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F1 to broadcast new live post-race shows on Twitter

2018 F1 season

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Formula One has announced a new deal with Twitter to broadcast 10 live post-race shows on the social media platform during the 2018 F1 season.

The first show will take place following the upcoming Spanish Grand Prix and will be available to all followers of the official F1 account on Twitter.

The show will feature interviews with drivers, team principals and engineers conducted by broadcaster Will Buxton. A panel of guests will feature on the show including 2016 champion Nico Rosberg.

“It’s good to see the new direction of F1 across digital, as a key channel to engage with fans and future fans of the sport,” said Rosberg. “I was delighted to join this programme when F1 asked me to participate. I love F1 and I believe that we can grow the sport through digital engagement. The Twitter live show is a terrific step forward.”

F1 has 3.5 million followers on the platform. F1’s director of digital Frank Arthofer said Twitter “came to us early on with an emphasis on co-producing original live content to extend the race weekend dialogue.”

“Given how well their platform caters to driving conversation around global live events, the strategic fit was perfect; we’re thrilled to be partnering with them on this show in 2018.”

The Spanish Grand Prix is also due to feature the delayed public launch of F1 TV Pro. F1’s official live streaming service which was originally announced for the season-opening Australian Grand Prix in March.

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17 comments on “F1 to broadcast new live post-race shows on Twitter”

  1. And yet they still haven’t fully launched F1 TV…

    They say it will be ready for Spain, but I’m not holding my breath. Wouldn’t be surprised to see it get delayed again, honestly.

  2. The show will feature interviews with drivers, team principals and engineers conducted by broadcaster Will Buxton. A panel of guests will feature on the show

    Well, with Will Buxton doing this, it does enrich the overall FOM F1 coverage (TV+OTT) and makes it better for those of us who can’t view Sky F1. I look forward to this expanding to more of pre-race and post-qualifying coverage as well.

    They say it will be ready for Spain, but I’m not holding my breath. Wouldn’t be surprised to see it get delayed again, honestly.

    @forzamaldonado – Liberty are doing the right thing here. A delay is immeasurably better than launching a shoddy product that generates far worse headlines, and tarnishes the name of F1 TV for a long time (of course, the worst would be launching a delayed and shoddy product!).

    Today, the statements/headlines are just “F1 TV launch delayed“, but imagine the same if they rushed to market and failed due to quality or connectivity issues: “F1 TV crashes, but the cars don’t” “F1 TV crashes more than Verstappen” etc.

    Apart from unwanted sensationalist headlines, the knock-on effect will be that subscriber uptake will be lowered as people will be reluctant to put their money when there’s a risk of a problematic F1 TV feed.

    1. I like the idea of the extra content (and free) but am I the only one who thinks Will Buxton is a bit OTT in his delivery? He’s a bit like a tabloid newspaper, sensationalising every event, regardless of how meaningless it is. The driver’s reactions to some of his comments seem to reflect that they don’t agree with how awesome he is trying to make out everything to be.

    2. @tonyyeb – interesting, and its something I honestly don’t know, not having seen his content often enough. That said, I’m one of those who used to find Ted Kravitz’s paddock walk quite interesting (when I started watching F1), although in recent years I just find him grating.

      1. @phylyp Yeah Ted Kravitz is fine with me, a lot of people seem to think he is too big for his boots but he has been in F1 for 20 years now (started TV in 1997 during the ITV days) and so I do respect his knowledge. I just think Will Buxton is more suited to the role of lead commentator rather than an anchor or interviewer. More in the David Croft style.

        1. Will Buxton was an excellent commentator for the GP2 and GP3, where asside of the short snappy podium interviews he was quite restrained, bit did it very well.

          I’ve seen him a couple of times on the NBC F1 coverage and he definitely got a bit more annoying in the same way that I loved Crofty when he did BBC radio (and Free Practice on TV), but I find him immensely annoying now.

          I think maybe its the company they have to keep and the pressure they feel from the broadcaster to sensationalise everything.

          Hopefully this role will allow Buxton to pick up his GP2 form again.

  3. Awesome! Public, free content, way to go F1! I’ll be looking forward to switching off my “TV” earlier than usual and heading over to Twitter…

  4. Travis (@)
    1st May 2018, 8:58

    So I guess I need a Twitter account then… Damn social media, I despise it so much.

    1. @travis one of the advantages of twitter is that you can just go to the twitter.com site, and look up, for example “#F1” or @wbuxtonofficial, then look at the stuff selected – it’s a publicly accessible stream, so no need for an account unless you also want to react to what’s posted.

      1. Really? Awesome. Thanks for the tip. I manage to get by without Facebook quite easily so being able to watch these without an account would be great.

        1. @bosyber @travis Note that as per the article you’ll need to follow the official F1 account to watch, which will mean having a Twitter account.

          1. Damn… Don’t think I can do it ;)

          2. Oh, I hadn’t fully realised that @keithcollantine, thanks for clarifying that here – Not a good move by F1 in my mind. Artificial way to increase the @f1 following or something?

  5. Twitter is the only social media platform I use because you can basically just use it as a breaking news feed and nothing else. No baby pics, no selfies, just news.

    1. “just news”
      That’s the reason I don’t use Twitter, it’s just everyone’s opinion on news events.

  6. This is good aswell. This or youtube.

  7. F1 needs LESS Will Buxton. Not more.

    That is all.

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