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Kubica won’t race for Manor’s LMP1 WEC team

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Williams reserve driver Robert Kubica will not contest the World Endurance Championship with Manor’s LMP1 team, RaceFans has learned.

Kubica was in discussions to drive the Ginetta-Mecachrome G60-LT-P1 entered by CEFC TRSM Racing but no deal has been agreed.

Ginetta-Mecachrome G60-LT-P1
CEFC TRSM Ginetta-Mecachrome G60-LT-P1
“Robert is focussing on his Williams F1 duties, and does not wish to be distracted by what is still a young WEC project, which requires intensive development,” RaceFans was told by a source in Kubica’s management team.

“For example he is doing simulator work after each grand prix, plus promotional duties for Williams, and a WEC project could interfere with that,” the source added.

“We have not ruled out some WEC races or even a full season in future, but need to be convinced that the team is totally competitive.”

Kubica was linked with a race seat at the team run by former Manor F1 boss Graeme Lowden after attending a test for Lowden’s CEFC TRSM Racing squad. He told media during F1 pre-season testing any race seat for 2018 would have to fit around his obligations to Williams.

Lowden told RaceFans “I think it would be two large projects at once” had Kubica committed to WEC.

“We will certainly stay close to Robert,” Lowden added, “he is a really good guy, it’s a real pleasure to work with him and as you know he likes to commit 100% to anything that he does.”

Manor raced in the LMP2 class for the past two World Endurance Championship seasons. It is moving up to the LMP1 class and switching to the Ginetta chassis but has experienced problems in testing. CEFC TRSM has already announced its drivers for the upcoming season will include Oliver Rowland and Charlie Robertson.

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  1. Keith, one note regarding Oliver Rowland and Charlie Robertson – looking at the recently announced entry list for the opening race, which is the 6 Hour sprint race in Spa, both of those drivers are listed with the caveat that they will race “subject to confirmation of their licence” (and, according to the entry list released a few days ago, seem to be the only drivers that Manor have named so far). Perhaps it might be better to say that they are their “nominated” drivers given that they have technically not received their licences from the ACO to compete?

  2. I’ll be very surprised if we don’t see Kubica in a race seat during the season.

    1. I would love to see you are right!

    2. Yes, I agree.

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