halos should be in driver helmet colours!

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