Gary Paffett, Timo Glock, DTM, Hockenheimring, 2018

Weekend Racing Wrap: DTM Hockenheim, WEC Spa, Moto GP Jerez and more

Weekend Racing Wrap

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Timo Glock told Mercedes what he thinks of their decision to quit the DTM after his thrilling scrap with Gary Paffett in the season-opening round at Hockenheim.

Also last weekend the World Endurance Championship welcomed Fernando Alonso and a dramatic crashed wiped out three front-runner in Moto GP.

To avoid spoilers, race reports and post-race videos are hidden by default. You can reveal all the race reports below or reveal individual reports for each round.


Races 1-2: Hockenheim

The DTM began a new season, one which will be the last for Mercedes as it prepares to bow out of the championship. Gary Paffett put his C-Class on pole position for race one while Timo Glock headed the field for the season race at the Hockenheimring.

World Endurance Championship

Race 1: Spa-Francorchamps

Newcomer Fernando Alonso shared pole position with team mates Sebastien Buemi and Kazuki Nakajima on his WEC debut after the sister Toyota was relegated to the rear of the field.

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Euroformula Open

Races 3-4: Paul Ricard

A win and a second place last time out gave Felipe Drugovich a championship advantage, but could he maintain or extend it at the second round taking place at Paul Ricard. Pole position for both races put him firmly in control.


Race 11: Dover

Following a strong 2017 Kyle Larson arrived in Dover still looking for his first victory of the season. He put himself in good shape by taking pole position for the 400-lapper at Dover.

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Moto GP

Race 4: Jerez

The fourth round of the Moto GP season saw a fourth different pole sitter in the form of Cal Crutchlow, but would the race see a fourth different winner? What it did see was a dramatic three-bike crash towards the head of the field.

Also last weekend

The IMSA field was in action at Mid-Ohio – video coming later.

Over to you

What racing action did you watch last weekend? Let us know in the comments.

Next weekend’s racing

F1 heads to Spain with Formula Two and GP3 in tow. The following series are also in action next weekend:

  • European Formula Three races 1-3: Pau
  • NASCAR Cup race 12: Kansas
  • World Rallycross Championship race 3: Belgium
  • World Touring Car Cup races 7-9: Nurburgring Nordschleife

Weekend Racing Wrap

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15 comments on “Weekend Racing Wrap: DTM Hockenheim, WEC Spa, Moto GP Jerez and more”

  1. DTM – the new aero pack seems to be helpful.
    Moto3 – craziest thing on wheels besides stadium supertrucks.

  2. FlatSix (@)
    7th May 2018, 13:32

    -All bike races at Jerez were fun to watch.
    -Blancpain at Brands Hatch was rather boring.
    -Went to Spa on Saturday for the 6 hours and as usual loved it.
    -Mid-Ohio race was superb.
    -Only watched the second DTM race, Timo Glock did very well, and so did Paffet. Looking forward to seeing more from the purple car.

  3. Will you guys be doing some MotoGP stuff on there? Would love it

  4. @keithcollantine
    Can I just say thanks for reinstating the race reports? I’ve been outspoken the last two weeks, so credit where credit’s due, thanks for taking our opinions on board. Another reason why this is the best site!
    I like the spoiler reveal button, it works well and is the perfect solution.
    Funnily enough I was using the WEC app for the first time this weekend and noticed they had a similar spoiler warning during the race that allowed you to avoid live updates.

    1. @eurobrun Glad you like them!

      1. Seconded, many thanks @keithcollantine .

  5. I’m not a DTM fan, but I happened to watch roughly the second half of the second race (the one with the expletives), and I was pleasantly surprised by the wheel-to-wheel racing and unpredictability of the eventual outcome in the fight for the lead. Plenty of nudging and rubbing as well as creative use of lines for attack and defense. Very watchable.
    DRS looked mightily overpowered, though. But that effect was somewhat mitigated by the limited number of DRS laps per car.

  6. i started watching the 1st of the 2 dtm races on saturday…. Saw drs produce some passes that were far too easy and therefore turned off & didn’t bother with the rest of the weekend.

    a category that is as controlled as dtm has no reason to go for gimmicks like drs when they could easily just mandate a rules package to encourage proper racing.

    its the same if not even worse with gp3 & f2. a spec series like that should not be using gimmicks like drs or high degredation tyres when as a spec category they could just ensure a car that can produce good racing without the need for silly gimmicks.
    completely unnecessary and with f2 has ruined the racing more than anything else as that used to be one of the best category in terms of pure wheel to wheel racing action & good battling. now its all tyre management, boring drs highway passing & extreme degredation…. such a shame how far that series has fallen.

  7. Good to see the new buttons to avoid spoilers. I like the compromise, it’s a great solution.

    Thumbs up too for including MotoGP. Hope it stays as part of the WRW!

    1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      7th May 2018, 19:08

      Yep great new feature!

        1. Hi Keith, is it possible you will use these avoid spoiler features for f2 races in the future? For me, time restraints (i.e. family!) mean I am unable to watch f2 on the same weekend as the f1 but I still like to catch up on the f2 a couple of days afterwards ideally without knowing the results

          1. At the moment this is just for WRW.

  8. I like the hidden spoilers, I just wish you didn’t spoil results in headlines (e.g. ”
    Newgarden triumphs in rain-hit Alabama drama”). Now I avoid if I haven’t watched the other series’ race yet.

  9. F4 results:
    Lirim Zendeli extended his lead in the German F4 (ADAC) series by winning the first two of the three races and a third place in the reversed-grid race three, with Mick Wishofer winning the third race.

    Yuki Tsunoda won both Japanese F4 races at Fuji, and now leads the standings by 20 points from erstwhile championship leader Teppei Natori.

    Swedish racer Isac Blomqvist (no relation to Stig, I think) won two out of three races at Smolensk en route to leading the F4 NEZ championship. The story of the weekend was Dutch racer Freek Schothorst, younger brother of Steijn, who is a sim racer and was racing competitively for the first time, took two podiums and lies fourth in the standings. The series seems to be struggling in the wake of Koiranen GP’s departure to Finnish F4, and had only 12 entrants this weekend.

    The penultimate round of the 2017-18 NACAM F4 saw Moises de la Vara secure the title with a triple win at Monterrey. The prize, I think is a test or a race seat in Pro Mazda. However, he’s apparently under the scanner in the US in a drug-related scandal. Not sure what it is about exactly.

    Results obtained from Formula Scout.

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