Weekend Racing Wrap: Super Formula, Eurocup, Indy Lights and more

Weekend Racing Wrap

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The new Super Formula season began last weekend while the Formula Renault Eurocup headed to Monza.

Super Formula

Race 1: Suzuka

The new Super Formula Season began at Suzuka with 2013 champion Naoki Yamamoto on pole position ahead of newcomer and F2 driver Nirei Fukuzumi.

Formula Renault Eurocup

Races 3-4: Monza

Following the season-opening double header at Paul Ricard the Formula Renault Eurocup headed to the long straights of Monza for its second round. Yifei Ye and Lorenzo Colombo took the pole positions but the Safety Car appeared early in race two following a crash on the run to turn one.

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Indy Lights

Races 3 and 4: Barber Motorsport Park

Pat O’Ward took pole position for both Indy Lights support races for the IndyCar round at Barber Motorsport Park. The second race began in wet conditions.

GT Endurance Series

Race 1: Monza

A huge, 53-car field contested the season-opening round at Monza.


Race 9: Richmond

Martin Truex Jnr and Chase Elliott shared the front row of the grid for the ninth round of the 2018 NASCAR Cup.

Australian Supercars

Australian Supercars headed to the fast sweeps of Phillip Island where Scott McLaughlin took pole position for both races.

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Also last weekend

IndyCar fans had to bear through a lengthy rain delay during Sunday’s round at Barber Motorsport Park. It wasn’t a very comfortable time for the drivers either, as James Hinchcliffe explained in the memorable interview from the broadcast below.

Over to you

What other racing action did you watch last weekend? Let us know in the comments.

Next weekend’s racing

F1 and F2 head to Baku next weekend while Formula E races in Paris. The following series are also in action:

  • British Touring Car Championship races 4-6: Donington
  • NASCAR Cup race 10: Talladega
  • World Rally Championship race 5: Argentina
  • World Rallycross Championship race 2: Portugal
  • World Touring Car Cup races 4-6: Hungaroring

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10 comments on “Weekend Racing Wrap: Super Formula, Eurocup, Indy Lights and more”

  1. @keithcollantine Blancpain GT Series already ran a sprint race at Zolder in 8th of April. Yeah, Monza was the first endurance race of the season, but not the start of the season really.

  2. I guess that’s saturday wrapped up?
    Do i have to watch all the videos to find out who won or is there a reveal more button that I can’t find?

  3. Race at Monza was great to watch. Three hours non stop action.

  4. We had 3 races of the Italian F4 too. Enzo Fittipaldi won 2 and Lorandi 1. Petecof was the best rookie with a 4th, 2th and 7th.

    1. Is that the next in line driver in the Telmex stable or is that his brother?

      1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
        24th April 2018, 21:01

        @faulty yes that’s his brother Pietro.
        I don’t think either are going to set the world alight though…
        Looking at the stats, Pietro seems capable enough having triumphed in F3.5, but it’s a ghost of a series now; and with Enzo it’s tempting to take big budget Prema Italian F4 performances with a pinch of salt (*cough* Stroll *cough*), and his Ginetta Junior record from last year (0 podiums in 20 rounds) compares miserably against baby Lando’s 2 years prior (4 wins, 11 podiums).
        Maybe he’ll fair better in single seaters and I’m happy to be proven wrong, but on the Verstappen-Andretti scale of second generation driver talent, I reckon we’ve got a couple of big ‘ol Jolyons coming our way

        1. Thanks for the chuckle, and the info as well.

        2. It’s Pietro who had Telmex support. His performance so far in other series are not so good. But he’s way better than Celis (another Carlos Slim driver) and Celis is a Force India reserve driver. So if he (Slim) plans to put another driver on F1 he (Pietro) have a decent chance. But the closest brazilian to F1 is still Sette Camara, if he finishes 2th or 3th this year he’ll be in the spotlight for next season.

          Ps: Lucas Petecof performance is way more promissing than Enzo.

  5. How about Supercars?

    1. @vargas I’m glad you asked: The last time I checked Supercars weren’t making any highlights videos publicly available. However I had a look again and I see they are now, so I’ve added them in too.

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