Kevin Magnussen, Haas, Circuit de Catalunya, 2018

Haas had a “50% perfect race” – Steiner

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In the round-up: Haas team principal Guenther Steiner said the team had a ‘half perfect’ race after Romain Grosjean crashed on the first lap and Kevin Magnussen came in sixth.

What they say

It was a bittersweet race for Haas which saw one car retire on lap one and the other finish 36 seconds ahead of the rest of the midfield. Here’s what Steiner had to say:

I think it could’ve been a perfect race for us and it was only 50% perfect race. What I take confidence out of is how quick the car is.

Kevin was almost cruising because he knew he couldn’t get the front guys but he was well away from the back.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Did Halo demonstrate its worth yesterday?

As someone firmly against the halo before the season started, I have to admit I think I was wrong.

I still worry about extraction time, but visually it could be worse and incidents like this one (and with Grosjean still doing his thing), I’m pleased Halo is on the cars.

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On this day in F1

  • On this day in 1988 Ayrton Senna put his McLaren on pole position at Monaco by a phenomenal 1.427 seconds ahead of team mate Alain Prost

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31 comments on “Haas had a “50% perfect race” – Steiner”

  1. If nascar is sold to new owners i can only hope they get rid of the gimmicks and turn the series back into a racing series rather than an entertainment product masquerading as a racing series.

    Turn it back onto a proper championship where the champion is determined based on who scored most points over a season and where races are actually races rather than a series of stages.

    find a way of moving away from pack racing because that is frankly not only unnecessarily dangerous but boring to watch due to how drivers have less input than tracks where they actually have to work the brakes/throttle.

    nascar without all the gimmicks and other nonsense could be a great series but as it is and as it continues to run it’s just a joke which is why its haemorrhaging fans since things like the chase & other gimmicks began to be introduced and why every new gimmick brought in to bring back fans has only resulted in more leaving!

    F1 needs to learn from this, Gimmicks & artificial things brought in purely for entertainments sake don’t work & are nothing but a turn off!

    1. pastaman (@)
      14th May 2018, 12:42

      They need to turn it into V8 Supercars

  2. I’m not really sure what Simon Cass is about, but in case he’s referring to the FOM TV graphics then I disagree with him as I didn’t find anything to be strange concerning them this race. Furthermore, I agree with the 2nd paragraph of the COTD.

    1. @jerejj – Re. Simon Cass’ tweet: I clicked through to his Twitter feed, and this tweet is apparently his concern:

      Hazard on track drivers must increase lap time by 40 percent says the graphic. Good luck with that. #decrease #f1 @F1

      I think this is a case of egg on his face, because he seems to be thinking this is wrong, when in fact what was displayed is perfectly correct. The FIA instruction is that a 1:20 lap at Spain should now be run at 1:52 (i.e. a 40% increase in lap time). He seems to be mixing up lap times and speeds, which are inversely proportional 🙂

      1. Yeah.. quite a brain fade tweet. But to be completely honest, the FIA should have just put up a msg saying decrease speed by 40%, it just seems mire intuitive than increase lap time.

        1. @todfod – that does make sense. However, I can see an argument for either approach. Your idea is good because it tells us what we naturally expect, which is: “slow down”. What was displayed more accurately reflects what the FIA instructs, which is that cars need to drive to a lap & sub-sector delta. Maybe they could just put a message: “Representative lap: 1:20.000, VSC target lap 1:52.000”.

        2. @todfod Decrease speed not only technically wrong but also very hard to oblige. A hairpin that you take in 100kmh now need to be in 60kph, on straight line that you reach 200kph now need maxed to 120kph? Increase in lap time is correct.

          However, it does giving false perception for people who kinda lacking common sense or not think things thorough enough like the tweeter. Actually, who is that guy anyway and why his (erroneous) tweet worthy enough to mention in the round up?

          @phylyp I think it’s better to scrap the representative lap and just go with “VSC, All cars must lapping above 1:52.000”. In my experience more numbers confuses more people :P Increasing lap time by 40% is still my pick though.

          1. @sonicslv

            We’re not talking about hairpins though .. are we? We’re talking about decreasing your overall speed across different sectors by 40% so the overall lap time is 40% higher. I don’t know why there’s a need to get so technical about it. Decreasing speed is moire intuitive than saying increasing lap time. Increase is sometimes associated with a gain… which is what confused some users. Simple as that.

          2. @todfod Remember the goal of VSC is actually keeping the cars at (more or less) the same gap before and after the VSC period. This gap is already using time as measurements, so why not just alter the time variable to keep it much simpler? Consider we change the speed: Distance = Speed x Time, so if we reduce speed, we also need to manage the distance to get equal time result. This is much harder to do and police because as we know the car speed is not constant at every part of the circuit. Also each car has different acceleration and top speed which reducing them by 40% is not equalizer. They effectively still gaining (or removing) the gap at 60% speed. If we remove human error factor, a perfect 40% time increase will result in same gap before and after VSC, a 40% speed decrease will not.

            Why (I) so technical about it? Because speed reduction is wrong. It’s not partial right, it’s actually fundamentally wrong to what the drivers are doing and how FIA policing them. IMO letting wrong things go because “people don’t get it” is ignorance and ignorance is very dangerous.

            Decreasing speed is more intuitive than saying increasing lap time. Increase is sometimes associated with a gain… which is what confused some users.

            I agree.. but by using the correct phrase at least some confused people can try to seek the answer and getting a correct knowledge. Using more intuitive but incorrect phrase can make bigger confusion later (maybe a commentator says Mercedes has to slow more than Williams and you got another unneeded complain to deal with)

          3. I think it’s better to scrap the representative lap and just go with “VSC, All cars must lapping above 1:52.000”

            @sonicslv – yep, showing just a single number makes sense. Maybe “VSC: All cars must lap 1:52.000 or slower”, to get that all important “slower” onto the screen.

    2. That said, I bet FOM will revise that graphic, as they have to cater to the widest possible audience, not just those with a grasp of basic English and math.

      1. @phylyp: 40% increase in Zing today! ;-)

      2. LOL @jimmi-cynic

        Can you tell I’m feeling a tad uncharitable towards the world this Monday morning? ☺

    3. I found at least one thing wrong with it.

      The graphic that displayed the grid order before the start of the race displayed
      And so on

      1. @strontium – very true – it gave the impression for a moment that it was Bottas who qualified on pole. It looks like the reused the grid outline for another track, without paying heed to which side was the clean side of the track for this circuit.

      2. One needless graphic (in my opinion) is that towards the end of the race, they briefly replaced the lap counter on the top-left with a “11 km to go”, and I thought to myself – “Just what information does that give me, it’s so pointless”.

        A needless effect is the sound effect they use for some graphics – most notably the one that has a chime sound for the fastest lap.

        Apart from that, I do like the general signage used for yellow flag and red flag conditions, it is made very clear on the screen that they are in force.

        1. I don’t really notice another sound effect in graphics other than the fastest lap. Can you tell me what else (I really curious tbh). And for the fastest lap itself I think it’s because it’s also a new lap record. I don’t recall previous GP fastest lap has that sound effect. A lap record is substantial enough that I don’t mind the sound effect.

          1. You could be right that it is for the lap record, and not just fastest lap. I think it was being broken right from the get go, so I got that mixed up with the fastest lap.

          2. once you set a lap record, every fastest lap after that is the new record though..

          3. @LifeF1 Yes, but normally you don’t set a lap record early in the race. The combination of faster F1 cars, resurfacing, and tires are what makes the record broken practically in the first laps after SC restart. Normally, if the record is broken at late in the race, the sound effect shouldn’t as distracting as in Spain.

  3. Would love to see Kubica signed up by HAAS for next year! He’d be the perfect fit – smart, fast, dedicated and classy. And would certainly not be making stupid mistakes like Grosjean!

    1. That’s actually not a bad idea at all.

    2. Better see kvyat or Wehrlein there

  4. I don’t know about the graphic, but I don’t think I can take a season of this Avengers super-hero music overlaid across Sky’s broadcast. I find it insulting as they (Liberty Media) reduce my once-favorite sport to an “entertainment and media Brand”.

    1. Great stuff from Max this weekend and nicely diplomatic in the post-race interview regarding DR’s radio com that he was faster at that stage, around lap 14. Max said he might have said the same thing in DR’s shoes, but I just found it so fun to continue to watch Max pull away, in answer, and never look back. Finished pretty much a full pit stop ahead of the ‘faster’ DR. Really great stuff, great answer to Baku. All DR could do was make himself feel better with some hot laps in the late stages when it didn’t affect anything. So glad nothing from the previous races has taken anything off of Max’s drive.

      1. Meant that as a stand-alone comment, not a response to Gary.

        1. FBoy-alert

          1. Wonderful at my age to be called a boy ;)

      2. Yes, a decent race from verstappen, no mistakes, also no overtakes but not much he could do considering when he got close to raikkonen he had the problem and vettel ended up behind him and wasn’t able to catch up and bottas was too far ahead.

        Hopefully monaco can be a track where red bull is finally at the level of both ferrari and mercedes, they keep saying they are being held back by the engine, so if they don’t improve there there’s no excuse, just like mclaren and their best chassis, only faster.

    2. The music actually grows on me. The intro is synced well and it does set the mood. Its not overused or too loud to be distracting too.

  5. I find it amazing how Grosjean is not only wrecking the car most of the time, he is the only driver along with Sirotkin to still score a point.

    Terrible season thus far. The first race was the only good one and there he was behind his team mate all the time.

    Guess his work is done with the team. He helped them on the beginning, now they need to step up.

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