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Hyper-soft tyres chosen for Canadian Grand Prix

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Pirelli has nominated its new hyper-soft tyre for the first time. The rubber will be used at the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal.

Formula One’s official tyre supplier is yet to announce its tyre selections for the Monaco Grand Prix, which is likely to see the introduction of the new compound. Tyre selections for non-European rounds have to be confirmed earlier than for European rounds due to the increased time it takes to ship them to the circuit.

The softest tyre selection available will be used in Canada, where Pirelli is bringing the super-soft, ultra-soft and hyper-soft tyres. It has also nominated its tyre choices for the Spanish Grand Prix, where the medium, soft and super-soft tyres will appear.

Pirelli delayed its tyre nomination for the Canadian Grand Prix in order to see how its tyres performed in pre-season testing.

2018 F1 tyre selections

2018 tyres2017 tyres
Paul Ricardn/an/an/a
Red Bull RingSoftSuper-softUltra-soft
Circuit of the AmericasSoftSuper-softUltra-soft
Autodromo Hermanos RodriguezSoftSuper-softUltra-soft
Yas MarinaSoftSuper-softUltra-soft

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2018 F1 season

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5 comments on “Hyper-soft tyres chosen for Canadian Grand Prix”

  1. Maybe Hypersoft will be used in Monaco.

    1. @Dave I assume so and in Singapore, Sochi, and Yas Marina.

  2. That’s more aggressive than I thought they would go. Looks like the test data from Barcelona were encouraging.

    1. The new Barcelona track surface is less abrasive, so they can afford to bring softer tyres. Bakoo and Montreal are start-stop circuits with low tyre wear in general, so then softer tyres may be more interesting.

      1. @f1infigures
        I know that. Still, Hypersoft sounds like an aggressive choice. My explanation for that, which would be compatible with the fact that Pirelli specifically asked to postpone the decision for the tyre allocation in Canada, is that (taking the resurfacing into consideration, of course) the tyres behaved in a way that encouraged them to make this decision.

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