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Alonso: WEC is a “fun” alternative to F1

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In the round-up: Fernando Alonso explains why he was willing to take on a packed schedule of races in 2018 by competing in the Would Endurance Championship in addition to F1.

What they say

In response to a question from RaceFans, Alonso explained the appeal of WEC:

RF: Fernando about a year ago Liberty were talking about 25 races per year, you said it was too much, you weren’t it favour of it. Yet you’re now committing to Formula One and the [World Endurance Championship] super-season. Why the change in philosophy?

FA: Because they are fun races.

RF: And Formula One isn’t fun?

FA: Formula One is predictable, Formula One is demanding. Formula One is about constructors’ championship. There are different teams in different roles on the grid but there is not much more that the driver can do. That’s the sad thing, that’s probably why the tyres could be a factor. The tyres are very good this year, the tyres are performing better than ever, and maybe the tyre in a way is a solution. If you spread the compounds, make creativity into the strategy for the engineers maybe help the sport that at the moment is a little bit down.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Miami’s proposed F1 circuit, which is going to face revisions due to local political developments, hasn’t been well-received by many. But @Francorchamps17 has a positive view of it:

The layout doesn’t look bad for a street circuit, more interesting than Singapore or Sochi for example. If (and that’s a big if) they use the full width of the road, some corners will be very fast, the quick right-left chicane will also be good.

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Happy birthday to Ponzonha and Tenerifeman!

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  • 23 comments on “Alonso: WEC is a “fun” alternative to F1”

    1. Vettel fan 17 (@)
      17th May 2018, 0:11

      Marcus Armstrong
      Ericsson hit me


    2. probably a dumb question, but am i correct in assuming that the engines they’re using in testing during the season are not the same 3 that they have to use during race weekends for the rest of the season?

      1. @lancer033 Yes, that’s correct, LOL.

        1. @jerejj

          Are you sure about that ? Doesn’t the three PU/year rule apply to the entire season ? I couldn’t find anything specific in the regulations either. I will look again.

          1. @webtel Yes. The PU element allocation rule applies to the race weekends only, not test days. I found that out once when a former F1 engineer confirmed that in his answer to a question concerning this particular matter.

            1. @jerejj

              @phylyp I was wrong when i said the teams could be using their current race PU’s for the mid season test.

            2. @webtel – cheers Nitzo, many thanks for letting me know.

    3. well, if you were winning you would not say it now would you?? and i dont blame him either..

    4. Regarding the COTD: TBH, the Sochi Autodrom isn’t really a street circuit. More like a permanent circuit with some street circuit-features like the walls being on the edge of the track at many parts, but other than that not. The only true street circuits in F1 at present are Monaco, Marina Bay Street Circuit, and Baku City Circuit while the Australian GP venue in Melbourne is a park circuit with all of the track except a couple of parts used for everyday traffic for the rest of the year.

      1. @jerejj you are forgetting Montreal. That is a true street circuit. It is a public park and the track is how you navigate around the park. I drove it in a pick up truck a few years ago…wasn’t as much fun with all the stop signs though! Lol

        1. @eoin16 Yes, parts of the circuit can be used for regular driving although the track isn’t really used as a ‘normal road for everyday driving’ like Monaco, Marina Bay (Singapore), Albert Park, and Baku when F1 isn’t in town, but still I don’t really regard it as a street circuit in its true meaning. In a way, yes, it’s similar to Albert Park but closer to a permanent circuit than a temporary one.

    5. Love Fernando, but seriously this part is hypocrisy at its finest.

      “Formula One is predictable,—. Formula One is about constructors’ championship. There are different teams in different roles on the grid but there is not much more that the driver can do.”

      You mean like all the other drivers who aren’t driving Toyota in LMP1 this year?

      And like Toyota cares if Alonso wins Le Mans, just as long as one of their cars does they’ll be happy.
      I don’t remember Porsche throwing a parade for Hulkenberg when he won it.

      1. I don’t get Alonso. It was quite simple to say 20 is a lot for the team members, but the driver can drive every week end. The question was cheeky, but boy did he mismanage the answer.

        Plus you’re right @ruben, his comment on team vs driver focus is rubbish. There is one team with a big chance to win Le Mans in LMP1 and maybe another with an outside chance (irl : if the three other cars break), and most papers will have the team’s name in the winning title, when it’s definitely not the case always for F1, where emphasis will be on the driver.

        1. Rui (@colinmcrui)
          17th May 2018, 22:53

          Very well thought @tango, I bet he is thinking the same in retrospective…

      2. You’re basing that hypocrissy accusation on a single year. Has Alonso said he wont do WEC if other LMP1 teams join? will he not do any more WEC if Toyota leave?
        Let’s wait and see. He only seems interested in other series because he has no chance in F1 unless he gets a Mercedes drive before 2021. His fire still burns for F1 enough to take part and maybe benefit from a miracle, but you can see why he’d never fancy 25 races. I doubt Hamilton will be up for 25 races in 4 years time either.

    6. @keithcollantine If you use a map based on OpenStreetMap you must put the credit to the authors on there. It’s not optional.

    7. Fernando about a year ago Liberty were talking about 25 races per year, you said it was too much, you weren’t it favour of it. Yet you’re now committing to Formula One and the [World Endurance Championship] super-season. Why the change in philosophy?

      There is no inconsistency in Fernando’s stance.
      25 races per year FOR ONE championship is too much. Two concise championships whose combined races amount to a similar number is sth completely different.
      Also, a Formula 1 event entails more obligations for the drivers than other championships.

      1. @damon There was the underlying notion that it would be too much physically though, and surely a WEC P1 stint is as much of a killer as a F1 stint. He’s already done Daytona, but let’s wait and see how Nando feels after Le Mans.

        1. @flatsix

          I never saw him say ‘too much physically’ but I would take it that he didn’t think it was worth his effort when he knows there is no reward at 20 races already.
          If everyone was driving Mercedes for 25 races I bet Alonso would be the first to put his name down. One of his stand-out attributes is his consistancy and relentlessness over a tough season. Lewis has never managed that.

    8. Formula 1 is predictable maybe at the race weekend level typically, but who saw the results for Australia, China and Baku happening until they did? And who honestly is sure how this season will unfold? I think Hamilton will win but I wouldn’t bet on it.

      Alonso is probably very frustrated with F1, but give him a car capable of a win and I’m sure he’d love it again.

      1. I guess he means for him that its predictable rather than the sport in general… He knows that his car won’t win without a major pile up. He knows he’ll comfortably beat his team mate. He knows without incident, he’s racing for 7th….. WEC isn’t as predictable and boring to him because he’s new to it and he gets to drive a car with a chance of winning.

    9. Oliver Rowland, you are not driving a Williams for the same reason Kubica isn’t. Go and find some more money or join a team that is interested in talent rather a sort-term money grab.

    10. You ain’t a driver if how the WEC Prototypes looks doesn’t getcha feeling like this WILL be Fun.

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