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Vettel on pole again as Raikkonen slips up

2018 Azerbaijan Grand Prix qualifying

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Sebastian Vettel took pole position for the third race in a row after team mate Kimi Raikkonen missed out on a chance to beat him again in Q3.

Vettel will be joined on the front row of the grid by Lewis Hamilton. Raikkonen took sixth behind Valtteri Bottas and the Red Bull pair.


Both Toro Rosso drivers failed to make it beyond Q1 after a terrifying near-miss between the pair approaching turn 15. Brendon Hartley was driving slowly with a puncture when Pierre Gasly appeared behind him on a flying lap. Gasly made to pass his team mate on the inside, then switched to the outside, missing the other car by millimetres at a point on the track where speeds approach 300kph, and coming to a safe stop in a run-off area.

Gasly was predictably furious, a mood which was not improved by his inability to reach Q2. His team mate joined him in elimination, apologising profusely on the radio for the mix-up.

Also out in Q1 was Romain Grosjean, who went off up an escape road and never came out, reporting a problem with his gearbox.

One of the stand-out efforts of the session came from Charles Leclerc, who put his Sauber 11th with his last run. Marcus Ericsson didn’t make the cut in the team’s other car.

Both Williams drivers did make it through, however, including Sergey Sirotkin in his car which had to be repaired after his crash in final practice. Lance Stroll made the cut with his final lap, knocking out Stoffel Vandoorne’s McLaren.

Drivers eliminated in Q1

16 Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren-Renault 1’44.489
17 Pierre Gasly Toro Rosso-Honda 1’44.496
18 Marcus Ericsson Sauber-Ferrari 1’45.541
19 Brendon Hartley Toro Rosso-Honda 1’57.354
20 Romain Grosjean Haas-Ferrari

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Kimi Raikkonen and Daniel Ricciardo flirted with disaster in Q2, both coming close to elimination. The Ferrari driver spun into an escape road on his initial run on super-softs and was unable to set a time. He switched to a set of ultra-soft tyres for his final run and made it in comfortably, setting the fastest time of the session, but compromised his strategy for the race as his closest rivals will all start on the preferred super-soft tyres.

Ricciardo also made it through despite dropping to 10th place when the chequered flag fell. Stroll came within a tenth of a second of knocking the Red Bull driver out, but had to settle for 11th place alongside team mate Sirotkin.

Drivers eliminated in Q2

11 Lance Stroll Williams-Mercedes 1’43.585
12 Sergey Sirotkin Williams-Mercedes 1’43.886
13 Fernando Alonso McLaren-Renault 1’44.019
14 Charles Leclerc Sauber-Ferrari 1’44.074
15 Kevin Magnussen Haas-Ferrari 1’44.759

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A near-miss with the barrier at the exit of turn 16 meant Raikkonen’s Q3 started little better than Q2 had. He crossed the line a second down on his team mate, who headed the field after the first runs.

The Mercedes pair came next, Hamilton three-tenths of a second behind the Ferrari, and a tenth quicker than his team mate. Max Verstappen led the charge for Red Bull, Daniel Ricciardo four-tenths adrift after brushing the wall at turn 15.

Hamilton got closer to Vettel with his final run but not close enough to threaten his pole position – the pair ended up separated by less than two-tenths of a second. A lock-up for Vettel on his final run meant he failed to improve his time.

Vettel’s biggest threat for pole position might have been his team mate. Raikkonen flew through the first two sectors of the lap, visibly committed, but asked too much of his car at the exit of turn 16. The SF71H slewed sideways as he tried to apply the power, sapping him of forward momentum at the beginning of the long drag to the start/finish line. That ruined his lap, leaving him sixth behind the Red Bulls.

The Force India pair delivered on their car’s potential by taking seventh and eighth ahead of the two Renaults. However a penalty means Nico Hulkenberg will start 14th instead of ninth.

Top ten in Q3

1 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1’41.498
2 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1’41.677
3 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1’41.837
4 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull-TAG Heuer 1’41.911
5 Max Verstappen Red Bull-TAG Heuer 1’41.994
6 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1’42.490
7 Esteban Ocon Force India-Mercedes 1’42.523
8 Sergio Perez Force India-Mercedes 1’42.547
9 Nico Hulkenberg Renault 1’43.066
10 Carlos Sainz Jnr Renault 1’43.351

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122 comments on “Vettel on pole again as Raikkonen slips up”

  1. Had Ocon already passed the yellow-flag zone caused by Grosjean before they became active as he set a purple sector time for S1 on the same lap?

  2. He can win this tomorrow

    1. Jonathan Parkin
      28th April 2018, 16:27

      Of course he can. He has his front row start slot and his blown exhaust. He doesn’t need anything else

      1. @jonathan parkin Lol you haven’t read any news lately?? Only Renault was found with that… And is almost negligible… And the car geometry and length meet all the FIA parameters.. so still people don’t Know what the third paddle is for.. but not exhaust blowing..

        1. Jonathan Parkin
          28th April 2018, 18:29

          Oh, I thought Ferrari had it. My bad.

      2. Salty much!

  3. Ferrari slipping Kimi once again to give Seb pole. Boooooo to the Italian villains.

    1. You’re joking, right? @makana

      I’m gutted to see Kimi miss the front row/pole, but there’s no way you can attribute that to the team, that tankslapper was all on him.

      1. @phylyp Yes, he’s joking

        1. we need to stop these jokes though, it is like in America with Donald Trump calling real fair news “fake news”

      2. LOL, thanks bobec. Hard to judge that without a /s (slash-S sarcasm tag… in case the slash doesn’t come through) :-)

        1. Yes I’m taking the mick! 🤣
          Funny it was believable, that goes to all the hard work made by all the tin foil hat racing pundits* out there.

      3. OF COURSE 🤪 @phylyp

        1. My apologies @makana 😁

          The one thing I’ve learnt is that on the internet is that there is always someone out there who believes some extreme (in my eyes) position, so it’s hard to distinguish sarcasm like yours from those other type of posts!

          1. @phylyp No no need to apologize, as you said; the amount of extreme views out there makes it very plausible!

    2. @makana
      What else do you expect from a Pasta Factory.

  4. Kimi had a guaranteed front row slot, we can’t know whether Vettel would’ve improved too as he hadn’t finished his first sector yet. Real shame.

    Though once again this proves that if the car is right Kimi isn’t so washed up as some pretend he is.

    1. He wouldn’t, Vettel made a mistake and Kimi had outright fastest sector one and two times, quarter of a second faster than Vettel’s benchmark. But he screwed it, along with many errors in qualifying.

    2. Maybe ‘Iceman’ refers to having to lay in the sun to warm up before functioning optimally…
      He always flops when the the pressure is on.

      1. He was going for it, damn the torpedoes..Stuff happens, you win, you lose.
        Kimi’s due a little lady luck, hopefully tomorrow.

        1. @budchekov
          He was already pretty lucky in Shanghai, that podium finish came out of nowhere. Today, he simply screwed up. Massively and repeatedly. First in Q2, ruining his set of Supersofts and compromising his race strategy. Then, two attempts in Q3 where he was all over the place. In a way, he’s lucky to start 6th, because with a mistake like that, both Force Indias might as well have slipped past him (0.057 seconds saved him from P8). He’ll have to pray to the Safety Car god, or else his season will already be so damaged that he might as well take the rest of the year off and go on a gardening leave.

          1. He was already pretty lucky in Shanghai, that podium finish came out of nowhere

            He was pretty unlucky to have ended up “npwhere” to begin with though (witht he blame lying, if on anyone, on Ferrari’s eate-reacting strategists)

    3. Though once again this proves that if the car is right Kimi isn’t so washed up as some pretend he is.

      How does starting 6th in the best car prove he’s not washed up? 🤔

      1. It doesn’t. Today’s first 2 sectors on the other hand……🤔

        1. do we have sector times – how far was he ahead after 2 sectors?

          1. already found it – 0.223s after two purple sectors.

      2. Somebody (not me) once wrote: “Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in one pretty and well-preserved piece, but to slide across the finish line broadside, thoroughly used up, worn out, leaking oil, and shouting ‘hooray’.” Seems to me that Mr. Räikkönen might follow this philosophy.

      3. It’s not the best car. On par with Merc with the drivers getting more out of it. Anyone woud think Ferrari have Mercs old 1.5 second advantage the way some people inc the BBC’s journalists are talking.

        1. Ferrari clearly have the best car at the moment. No ifs or buts. Had Kimi hooked up his lap, the Ferrari’s would have been approx half sec up on the Mercs. That’s a massive margin. Baku really should have been a 3rd ferrari front row lockout.

          They were a whopping 6ths up in China. Clearly the quickest thing our there at the moment. No question

          These kind of margins is edging towards domination levels by ferrari

    4. Kimi has been washed up to me since 2006. he was the fastest driver in f1 to me and many others over many races in 2003 to 2005, in 2006 he was still was on it for half a season .. but in 2007 even though he won the championship (because of hamiltons last 2 race choke and massa team orders in last race), he seemed to start lacking speed, massa became a match for him and started beating him into 2008. he came back into a winning car after rallying, a kubica/Hamilton/Alonso would have taken that Renault/Lotus far higher up the grid. Kimi’s second tenure at Ferrari has been all about being TOO SLOW. now that he is matching vettel now and then, that is more about Vettel not being in top form rather than Kimi suddenly finding super new found speed. If Ferrari were to give KIMI preferential treatment and deside he is their number 1 driver for 2018, that would be Ferrari’s biggest mistake ever in driver management.

  5. Shame for Kimi, that lap was mega up til then. Ferrari looking to be quickest again here, but hard to stay ahead, especially on lap 1 with the slipstream down to turn 3, and then at the end of the lap into turn 1. Hopefully another exciting race here

    1. Kimi has the raw speed again. But to be 2 tenths up on Vettel he had to have overdriven his car.

      Entire Quali he was over the limit, he did maybe two mistake free laps.

      Simply not good enough. When you look at Hamilton, his lap was properly good on all corners, very composed and within the limits of the car.

      Kimi should aspire to be that good.

      1. Your comments turn my stomach.

        1. @sjzelli
          In that case I’m inclined to say it’s your stomach’s fault.

          1. nase, it is probably not surprising that such an overtly xenophobic poster would be “sickened” by somebody happening to be complimentary towards somebody whom they have an obsessive and psychopathic hatred of.

      2. The number of mistakes HAM made before that “composed” but slow lap was impressive indeed.
        And to get pole you need the fastest time, not the “most composed” lap ;)

        1. I only say Hamilton because he is only the most acomplished qualifier in F1. When it matters his lap was good.

    2. MarcSaunders
      28th April 2018, 22:41

      Oh, yes, sure. I´m perfect, … up to my mistakes …

  6. Thought the bulls could challenge for pole! A good start they can challenge for the win.

  7. So… Vettel on P1, with Hamilton on P2. And the Merc is better attuned to speeding down sector 3. And we had Vettel already stating that the straight was too long. Nice. Let’s hope for a clean race tomorrow.

    I’m not sure why the TR pitwall also didn’t properly caution Hartley to move aside and Gasly to warn him, seeing as Hartley was limping for some time. The onboard from Gasly was scary in terms of the speed involved, and am glad that nothing untoward happened.

    LeClerc – let’s hope this marks the start of him showing us what made him a hot driver in the lower formulae.

  8. Sirotkin is faster than you. Fernando, do you copy?

    1. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
      28th April 2018, 15:32

      So you changed your avatar where you are holding a camera right?

      1. On the topic of avatars, there isn’t enough red/it isn’t bright enough a red to identify you @omarr-pepper :-) Your older one was more recognizable.

        1. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
          28th April 2018, 15:44

          @phylyp hahahaha I know. It’s only I’m always using Vettel’s latest victory (the pic now is from Bahrain, and as it was a night race, it’s a little dim).

          1. Well, keep your fingers crossed for tomorrow!

      2. @omarr-pepper, I agree that it looks strongly like that same poster, but it looks more like he has created additional sock puppet accounts to spam this forum with abusive messages about Alonso.

        Now, I might be mistaken here, but is it not against the site rules to create multiple accounts for the purpose of spamming the message boards and something you can be banned for?

      3. Excuse me? I only had this avatar since the beginning of the F1Fanatic site

  9. Even if Ferrari did give preferential treatment to Vettel, can you honestly blame them? Kimi messed up 4 out of his 5 runs in Q2 and Q3, costing him and his team both positions and the preferred strategy for tomorrow.

    A driver who cracks when it matters the most 80% of the time should be questioned on whether he belongs in the sport, let alone at a top team like Ferrari.

    1. That’s what I always say… If Ferrari were to give Seb special treatment.. I wouldn’t blame them… 2015… 2016.. 2017… When Seb was fighting the Mercedes kimi was fighting one of Redbull for 5th position or 4th instead of being close to Vettel and Mercedes so strategy could work in forcing things… So it was Sebastian vs 2 Mercedes all the time…. See what happened in Bahrai? Obviously it wasn’t kimis fault .. but he not being there forced Seb to go longer, and that was the case for the first 3 years.. Mercedes forcing Vettel with one of the driver cuz raikonen was never there

  10. Ferrari is dominant on every track – Vettel must be happy now. Now he can relax and take the championship. In a good-enough car he wasn’t good enough (watch 2017). And in a dominant car any driver can be fast.

    I am disappointed with McLaren and Alonso. Four races in a row, and Alonso cannot get a clean last lap. He is definitely getting old for racing.

    1. I assume this is sarcasm.

      1. That or he’s a few bricks short of a load

    2. Just in case you’re not joking: 0.18sec is by no means enough to be “dominant”.

    3. MarcSaunders
      28th April 2018, 22:45

      So you assume all Ferrari leaders are insane and love to throw their money out of the window?

  11. Death, taxes and moaning Kimi fans blaming the team/Vettel/the moon for his continual failures.

    The 3 guarantees in life.

    1. Kimi fans blaming the team/Vettel/the moon for his continual failures.

      Nobody’s saying anything to that effect unsarcastically. @ho3n3r

    2. Haha……. very true!

  12. Forceindia back to their Customary positions

  13. When i claimed the Ferrari the faster car at the beginning of the season after Melbourne, i was told i was talking tosh (i paraphrase) – including by @keithcollantine.

    What say ye all now? Still waiting to make up your minds?

    The only way Mercedes can beat Ferrari at the moment is on strategy, and not raw speed. And that doesn’t look like happening anytime soon as they consistently shoot themselves in the foot by not splitting the strategies between their drivers.

    1. @kbdavies Except you conveniently forget Mercedes was about the win each of the last three races had they played their cards better or if there wasn’t a SC.

      Mercedes still has a package that is ridiculously close to Ferrari, and it’s little track variations that make the difference.

      1. “coulda shoulda woulda”
        Ferrari was about to win Baku, Singapore, and Malaysia last year as well…

        this year Mercedes is 3rd team in terms of raw speed, had it not because of the horsepower deficit, Red Bull will be in front of them in this Qualifying. Mercedes’ conservative car design (relative to 2017) kills their championship.

        1. You must be rewatching 2013 to say such thing!

          Now, as of 2018, RBR is obviously only the 3rd fastest car. But they’re closer to Ferrari and Mercedes than last year, especially on race day, that’s true. Ferrari is the fastest in Quali, but not that much anymore in race day tho.

      2. I’d add that 2nd and 3rd place after dealing with their worst nightmare, tire temperature, is a hell of a good result. Their moment will come, and when it does, it’ll probably be a train of success.

        1. “coulda shoulda woulda”
          using these assumption, raikkonen was about to getting pole just now and Bottas would be 4th, juz saying…

        2. RBR will not be “3rd fastest” tomorrow. The difference was purely quali engine power that Renault does not have up its sleeve. But Merc and Ferrari do not have this advantage in race mode.

    2. @kbdavies

      And that doesn’t look like happening anytime soon as they consistently shoot themselves

      Like in China.

  14. Btw the supermarket finally opened up. What a lap, right behind Kimoa

  15. Vettel fan 17 (@)
    28th April 2018, 15:54

    Great job from Vettel. Kimi had it in his palm though, and he threw it away.

    1. To be honest Vettel threw it away aswell, but atleast had a good enough banker lap.

  16. If the SC or VSC could only come out to help out Kimi… My heart goes out to him… He’s such a great driver but so unlucky…
    He’s been outperforming his teammate this season (especially on one lap pace)…

    1. @lebz He’s not unlucky this time, just couldn’t handle pressure.

    2. Yeah, today looked like overdriving for Kimi, as @mashiat said. Q2 is excusable as he’d never run those tyres before, but in his final Q3 run I think he was treading that fine line between pushing the boundary and overdriving, it worked out great in the first two sectors and he blew it in the third. Combined with a poor banker lap, that’s what led him to end up in P6.

    3. @lebz When exactly was this outperforming happening, must’ve missed it.

      1. @flatsix
        I think he’s referring to the Australian GP. There was quite a bit of outperforming going on there. But there hasn’t been anything like that since. Except Free Practice, maybe.

        1. And even then, Vettel had no way of passing Kimi so why bother. It’s too soon for teamorders too, once Vettel had the free air like Kimi had in the first stint he opened up a gap of 10 seconds to him while being hounded down by Hamilton. I’d say that’s clear evidence Vettel had pace in hand over Kimi the entire race.

          1. I’m not going to defend Räikkönen, but the gap at the end of the first stint was the real deal. 4 seconds are simply too much to be attributable to sitting back and waiting for the right moment. If Vettel’s leaving that gap was really intentional (and the fact that it rose gradually speaks against that), he was wasting time, which would’ve been a stupid thing to do, as it narrowed down his strategic opportunities. Therefore, I think that’s very unlikely.

            The same goes for the second stint: That pace was genuine, but you have to keep in mind that Vettel’s tyres were 8 laps fresher than Räikkönen’s, and that Räikkönen’s 40-lap stint wasn’t too far from the maximum those tyres were capable of.

            Therefore, I’d say that Räikkönen has outperformed Vettel in qualifying and in the first stint of the race in Australia – but that was it.

  17. What is happening to Stoffel Vandoorne?

    1. He’s 5 tenths behind one of the best drivers on the grid, I don’t think anything is “happening”. He can probably close the gap a little bit more before the end of the year.
      5 tenths was a regular margin between Alonso and Raikkonen/Massa, a WDC and a nearly-WDC.

      1. I just don’t think that his career is going as planned. After his extraordinary rise through lower categories, I really thought he would be able to match his teammate by now…

        1. He was talking big that this would be his year. But so far only excuses and a pace that’s not even close to Alonso. I think with this form he will be replaced next year. Drivers of McLaren are send away for less.

          1. Apparently he didn’t get the low drag update.

    2. Alonso having number 1 driver treatment in the team as always in his career (bar 07). I dont think there is much to worry about Vando.

      1. There isn’t anything wrong with Vandoorne, but maybe the son of the British rich dude will get him sidelined anyway.
        There is something very wrong with the McLaren car though, and to me it seems Alonso driving it doesn’t help at all: Alo drives around the problem so it doesn’t get fixed, and engineers listen to the experienced guy first, if the numbers don’t match the performance on track. The simulator sessions are probably off too, so a youngster like Vandoorne comes to track with a set of bad assumptions and the time to get experience is awfully short.

    3. I don’t think he has the same updates as Alonso this race.

  18. the halo killed my love for F1, i cant take it anymore

    1. Unfortunately, I feel the same way.

    2. Can’t even see the waving hand of Vettel :S

    3. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      28th April 2018, 21:05

      Not sure what it is but it definitely is less fun watching F1 now – is it Sky sports, is it the Halo, is it both?

      I can’t put my finger on it but it’s not as much fun.

  19. That engine mode Mercedes finally gave Force India is working beautifully!! 🙂

    1. I thought the customer teams got the same engine/software already, apparently not…
      Happy for Force India though.

      1. @ricod, according to Szafnauer, those engine modes were already available in the past – what Mercedes’s customers are now being told is that they can afford to run the engines in their higher performance modes for a longer amount of time as Mercedes have found that the predicted wear rates on track are lower than they had originally anticipated and therefore take a bit more wear and tear.

        1. Ah, @anon, thanks for the explanation. I had missed that.

  20. We’ve had four different teams winning the midfield battle in the four qualifying sessions so far this season. Haas, Toro Rosso, Renault and now Force India.

    1. @neutronstar – and McLaren consider themselves a cut above the midfield, so aren’t bothered to win there :-)

      1. Correct me if I am wrong but was it Alonso the one who said earlier this season “Now we can fight”.

        1. Also “q3 every race this season”

          1. @mg1982

            To be fair , the BBC are in full propaganda mode to limit the damage to Lewis’ reputation. This may as well be the 2002 Ferrari to them. Never any credit to Vettel with the cars close enough for drivers to make a big difference.

          2. Alonso said Q3 was the “target” some thought he wasn’t being ambitious enough. Turns out it was a fair target to set.

      2. @phylyp Their upgrades in Spain will take them to new heights…

        1. Funny, Since F1 is all about downforce :)

  21. It is the opportune moment for Kimi to retire with dignity. There are too many mistakes and lack of speed in the races. It is seriously damaging Ferrari. There are many drivers who could be doing a better job next to Vettel today, like Perez, Ricciardo, Hulkemberg, Grosjean, Magnussen.

    1. I agree Perez tics all the boxes for Ferrari and he will not be a challenge for Vettel.

    2. I agree, but replacing with Grosjean or Magnussen won’t change anything good for Ferrari. Grosjean is not performing well when the car is not 100% perfect and Magnussen showed to many mistakes at McLaren and Renault. What I would like to see is a young driver like Charles Leclerc to give it a shot. RB is performing well with a young and experienced driver.

      1. Traditionally Ferrari has gone for solid experienced drivers. Perez has waited like everyone else. Even when Perez was getting podiums he had to wait. What has Leclerc done in F1 yet?

        1. Traditionally Ferrari also failed to win a chsmpionship for many years at many periods in their history. Then they changed.

  22. Man, I loved that slide from Kimi, not because of the outcome, of course, but because what that meant, at least for me: he’s committed with the speed. He’s finding that lost rapidity he once had. And for me, as an “old-school” Raikkonen fan, that’s true bliss.

    As for Vettel, nice lap, but good luck for him. He’ll be vulnerable, and somehow I can see a puncture coming from Bottas, and a podium composed by HAM, RIC and RAI.

    Btw, nice move from Gasly! Hope he has extra boxers though.

    1. Or maybe both Mercedes taking each other out? Verstappen crashing.. so Seb Ricci raikonen

  23. Well, it appears that Mercedes dominance has indeed come to an end but that does not mean that they cannot continue to take the WDC and WCC, only that Ferrari and RedBull have caught up, with a little help from a strangely slower Mercedes car this year.

    What have they done to it to make it lap here a second slower than last year? Is this a side effect for addressing their non-performance at that far eastern track who´s name I can´t recall? (was it Malaysia or Singapore?)

    Game on, I like Hamilton winning all the time, if only for my thin veneer of national pride but i´m ready to see some new winners again and would love to see a three team fight this year. I hope it´s not an easy WDC for ferrari.

    1. I think, Mercedes is sandbagging with their PU and will unleash it after July. Since many years RBR is outstanding to develop the car during a season. They were so quick at the end of last year. What has change over the years is the PU. And that is still a Mercedes territory.

      Sainz jr. is 1.5 Seconds behind Ric…. Ham vs. Ocon 0,8……

  24. So it is Vettel over and over again. Against Brawn 2009, McLaren, Ferrari, Webber 2010 (Webber was P1, Vettel was P5 in the standings before Singapore GP……), 2011 hehehehe, 2012 again against Ferrari…. And from 2015 onwards it is again Vettel against two Mercs…
    I think he is just lucky….

    Alonso beat Leclerc in a Sauber today. Congratulations Hinwil!

    1. Yeah Vettel is just lucky, first he got Alonso’s seat at Red Bull, then his seat at Ferrari, and maybe some day when McLaren becomes good he will luck in to that aswell.

  25. No chance it can be an easy WDC for Ferrari. I think we now know Ferrari (and Mercedes) is not faster that RBR on race day. It is now a three way fight on Sundays. I just hope Max doesn’t take anyone else out this race.

  26. Williams quicker than McLaren..looks like Fernando’s night of the long knives will continue, expect more purges.

    1. Keep ya head up, Fernando. Things are gonna get easier. 😂

  27. Question about Hulk. He got to Q3, but he starts outside the top 10, does he have to start with the tyres from Q2 or can he choose whatever he wants?

    1. Free choice, I think. Only 9 drivers will be starting on scrubbed sets.

      1. No, he starts on the tyres he used in Q2

    2. @alonshow He will start on the tyres he used in Q2. It’s a double whammy for the Hulk.

  28. and thats why kimi will forever be #2 till he is in ferrari. screw up at the moments that matter.. ham, vet rarely do those mistakes..

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