Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull, Baku City Circuit, 2018

Red Bull will be “very strong” in race, Ricciardo predicts

2018 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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Daniel Ricciardo says Red Bull will have a “very strong” car for Sunday’s Azerbaijan Grand Prix but is wary of their rivals’ potential in qualifying.

The Chinese Grand Prix winner headed the second practice session in Baku but believes the team’s closest rivals have one-lap performance in hand and will be a serious threat in qualifying.

“We were quick today,” he said. “The ultra-soft long run we could have been better but super-soft was good. I think we’re pretty confident.

“Qualifying, I’m still not sure how much the others can go quicker. But even if we don’t qualify on the front row we’ll still have a very strong race car. We’re still in the group of favourites.”

Ricciardo said Ferrari and Mercedes are likely to be stronger on the long straights in sectors one and three tomorrow but expects his car to make up ground in the middle of the lap.

“I certainly feel like I’m up there, I feel like I’m driving good and I felt comfortable out there today. That’s the important thing with a street circuit, you want that comfort in yourself and the car. I didn’t really have any scares today. The balance was pretty normal, pretty good.

“Generally it’s a low-grip circuit so you never expect a perfect car here but for the conditions I was pretty happy with it. We’ll just roll on with this tomorrow and Sunday. Only thing that’s going to make the car feel worse is the wind, it gets pretty aggressive over the next two days. But that’s the same for everyone.”

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11 comments on “Red Bull will be “very strong” in race, Ricciardo predicts”

  1. Does this dude ever shut up? sheesh… and come sunday they will more than likely be 5th and 6th unless there is some major mishap with Ferrari and Mercedes…..

    1. i don’t think he’s talking more than should be expected after being fastest in practice. doesn’t even mention that he’s the best asset on the contract market by a mile.

      1. Lol.

        The same guy who only the impetuousness of Max has helped him out this season.

    2. You new to F1? After sessions reports ask questions and drivers answer them, nothing usual with his comments, maybe you need to look inward why his comments bother you?

    3. @Mark What’s your problem mate? Why lay into Dan for answering questions he’s been asked? Very very odd behavior from you.

      I do hope Redbull

    4. The RB guys do seem to talk too much. I think it’s more likely that their comments are just published more often than others.

    5. I might be wrong l cannot remember Ric locking a brake or aborting a turn in p1 or p2?

    6. Mark what is your issue with the best and most likeable driver on the grid?

    7. @Mark
      He is answering questions posed by the media, just like anyone else would.
      Shutting up certainly won’t help.

    8. come sunday they will more than likely be 5th and 6th unless there is some major mishap with Ferrari and Mercedes

      …or of course, a major mishap with themselves

  2. And I think he gave a pretty honest assessment as well, as always.

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