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Lap times watch: 2018 F1 pre-season testing day six

2018 F1 season

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On day six of pre-season testing the teams began exploring the performance of their new cars more fully.

Almost every team improved on its previous best time from the test. The exception was McLaren who missed a significant chunk of running today (yet still found time to lap 0.002s off their previous best).

And almost every team has now lapped quicker than it did at least year’s race weekend. The exception here is Ferrari, whose quickest time was set on the soft tyre which is only the four-softest compound available this year.

Daniel Ricciardo’s pace setting time today was done on the new hyper-softs, and the Scuderia’s supporters will be eagerly awaiting a run by an SF71H on the pink-coloured rubber.

How much quicker are they than last year?

Another team we can expect to see significant improvement on when they get around to their performance runs is Renault. They’re already 1.3 seconds inside their best time from last year’s race weekend on the medium tyres – softer rubber should see them make even greater gains.

The team also has further bodywork upgrades due to arrive before the end of the test, so keep an eye on the yellow car’s progress.

Mileage watch

With only two days of running left the likes of Mercedes and Ferrari are unlikely to match their 2017 mileage totals because of the time lost last week due to poor weather conditions.

However the likes of Red Bull and Sauber are likely to improve on their showing from last year if their cars remain reliable over the next two days. The same potentially goes for McLaren, although more car trouble today saw them fall back to the bottom of the table.

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2018 pre-season testing so far

Team Distance
Mercedes 3016.4km
Renault 2802.3km
Ferrari 2709.2km
Sauber 2620.8km
Williams 2537km
Red Bull 2346.1km
Toro Rosso 2313.5km
Force India 1810.8km
Haas 1671.1km
McLaren 1643.2km

2017 pre-season testing total

Team Distance
Mercedes 5101.9km
Ferrari 4445.5km
Williams 3724km
Sauber 3663.5km
Force India 3654.2km
Red Bull 3184km
Haas 3170.1km
Renault 2774.4km
Toro Rosso 2718.5km
McLaren 2127.3km

2018 F1 season

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    1. Finally, about time someone beat the outright lap record.

    2. Martijn (@)
      8th March 2018, 10:17

      The gains Mercedes keep on finding is amazing (& worrying at the same time)

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