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Does Hamilton really want grid girls back?: “I couldn’t care less”

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In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton clarified his view on the grid girl debate following his social media post on the subject on Friday.

What they’re saying

Hamilton posted a positive reaction on Instagram to the news the Monaco Grand Prix organisers plan to bring back grid girls for this year’s event. Yesterday he was asked if he’d like other race promoters to do the same:

I couldn’t care less. I just saw a post and it was a joke: ‘Thank you Jesus’, beautiful women coming back. But I really couldn’t care less.

Social media

Notable posts from Twitter, Instagram and more:

Comment of the day

If Australia looked encouraging for McLaren, Bahrain so far has not:

More proof that it wasn’t just Honda who were goofing up previously? McLaren genuinely seem to have lost the ability to make a good car, even Renault power can’t help them.
Siddharth (@Motusid)

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  • 32 comments on “Does Hamilton really want grid girls back?: “I couldn’t care less””

    1. So Louis cares?

    2. I have to side with Bernie on this one

      1. He probably bought it with a discount from the old merchandise sellers.


      /s. Sorry had to.

      1. @davidnotcoulthard
        Umm, what do you mean “/s”, been seeing that quite a bit around here. Sarcasm, I’d have thought?

      2. After image searching ‘Lukoil girls’, I find myself more religious too.

        1. For those who pray for girls covered in Lukoil, a mudwrestling pit on the start-finish straight must be divine.
          And the little guy with the negative space can be the umpire.

    4. [quote]power modes in qualifying has existed since racing started[/quote]

      Rosenqvist talks rubbish, it is complete nonsense and he knows it, if he doesn’t then he is really thick.

      1. manoli moriaty
        8th April 2018, 1:18

        [quote]power modes in qualifying has existed since racing started[/quote]

        Rosenqvist talks rubbish, it is complete nonsense and he knows it, if he doesn’t then he is really thick.

        Changing the mixture with a chock level has existed since the invention of internal combustion engines. That’s what in the modern electronics era is referred as “modes”. Thickness averted, for Rosenqvist at least.

      2. It is true what he is saying. Before race cars had electronics (or ecus) the cars had dials on dash to adjust things like fuel mixtures or ignition timing. Iirc in the 1920s one of the jobs of the co-drivers was to adjust the engine while the car was being driven. And with ecus you can do all those things and more. Even your average road cars have engine modes.

        Please educate yourself before calling others thick.

      3. Of course those modes existed forever.
        Even your first real car probably had various modes (choke).

    5. Is it wrong for hamilton to like grid girls? Because clearly that is what is being implied here.

      1. Brian (@flyinglapct)
        8th April 2018, 1:54

        I thought it was funny that he was asked that question. Could we please stop being so hyper-sensitive about everything? I guess that’s where we are now with social media. His response was a little defensive. So what if he likes and misses the grid girls? He will go to bed tonight and wake up tomorrow and it will be a new day. Life will go on regardless of his opinion.

      2. I think he’s playing it cautious and not sharing his private opinion, since his comments have often been a lightning rod for attention and criticism.

        1. If he said he supports LGBT, people would call him gay… He supported some animal conservation, they called him fake, he went to support kids, they called him pretentious… People have tongues, and tongues have control of people… nothing more…

      3. Nothing wrong with saying you like grid girls as the alternative introduced makes for an awkward comment…’I prefer kids to pretty ladies’.

    6. The rear pickup is quite striking, looks good on the car

    7. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
      8th April 2018, 3:38

      It’s not the damage the bird did to the car, it’s actually the opposite. Well, at that speed it might have died instantly.

      1. That’s for the insurance companies to sort out. Hope they filled out the incident forms ;)

    8. ”Russia has now followed suit, with deputy prime minister Dmitry Kozak insisting that he wants girls on the grid at October’s Sochi race.” – September’s race to be precise
      – Kai Ebel’s shirt, though.

      1. Kai Ebel’s shirt, though.

        @jerejj – seriously! To the best of my memory, that’s one of his wildest ones.

        1. @phylyp I’m just wondering, is he aware he is wearing Frida Kahlo? Or does he wear it because it has just enough different colours for him?

          1. @crammond – by his past wardrobe, I’d safely guess the latter 😊 Nice spot on who it was 👍

    9. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
      8th April 2018, 9:04

      The day after qualifying and the round ups main story is about grid girls……… 😒

      1. I liked the old round ups better with more references to articles on other sites.
        Less concerned about the headline article though.

    10. General English speaking media /
      Melbourne – ‘Lewis’ stunning pole’ – ‘Lewis is sublime’ – ‘one of the greatest ever’
      Bahrain – ‘Ferrari are on fire ‘ – ‘grid girls’

      1. You forgot:

        “Kimi was blocked by the Renaults”
        “Here is your proof that party mode doesn’t exist”
        “He didn’t need to push because he had a penalty anyway”

        And be prepared to hear the Melbourne ones in case he comes 1st or we have a battle for the victory at the end.

    11. “Does Hamilton really want grid girls back?: “I couldn’t care less””

      Too busy doing selfies with non-professional bimbos he’s met on Instagram

      1. Jake (@jagged-jake)
        8th April 2018, 13:35

        So that’s where you meet non-professional bimbos, on Instagram, and again do you mind to illuminate us about the term, non-professional bimbo?

        1. Groupies

          They’re still attending F1 races too, which kind of makes a mockery of professional models being banned and the feminists who don’t want attractive women oggled by young men

    12. @mg1982, Hmmm perhaps the link on how Mercedes has an advantage under braking and corner entry would be of interest to you. Would be good for you to actually try and understand what F1 is about instead of claiming people who do are just making it up.

      Oh and another hint, on-board camera footage tells you where lap time is gained or lost.

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