IndyCar Indianapolis 500 start, 2018

Weekend Racing Wrap: Indy 500, Super Formula Sugo and more

Weekend Racing Wrap

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Catch up on video highlights of last weekend’s racing action in Weekend Racing Wrap including the IndyCar Indianapolis 500, Japanese Super Formula at Sugo, Formula Renault Eurocup from Monaco and more

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Formula Renault Eurocup

Victory in Pau last year marked Alex Peroni out as something of a street course specialist and he demonstrated it again by taking pole position for the first F1-supporting race in Monaco. Charles Milesi took pole position for race two which took place on the morning of the Monaco Grand Prix.


Ed Carpenter took his third Indianapolis 500 pole position but the shock of qualifying was James Hinchcliffe’s failure to make the cut for IndyCar’s blue riband race. Danica Patrick made a one-off return before retiring from motor racing.

Japanese Super Formula

Following the cancellation of round two at Autopolis, Tomoki Nojiri took pole position at Sugo ahead of Kamui Koabayashi.


Kyle Busch took his fourth pole position of the year at Charlotte.

World Rallycross Championship

Silverstone held Britain’s round of the World Rallycross Championship for the first time but some drivers expressed disappointment with the configuration of the track.

Over to you

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Next weekend’s racing

The following series are in action next weekend:

  • IndyCar races 7-8: Detroit
  • DTM races 5-6: Hungaroring
  • European Formula Three races 4-6: Hungaroring
  • IMSA race 5: Detroit
  • NASCAR Cup race 14: Pocono

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3 comments on “Weekend Racing Wrap: Indy 500, Super Formula Sugo and more”

  1. A decade aftter his first Indycar win, and Will Power finally gets a 500 victory. I must admit that I have not always been a fan of his, but in the last two or three years he has really matured nicely. This put a smile on my face!

  2. WRX: I’m glad the drivers called out the layout. Silverstone has enough events and has literally no rallycross heritage. I’m sad that Lydon Hill lost the British round (even though it twice the distance from where I live).

    Indy 500: Fuel gamble or not, I was gutted that Stefan Wilson couldn’t hold on to the end, but 4 laps is still a fair way to go. His brother would be proud. Sad to see Helio and Danica spin out like that, again I’m probably being too sentimental.

    Shame that they can’t still sneak GP3 onto the Monaco bill along side FR Eurocup, what with the Friday running.
    I guess there’s only so much room in the paddock. They should just dock a car ferry in the harbour to make more space!

  3. It is interesting how few comments the racing wrap gets, but racefans is doing a great job promoting other forms of racing as well. I have quite enjoyed watching formula-e and Indianapolis 500 in the recent years thanks to your coverage as well. Thank you.

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