Concerns remain over spate of F2 stalls ahead of Monaco

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In the round-up: FIA race director Charlie Whiting remains concerned about the problems Formula Two has experienced with cars stalling despite far fewer problems occurring last weekend.

Although far fewer drivers stalled in Barcelona compared to Baku, Whiting wants to be ensure starts are as safe as possible before drivers compete on the narrow confines of Monaco.

What they say

We’ll have to look at the data but on the face of it it looks a lot better. One [Saturday] and none [Saturday]. We really need to talk to the drivers and try and find out what their reaction is.

But I think it’s a lot better because basically what was happening was when they put their foot on the throttle and take it to the limiter, which is what they normally do, the engine was oscillating too much – 2,500-3,000rpm – and if the driver dropped the clutch when it was on its way down, that’s when it would stall. So what they’ve done is taken a test car, done lots of tests and they’ve now narrowed that oscillation down to 1,000. And that seems to have helped a great deal.

We’ll have a more sturdy solution in Paul Ricard. But we need to analyse the data now to see if we feel comfortable with taking that system to Monaco, for obvious reasons.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Will F1 inevitably have to move away from pay-television deals?

A lot of the tv contracts were already in place before Liberty took over, so it will be interesting to see why they do for new contracts, in Germany the sky contract is expiring an d F1 is replacing it with there own streaming service

You only have to look to cricket in the UK. Before going betting Sky’s pay wall the ashes had 4 million viewers, now 0.25, and a lack of new players, which will lead to less interest, and Sky paying less in the future

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29 comments on “Concerns remain over spate of F2 stalls ahead of Monaco”

  1. Regarding the next Codemasters’ F1 game: Hopefully, R25 would be one of the ‘classic cars’ in that game or any 2005 car for that matter as none was included to last season’s game for some reason. RB7 would be a nice addition as well. BTW, what was Caterham’s 2014 car doing in the Circuit de Catalunya paddock during the F1 race weekend, LOL?

    1. Um, I think that photo is from 2014 (when the Caterham team did run in Barcelona), and is just used by the current owner as an illustration. @jerejj

    2. FlatSix (@)
      16th May 2018, 6:04

      I love how they once more highlight they listened to the fans as they claim to be doing since 2013 yet those fans is basically a bunch of Youtuber kids whom play the game so often it completely forgets about the average player.

    3. Surely the Brawn BGP 001 too.

      1. @ninjenius That’d be nice, but unfortunately, I don’t think it’s an option due to licensing reasons. AFAIA only Ferrari, Mclaren, Renault, Red Bull, and Williams-cars can feature in this game. That indeed was the case with last season’s game at least.

    4. Hopefully the ‘requested returning feature’ is a handful of historic tracks, as with F1 2013

  2. Prost would be more hard to beat if only he had detail Senna telemetri back then.

    1. I don’t know why McLaren resorts to sledging Prost. I may be reading into this article, but to me, it has a negative undertone when talking about Prost’s Hail Mary tactic.

      1. The tone is certainly negative but the facts show through. Ayrton Senna was gifted but bratty. Alain Prost, while not so gifted, was much better at getting the most from what he had, and more consistent. If only he had been better in the wet (where Ayrton’s advantage was overwhelming) he would have been unbeatable over a season.

        And btw although the article doesn’t quite say it (“one of the all-time greatest cars”) many people consider the McL MP4/4 the most dominant car ever. I disagree. It was the most dominant team ever, with two of the all-time great pilots there, not just the machine. A truly dominant machine could make a total rookie (and a pretty average one for that matter) win a GP in his first F1 race ever, or totally dominate the championship with not-so-great drivers, fighting much more accomplished drivers in the competition. The 1961 Sharknose did just that.

  3. I hope they bring energy and tyre management into greater focus in the next codemasters game. I like the games and last year was certainly a step up, but the modern cars still feel like an F1 car from the V8 era rather than a turbo hybrid with an ERS and a really narrow tyre temp operating window.

    I think in terms of helping the public understand the technology involved and the challenges drivers face, the game has a great opportunity to really give some insight there. I’d prefer the (optional) difficulty come from managing such systems personally rather than overly/impossibly aggressive AI that basically ignore your presence and never get penalties.

    Ooo speaking of which, being able to request an incident be investigated with the stewards and having that be part of the gameplay rather than just immediately receiving penalties would add to the experience greatly.

    It’s a bit of a pipe-dream, more classic cars, woo? I’d like to see classic cars can’t be in a separate “F1 Classic” offering. They could add micro-transaction cars and tracks and build up a bigger library of classics over time. Big yearly engine upgrades aren’t really required for such content-heavy features and I bet people would collect them in spades. It doesn’t make sense to have classic cars racing on modern tracks anyway…

    Not sure why I’m wasting my breath but who knows. At least a more “in-depth” career mode sounds promising :D

    1. For energy and tyre management and a full simulator experience you need to get Assetto corsa and drive the ferrari sf70-h.

      It really does feel like a turbo hybrid with ers. You can adjust mguk harvesting and deployment separately and you can change the mgu-h mode to battery or motor mode.

      Be sure to also change the brake bias to counter the mguk harvesting changes that you make because it can shift the brake balance. Increasing harvesting will shift it rearward so you need slightly more front brake bias. And vice versa.

      Add to that a laser scanned spa and monza and other tracks and you can set up a decent f1 race weekend. Except the ai settings will take a bit of tinkering to get right for your speed. And they’re a bit dumb.

      1. Did I mention there’s some excellent classic f1 cars in AC too? Oh yeah the lotus 49, ferrari 312T, a 70s lotus the lotus 98T, and don’t forget the ferrari f2004 and f138. All official content. And there are a ton of mods too. But obviously less accurate than the official content.

        1. @SM You forgot to add the SF15-T, which also features in AC.

    2. @skipgamer – honest question, if you’ve played various editions of the F1 game. How much of a meaningful difference has there been between games of the same engine era? E.g. F1 2014 vs. 2015 vs. 2016 – how much have they differed when played? Specifically in terms of car behavior.

      Seeing these games come out every year makes me wonder if they’ve fallen into the Call of Duty style of game releases, where each year is effectively a rinse/repeat of the previous game.

      1. @phylyp Incremental improvements year on year have added up to drastic changes over time. As an ‘F1 fanatic’ I’ve bought them every year now since the early PS2 days. Some haven’t been worth the upgrade. Some (2010, 2013) I’m still playing now occasionally.
        Physics and handling does change slightly year on year, sometime as a result of real life rule changes, and others you feel are just to add a little challenge to series die hard fans. It doesn’t take much adaption of driving style to get used to each though.
        I told myself I wasn’t going to buy it this year (its expensive at ~£40-50 and at 31 years old I feel i’m too old to be gaming now!), but the lure of more classic cars might have me coming back, they were 2013 and 2017’s single killer feature!
        I think they’ve realised that incremental updates (such as Fifa) won’t cut it for F1 games. Expect to see Playstation-VR compatibility this year, classic cars every year now, and hopefully classic tracks too

        1. Many thanks @swh1386 !

        2. @swh1386 I don’t think you can be too old to game anymore, once you get into adulthood, the main factor is about the amount of free time we have. I think gaming is a great way to unwind

  4. Quite an amusing typo in the Indy 500 entry list – “ZacHary Claman DeMelo”

  5. Codemasters can chuck everything at it and make it the most amazing game ever but until they re-introduce 2 player mode on it then I’m ignoring it!

    2014 was the last time I could play it with a mate. In the same room. In real life. So frustrating.

    1. Kids today seem to prefer having friends on the internet rather than in real life…the chances of getting an F1 game you can play with someone in the same room are slim to none. It is incredibly frustrating.

      1. Too true @geemac I had a response from Codemasters when I had a rant at them in 2015, along the lines that there was no point in spending time and money on a part of the game that there was little demand for. Get a life, kids!

  6. In other news, Mercedes have confirmed they may make a play at ricciardo for 2019

    1. They definitely should — I think he is a better racer and has charisma to spare in comparison to Bottas.

  7. I was wondering, usually there is an article on statistics after every GP. Did I miss it or hasn’t it been published yet?

    1. @chapor I was wondering that as well earlier, but since then it seems that it isn’t going to be published after all as otherwise it probably would’ve been posted on Monday evening at the latest.

      1. @jerejj that would be a shame, that is the one article I always look forward to….

        1. @chapor Same here, LOL.

  8. What I’m hoping we’ll get in Codemaster’s next and/or future instalments:

    – A different race engineer for each of the 10 teams. More work for the developers in the recording studio, but it would feel a lot more natural hearing a different voice on the radio after you’ve moved teams, plus it just gives each team a bit more of a unique feel.

    – Mix up the podium celebrations. Vary the animations of the drivers a bit more and maybe include national anthems?

    – Custom grids and other tools to create your own custom race scenarios (for example to replicate historic races, similar to the online challenges).

    – Bring paddock-based menu screens back (more immersive than the ordinary menu screens we currently have).

    – The ability to actually walk around at least a small section of each paddock between sessions and be able to have some minor interactions with fans/press/personnel etc rather than being glued to the chair in front of your laptop.

    – Might already be returning with the “Make Headlines” teaser, but would be nice to bring the press conferences back, albeit make the answer options less shallow than they used to be (don’t necessarily pose the player with right or wrong answers).

    – Have more options when viewing post-session replays, i.e. toggling driver position and split graphics similar to those seen on actual FOM broadcasts (they don’t have to look the same as the actual FOM graphics, but would be cool to take a full race replay and cut between cameras/drivers/graphics as if you’re a director.

    – And of course, for all us who spend regularly race online, improve the stability of the servers!

  9. Good suggestions @ninjenius have you done a codemasters F1 game survey? Coz they do seem to take fans’ feedback on board

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