Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari, Circuit de Catalunya, 2018

Hamilton suspects Ferrari were “sandbagging” on Friday

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In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton thinks Ferrari concealed their pace on Friday in Barcelona.

What they say

Hamilton expects more from Ferrari on Saturday:

I think it’s still very close. Not really quite sure where Ferrari’s pace was today, they’re probably sandbagging or something, they’ll bring it out tomorrow. The Red Bulls obviously very close to my pace. So I think again it’s going to be relatively close between the top three teams. I can’t really tell you which one’s quickest at the moment because again fuelling and maybe one didn’t get their lap or something like that. Tomorrow we’ll get a much better understanding.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

To make holding F1 races more profitable for circuits, should FOM share track signage deals with them?

I can see one of the number of problems for current circuits, not just Hockenheim is that as far as I know, all track adverts are controlled by FOM. Which makes adverts very boring, as about every race we have same companies advertising (Rolex, Pirelli, Heineken etc.)

If some of these would be split among FOM and circuit, it would make things easier.

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  • 32 comments on “Hamilton suspects Ferrari were “sandbagging” on Friday”

    1. @keithcollantine and company haven’t written a story on it yet so I’m going to comment here to see if anyone else has a thought: I bought the new F1TV pay per view package and I’m totally unhappy with it. There is ZERO coverage. They just turn the cameras on, point them at the track and show you video. No commentary, no context, no idea what is going on except the occasional team radio.

      Am I missing something or is F1 doing drugs????

      I’d rather watch the ESPN replays. wth???

      1. @daved maybe commentary is enabled in qualy and race, like in the old F1 site timing screens.

      2. Ok, I broke the code. They have no commentary on the “highlights” from FP1, FP2 and the practices from Baku last week. They’re also totally missing FP1 itself, but if I watch FP2 in full, they have the Sky broadcast team.

        Strange, but at least it’s something.

        1. I watched FP1 live, and it had Sky commentary. FP2 I watched a replay of, and it also had Sky commentary.

          I haven’t watched any highlights yet, but if those are indeed devoid of comments that would seem to make them questionable value…

      3. I’d rather watch the ESPN replays. wth???

        Not so sure about ESPN even bothering with replays. They have done a miserable job with the live broadcast. Missing FP1, FP2, show FP3, but can’t bring themselves to show Q. On top of that the published schedule shows a start time of :5 to the hour when they’ve been on since? OK, OK I will give them that they have (very) limited commercial interruptions. But post race? Uh, what’s that? I wrote Liberty Media asking if the intent of hiring ESPN was an attempt to kill F1 in the US. Nothing but crickets….

        1. Not a problem. Just ask Horner about Liberty… ““I think in terms of engaging with the consumer and the fans, they absolutely get it.”

          However, Horner also doesn’t have to watch F1 via ESPN. Or TSN. Or have to engage with fans other than with Machiavellian political machinations via media statements.

        2. David Sexton, I watch FP 1 etc on the ESPN APP

      4. For a service that was delayed to ensure that they got it right, some journalists aren’t too happy either:

        1. In Canada, thanks to TSN, the Pro service is not available. The semi-pro version delays the race replays for 7 days. So, have to stay off the internet F1 news sites for a week. Other than missing fresh, pithy comments, would that be so bad?

    2. @keithcollantine Alcohol free fences? I’m not sure if I’m completely missing the sarcasm here, but isn’t that a pilsner brand on the aero cat?

      1. @sundark Estrella it’s indeed a beer but it’s their 0.0 alcohol that is advertised. As stupid as having Heineken as a main F1 sponsor, if you ask me. Tobacco companies can start advertising their vaping products so?

      2. @fer-no65 @m-bagattini Ah yes, didn’t notice it before. Interesting placement and a nice way to present it, although I’m gonna miss the cat :(

    3. @sundark it’s Estrella Galicia 0,0% brand, alcohol-free beer

    4. About that smashed car windows, there’s so many comment pointed out that Catalonia is not Spain. Is Catalonia independence still a thing?

      1. @ruliemaulana – I was wondering the same thing. Although, when the event is called the Spanish GP (sorry, Spainish GP!), it’s peculiar to see such comments.

        1. @phylyp hahaha yes… Catalonia is a bit Spain-ish

          1. @ruliemaulana I think you’ve just cracked it.

            Catalonia is not Spain, but it is like Spain, i.e. it is Spainish … hence the Spainish GP.

            My my, I didn’t expect Liberty to make an overtly political statement with such a subtle typo.

            (Before anyone takes offence, that is my poor attempt at humour)

            1. It’s Charlie’s personal agenda, I’m sure of it. :)

      2. I think it’s Spainish

    5. Surprised to see no news on the MGU-H in the round-up, was a fascinating press conference. The 3 manufacturers (not including Ferrari) seemed overwhelmingly in favour of it for maintaining road relevance (along with battery capacity) with Mercedes going so far as to boast willingness to share their investments in the technology with new manufacturer entrants…

      Andy Cowell put forward a compelling, if not inspiring argument for how important he feels that technology is and it’d be great to see his quotes flying around.

      1. @skipgamer – Good to see the MGU-H getting some love! That is easily the most impressive piece of technology to come about from the current engine formula.

        1. @phylyp Agree. One of the best bits of advanced alien technology in the new F1 engine spec.

        2. I’m sure it isn’t simple, but from a distance it seems very logical to put a generator on the exhaust of an engine. I agree, the MGU-H should be allowed. It seems a far more “racing” style of technology than putting a generator onto the wheels of a car and expecting that to slow 20 cars down from 360 km/h to take turn 1. I think banning the MGU-H is a backwards step. Unfortunately Ross Brawn has, amongst his priorities, one which is to make F1 racing more affordable. Maybe there’s a place to ban things like using the MGU-H as a motor to speed up the turbine or to ban having a clutch in the middle, so the turbine and the impeller can run separately.

          1. I think banning the MGU-H is a backwards step. Unfortunately Ross Brawn has, amongst his priorities, one which is to make F1 racing more affordable.

            @drycrust – If this means that teams on the grid have to fight a little less for survival, then i would (with some disappointment) give up the MGU-H. And that disappointment will be in part due to having seen the technology in action, seen the benefit it offers (helping PUs approach an incredible 50% efficiency), for it only to be taken away.

            I do want to see the interview that @skipgamer is referring to. For a team to be willing to share aspects of the technology with their competitors is interesting (I hesitate to say praiseworthy, because this is F1, there’s always an angle!), and I hope it factors into the 2021 discussions.

      2. @skipgamer, even in Ferrari’s case, it sounded like they probably would prefer to maintain it – Binotto did comment about how “fantastic” the MGU-H was, and only later did he say they would “accept” the removal of the MGU-H, which isn’t exactly an enthusiastic endorsement of the proposal to drop the MGU-H.

    6. @ COTD

      Well done Baku


      On a more serious note I do rather agree tbh

    7. Spainish GP, LOL. Regarding Dieter’s tweet: How on earth can something like that happen in an allegedly ‘guarded’ area? Hopefully, there wasn’t anything valuable in any of those cars.

      1. From the “We would be the 22nd race”
        – No, you wouldn’t as Germany is set to drop again after this season (At present, it’s next to guaranteed that Germany won’t be part of the Championship next season, and possibly even Baku as the proposed Miami GP, if it were to happen, could come in to replace Baku), so, therefore, at present the 2019 race calendar stands at 20 (assuming that Spa and Suzuka are going to remain in F1 beyond this season, which is the last of the current contract for both), so, therefore, Miami would be the 21st rather than 22nd to be precise.

      2. @jerejj, things like that do occasionally happen though – a few years ago, Force India complained that they had equipment stolen from their garage at one race (and I don’t think that it was ever recovered either).

    8. Considering HAM comment on Ferrarri sandbaging: Talk about the pot callin the kettle smoke-stained…..

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