Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull, Monaco, 2018

2018 Monaco Grand Prix grid

2018 Monaco Grand Prix

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Daniel Ricciardo will start the Monaco Grand Prix from pole position ahead of Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton. Max Verstappen is set to start last.

Row 11. Daniel Ricciardo 1’10.810
Red Bull
2. Sebastian Vettel 1’11.039
Row 23. Lewis Hamilton 1’11.232
4. Kimi Raikkonen 1’11.266
Row 35. Valtteri Bottas 1’11.441
6. Esteban Ocon 1’12.061
Force India
Row 47. Fernando Alonso 1’12.110
8. Carlos Sainz Jnr 1’12.130
Row 59. Sergio Perez 1’12.154
Force India
10. Pierre Gasly 1’12.221
Toro Rosso
Row 611. Nico Hulkenberg 1’12.411
12. Stoffel Vandoorne 1’12.440
Row 713. Sergey Sirotkin 1’12.521
14. Charles Leclerc 1’12.714
Row 815. Brendon Hartley 1’13.179
Toro Rosso
16. Marcus Ericsson 1’13.265
Row 917. Lance Stroll 1’13.323
18. Romain Grosjean* 1’12.728
Row 1019. Kevin Magnussen 1’13.393
20. Max Verstappen** No time
Red Bull

*Three-place grid penalty for causing a collision in the Spanish Grand Prix
**Given permission from the stewards to start after failing to set a time in Q1. Five-place grid penalty for gearbox change.

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29 comments on “2018 Monaco Grand Prix grid”

  1. Hopefully this time around the team won’t mess up Ricciardo’s pitstop.

  2. Like a BOSS!

  3. …Pretty sure Grosjean starts 18th due to the grid penalty incurred in Spain.

    1. Yep. Keith will likely correct it.

  4. Michael Brown (@)
    26th May 2018, 15:07

    Can’t wait to see Ricciardo’s pole onboard

    1. As long as the front wheels are visible so that we can see them scraping the walls.

  5. Nice place to start in 11th :) no need to run the hypers. Predicting people starting on the hypers will pit then get stuck behind the slow cars while Hulk just strolls about in clean air into 1st. Or something…

    1. Then again the ultras are significantly slower than the hypers, so you could see the top 10 build a large enough gap in the opening stint to not worry about losing positions to drivers who stop later.

      1. Shh… I’m hoping they don’t last enough laps

  6. well deserved pole for ricciardo. crashtappen is showing why i think he’s the most overrated driver in f1

    1. I concur, +1.

      1. +1 & -1
        Great pole for Dan Ric and stoked for him.

        I disagree Max is overrated, much to the contrary. You cant argue his brilliant talent he just needs to keep in in check, Senna done it, Schumi too, Seb & Lewis also………… but they all come good.

        I know its his 4th year and he has done 60 odd races but he thought he was up for WDC this year and RBR hasn’t given him the car- Dan’s frustration is equal, maybe just more mature.

        1. Agree that he’s special and I don’t see why so many feel sorry about Kvyat being a RBR driver but, NO, the drivers you mentioned NEVER crashed even remotely close as much as VER! Do not think there’s another driver on the grid who crashed so much. There’re some other candidates, like Grosjean, but still behind VER. The only guy with equal proficiency is Maldonado.

  7. Grosjean, Kmag and Max starting next to each other. Nice 😆

    1. … and Vettel is seemingly relieved.

  8. GRO, MAG and VER in the bottom-3.

    1. I think every team should prepare their strategy for a safety car on lap 1.

      1. LOL… hence the Q2 on hypers

  9. Wow. What a lap by RIC. Congrats to him. VERS starts last while RIC starts on pole. To think- Max fans were even suggesting that he is better than Vettel or Hamilton. LOL.

    Good scrap for 2nd between Ham and VET, where was BOT today?

    Smart money on RIC for the win.

    1. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
      26th May 2018, 21:08

      Where was Bottas? I don’t think he was that bad. He was about a tenth of a second behind Hamilton in P2 and P3. Was faster than Hamilton in Q2, then almost exactly the same distance behind Hamilton as Vettel was ahead of Hamilton. 0.209 behind Hamilton isn’t exactly bad pace from Bottas if Hamilton gets rated as high as he does. If Hamilton did well, I think we can still say Bottas did pretty well.

  10. Good job from LeClerc, Sirotkin, Ocon, Gasly.

  11. Ricciardo first, CrashMax last.
    Another great work of CrashMax, the new Alonso of formula 1 (because he is so overrated).

    1. @jorge-lardone

      Just asking how Alonso is overrated? His results are not what you expect of a 2 x WDC as he doesn’t have the best car. I agree he made bad decisions over the years but I would put him up against any on the grid now, even as an OLD 37 year old- or 36?? Ol’ boy still has it!

  12. Lance Stroll a shocker !!!!! Enough said

    1. On a track where driver talent makes a big difference, I think Stroll’s performance justified his title of being pure rubbish.

  13. Ocon to Perez covered by less than a tenth, that’s quite the midfield ruckus!

  14. Pity Verstappen didn’t get pole. He would have caused some serious havoc up front taking out the top 3 or 4 and made for some interesting results.

  15. Got to hope Dan takes the win this time. It was pretty heart breaking for him last time around. Hamilton put in a stellar lap to split the Ferraris as well. I thought he was actually going to beat Vettel to P2, which would have been some feat considering that this is probably Mercedes’ weakest track.
    Kind of disappointed with Alonso.. He should have taken that P6.

  16. Robin Bollen
    27th May 2018, 8:18

    Well, not looking back, this mistake was party caused by the Renault, however it does not make a great track record for Max. He needs to learn that it is better to be 5 times 5th than to not finish, I agree that this is not the mindset of a racer, but smarts are more important than speed for his sponsors.

    You could see in his body language that he starts to realise this, he was touching every one in the garage and the pit strait with his arm.

    Hopefully this is the turning point for Max to finally grow up!

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