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Verstappen set to receive ten-place grid penalty for third MGUK

2018 Monaco Grand Prix

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Max Verstappen is set to receive a ten-place grid penalty ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix after Red Bull opted to install a third MGUK component of the season onto his RB14.

Verstappen becomes the first driver this season to receive a grid penalty for exceeding power unit component allocations.

The penalty has no impact on the formation of the grid for today’s race, as Verstappen was already due to start from 20th position after failing to set a qualifying time following his crash in the closing minutes of final practice.

A report from the FIA’s Technical Delegate Jo Bauer confirmed the penalty.

“After the qualifying session the motor generator unit-kinetic (MGU-K) of car number 33, driver Max Verstappen, was replaced for a new one which is the third of the two new motor generator units-kinetic (MGU-K) allowed for the 2018 Championship season,” stated Bauer.

“As this is not in conformity with Article 23.3a of the 2018 Formula One Sporting Regulations, I am referring this matter to the stewards for their consideration.”

This season, drivers will receive 10-place grid penalties on the first occasion they exceed their power unit part allocation. Teams are permitted a maximum of three engines (ICE), MGU-Hs and turbos, and two energy stores, control electronics and MGU-Ks.

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  • 22 comments on “Verstappen set to receive ten-place grid penalty for third MGUK”

    1. Considering Max is starting dead last or from pit lane, it looks like team gambled on taking new parts for PU which might come handy in upcoming races.

      1. That decision sucks. It gives a driver a free pass owing to the grid position already confirmed. Whilst i don’t agree with grid penalties for these engine parts it should be made the same for all drivers as it is unfair on those who haven’t transgressed.

      2. He will crash on the way up desperate for position.

        1. And? Did he?

    2. Good tactical choice.

    3. Wow, so he’ll start the race from Rascasse…

      1. Actually, why not? They could actually map these virtual grid penalities onto the track and have cars starting on a freshly painted line where the grid slot would be if measured back 5, 10, 40 places… At least they (the penalities) would be marginally less absurd.

        1. It would be less absurd having a car starting in the middle of the track?

          1. If it was the rule, the teams would whole lot less easy with changing parts because they re at the back of the grid anyways.

        2. Obviously impossible to get the pit crew and equipment back from half way around the circuit, unless they only take up that spot after the warm up lap … but starting on a time delay would be a good idea – although last year Stoffel & Fernando would probably have still been sitting there waiting as the rest of the grid came around for their first lap.

          1. Well, yes, they’d have to take up the slot at the end of the warm up. The time delay would admittedly be more sensible. But I quite like the idea of a car starting somewhere round the last corner. I suppose they’d need there own special set of traffic lights too though.

        3. Rather than move the car back, just delay the start by X number of seconds. No logistics of pit crew needed. That would be fairer as the penalties for people at the back will still have an effect.

        4. Interesting … You’ll probably see a Honda powered car start a lap down at some point of time.

    4. Hans (@hanswesterbeek)
      27th May 2018, 12:21

      Let’s just hope that he bins it gently today, so the new parts will not have too much damage on ‘em when he finally gets his act together (or when Gasly takes his seat).

      1. GtisBetter (@)
        27th May 2018, 12:32

        Gasly is the new wehrlein. He won’t last. The people in front (Verstappen, Ocon, Sainz and vandoorne) have more talent and the people right now in gp2 (Russel, norris and even devries and markalov) also are better. Maybe he will survive in the backfield though, but depending on ricciardo, he will not see much action in a red bull (1-2 years Maybe).

        1. I rather think Vandoorne is the one who won’t last much longer in F1. Pathetic performance again today.

    5. FIA?? This takes the biscuit for the most ridiculous penalty ever imposed on any F1 driver ever. I’ve argued for a long time that any penalty incurred by the regulations regarding the cars performance. Should be penalising the Team’s Constructors points. Not the driver. Yes drivers should be penalised for any & all driving transgressions.

      1. The issue with not penalizing the driver for performance such as new power units will undoubtedly benefit the driver as well as the team, therefore any penalty needs to be applied to the driver too.

      2. The driver is the team.

    6. Why not go all out and take a whole new PU?

      1. Hes still within the limit for all other parts even if he takes a complete PU.

      2. I think they have update coming for Montreal with another coming later in the year – that way they can introduce both of those without penalties.

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