Ed Carpenter, Carpenter, Indianapolis 2018

Carpenter denies Penske a front-row sweep with third Indy 500 pole

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In the round-up: Ed Carpenter has taken pole position for the third time for the Indianapolis 500. Team mate Danica Patrick, making her final race start, has qualified seventh.

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Comment of the day

Nihcolas Latifi, DAMS, F2, 2018
Latifi is linked to a significant investment at McLaren
Jay reckons the new investment McLaren has secured means far more than just a chance of a seat for Nicholas Latifi:

I would be very surprised if McLaren put Latifi into one of its F1 seats.

Perhaps Michael Latifi is looking to expand his company? Use Mclaren as a platform to advertise? With Zak Brown looking to diversify McLaren’s racing portfolio into IndyCar and Le Mans, this could be a boon for companies looking to gain brand exposure. Depending on how the agreement is structured, £200 million to become a significant shareholder in McLaren (including the automotive side of things?) along with sponsorship across various racing platforms is a pretty good deal. No?

Plus, there may be a deal in the for Nicholas Latifi to become a F1 Test/Development Driver and/or drive for McLaren in IndyCar/Le Mans (if and when).

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On this day in F1

  • On this day in 1978 Mario Andretti gave the Lotus 79 a victory in its first ever race at Zolder. Team mate Ronnie Peterson was second in a 78.

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20 comments on “Carpenter denies Penske a front-row sweep with third Indy 500 pole”

  1. Very exciting fast 9 today. Ed Carpenter is quite amazing at IMS!

  2. I agree with the COTD. It has a pretty interesting point.

  3. McLaren aren’t dumb enough to appoint Latifi as their driver right? Right?

  4. My being gutted by Hinchcliff’s disaster is being somewhat assuaged by Carpenter’s good fortune.

    1. By “good fortune”I mean excellent work and superior preparedness.

  5. ColdFly (@)
    21st May 2018, 8:29

    Thanks for letting us know who starts 23rd in the Indy500.

    1. its Stefan Wilson, brother of Justin Wilson, I think its newsworthy that he is in the race.

      1. Thank you for that context, kpcart. While the snarky comment was probably unwarranted, what you’ve said gives much more meaning and background to the tweet. Here’s wishing him a good race, and good of him to be racing.

        1. ColdFly (@)
          21st May 2018, 11:02

          the snarky comment was probably unwarranted

          Yes, it’s clearly sarcastic, @phylyp. But I do miss the days that the round-up was a true round-up rather than referring to ex F1 drivers’ family racing performances. And it’s only 23rd.
          In the past I always opened the round-up as soon as it was released, but now I use other sources first to satisfy my F1 information needs (@keithcollantine).

        2. Keith has said that he’s covering the wider motorsport scene, and not just F1, @coldfly , so seeing as this is an Indy weekend (I think?) and between F1 weekends its fair to have a lot of non-F1 coverage. If you’ve seen the front page, however, the Monaco F1 GP build-up has already started, so that should whet your appetite.

          1. ColdFly (@)
            21st May 2018, 13:36

            Correct @phylyp, and understand (not applaud) that this site becomes more than F1.
            It might risk though to lose some hardcore F1 fans. I can’t deny (sample of 1) that the round-up is now less anticipated than it used to be.

          2. @coldfly – yes, I will agree that the nature of the round-up has changed, roughly since the site changed name.

            I’m not sure if the fact that RF is now producing its own content via interviews has meant that other sites have (in some form) restricted the inclusion of their articles in the round-up (although I’m not sure why they’d do so, as it just drives traffic to their sites), or if that’s an editorial decision made by Keith.

            That said, have you tried the ‘NewsNow’ link in the top right? That seems to be a massive aggregation of F1 news, so much so that I felt overwhelmed the few times I opened it! You could use that for your F1 news fix, and come here for the comments :-)

    2. LOL +1 RIP f1fanatic.co.uk

      1. Yet you are here an commenting and not out starting your own site

  6. I’m hoping for a motorsport fairy tale, with Danica winning the indy 500 in her last drive. starting 7th is great having not driven for like 7 years in indycars.

  7. An interesting story from Crash.net: F1 manufacturers voice concerns on dropping MGU-H in 2021

    Honda voiced concerns about losing the MGU-H which have been backed up by its three rival manufacturers Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault.

    Even Honda – who, IIRC are the ones who have struggled (and maybe continue to struggle) with the MGU-H – are keen to see it stay on in F1.

    Maybe the FIA will take up Mercedes on its offer of sharing some MGU-H know-how to achieve cost savings for the engine manufacturers (and indirectly thereby the sticker price on PUs for customers)?

  8. There are numerous ex F1 drivers participating in Formula E, but I’m pretty sure that Massa is (will be) the only one to have left F1 pretty much on his own terms. I also had another random thought: drivers arrive in F1 from many different series … F2, GP3, DTM, etc. I wonder if anyone will ever graduate from FE to F1?

    1. @schooner I think we will see it when the FE cars change some more (ie this coming season) with more power and less gimmick.

      One of the difficulties I see is them not racing on known tracks or proper circuits makes it very difficult to get a gauge on their skills.

    2. Felix Rosenqvist apparently said that his best chance to get to Formula 1 was to win Formula E

  9. Mark in Florida
    21st May 2018, 21:12

    That lap from Carpenter was sublime. His car was so dialed in he hardly had any steering input it just glided perfectly through the corners. He got a tremendous cheer on his first lap of 330.088 I was amazed that he turned that speed with these revised cars. Drivers like that separate the men from the boys. Congratulations to Danica for being in the fast nine and showing her stuff one last time. I just have to wonder though how the cars will behave in the pack at at 225 in the corners.

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