Max Verstappen, Red Bull, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 2018

Verstappen: “I guess I still know how to drive”

2018 Canadian Grand Prix

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Max Verstappen told his team “I guess I still know how to drive” on the radio after taking third on the grid for the Canadian Grand Prix.

The Red Bull driver referred to the criticism of the series of incidents he’s been involved in during the first six races of 2018.

Verstappen was quickest in all three practice sessions at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. He beat one of each of the Mercedes and Ferraris despite making a mistake at turn eight on his final flying lap.

He will start the race on the hyper-soft tyres while Sebastian Vettel and Valtteri Bottas ahead of him will be on the harder ultra-soft compound. “Not bad, we can race from here,” Verstappen added on the radio.

“I’m very happy with this weekend so far,” Verstappen said after qualifying. “The car has been working really well.

“We know that in qualifying we are missing top speed but to be third I think is great for us. I think especially in the race we can do a really good job.”

Asked if his car has the pace to contend for victory, Verstappen said: “I think we have.”

“Starting on the softer tyre is a benefit here, it’s quite slippery on the track. During the race I think we are anyway competitive.”

Verstappen’s team mate Daniel Ricciardo will start the race from sixth on the grid.

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  • 51 comments on “Verstappen: “I guess I still know how to drive””

    1. Nobody is accusing you of lacking pace you stubborn … let’s wait till tomorrow and see how you deal with a race pressure situation.

      1. Oooh, touchy… Give it a rest already.

        1. Never! No rest. Verstappen crashes a lot!

      2. @hahostolze Indeed, with his pace he has just been throwing away results, going over the limit, that’s the problem.

      3. Yeah, like last year. From 5 to 2 at the start.

      4. Nobody is accusing you of lacking pace you stubborn

        @hahostolze that’s got nothing to do with what VES said

        1. though yeah he better not screw it up in the race, which after all is where you get points

      5. Dealing with a ‘race pressure situation’??? f f f f frightening!!! Ofcourse; that will be a major issue for VER! LOL
        My television isn’t 4K or OLED so maybe that is blurring my view but I do remember I have seen him winning a GP because of something you’ve missed completely for some strange reason!? It’s called talent! You don’t like him, fine, but with your ‘looking-back-knowledge-comments’ you can start a career as History-teacher right away! VER is trying to focus on what’s ahead of him, things can change during a season…

      6. I’m running a book on how many he’ll take out at the first corner.

        Anyone want some of the action?

        Although I must warn you, if you bet on him taking out at least someone, the odds aren’t going to be very good for you!


      7. @hahostolze, spot on. He is going to need more than one weekend to prove that he found again calm and consistency. If, indeed, he did.

    2. Great, kid! Don’t get cocky.

      1. Give him a break, buddy. He used to bull’s-eye womp rats in his T-16 back home.

        1. @effwon
          Don’t be too harsh- he’s not such a bad pilot himself 😂

    3. Been quite edgy this weekend hasn’t he?

      1. @mashiat Well, relentless media and fan pressure where he’s blamed for every incident within 10 yards of him probably has that effect! His response has been pretty good though. A lot of drivers have dwindled under such hostile and excessive pressure. Blaming Verstappen for Baku and Stroll’s lumbering restart were wrong, imo. He’s accepted blame for the worst of the bunch, taking out Vettel, and for the Monaco practice crash. The rest have been marginal judgements, like aggressively overtaking Hamilton but not leaving enough space and getting a puncture in the process. So turning these incidents into one big, rolling example of ineptitude, arrogance and denial just seems like ‘daisy cutting’ mentality to me, a desire to reduce the exceptional to well-behaved mediocrity and predictability. And F1 fans complain that the sport is getting things wrong? Maybe it’s also them.

    4. Maybe he headbutted someone.

    5. I wish he will make a stupid mistake again – maybe a Mansell rememberance hand wave to the fans in P1 and stalling the car? I just want to see him starting headbutting random journalists at once.

    6. Most funny thing is when he is cocky he usually makes the most mistakes!

      Hope he doesnt headbutt one of the chicanes or vettel in the first chicane :) Vettel is not one like to be headbutted :)

      1. Hes into ping pong however

      2. Vettel as an veteran driver and worldchampion headbuttet Hamiltons car in the middle of the race. He deliberatly drove in to Hamilton behind the savety car. He should have been given a black flag and a couple race bans.

        1. Seems like Vettel has received a software update… Less whining, less anger, this year. The Lewis / Seb incident is one of the no-consequence actions that will be remembered in 15 years, about a F1 period that was as dull as never before, so I wouldn’t be too harsh about it.

          1. Dude

            If any other driver would have done that

            That would have been a black flag

    7. It’ll funny if he ruins it tomorrow. You never know, even the best out there suffered the Wall of Champions.

      1. It would be hilarious if he binned it…….

        1. Don’t get your hopes up.

        2. pathetic .. and you call yourself a F1 fan??

          1. pathetic .. and you call yourself a F1 fan??
            They call the site but had been way beter!

      2. @fer-no65, that is certainly true – if he had entered this weekend with a less confrontational approach, then even if he were to have an incident in the race, it would probably not be judged quite as harshly. Instead, the way in which he has responded means that he’ll probably be even more harshly judged – it almost feels as if he wants to provoke the press into being even more critical of him.

    8. Max has no style. Mark Webber for example was not bad for a #2 driver after he had won the British GP.

      Max is winning nothing so far this weekend. And even if he manages not to crash, he will still keep a 50% crashrate for this years weekend. I am sure Maldonado crashed less often than Max does this year?

      1. your first sentence doesn’t make sense at all and he still can win this weekend or do you have a crystal ball??

        1. Interlagos in the rain

        2. In fact, it does make sense; unless you don´t remember or simply don´t know what did Mark say, and when…

    9. I’ve noted how anti-max sentiment in here increased every time Max has overtaken Lewis a race or outqualified him. Max having the inferior car must really rub salt in.

      1. I think it’s more his unwillingness to admit error this season to be honest. Nothing to do with Hamilton.
        Pleased for Vettel today, nice to see the Ferrari with pace at Montreal, great qualifying. Kudos to Max.

        1. He of course has admitted error

          He is much further in his development than we know

      2. @Big Joe you do post some tosh mate. Unfortunately one of the ever growing number of trolls in the comments section of which a number have appeared below the line this weekend,

    10. @keithcollantine why are there no more team radio articles this year? They were interesting!

      1. Agreed, I imagine they take a while to type up but I miss those and a few other features this year. I haven’t seen them on other sites either (not that I’ve looked hard).

    11. Vettel fan 17 (@)
      9th June 2018, 23:08

      Nice job from him, looking for redemption I guess. Needs to keep a cool head tomorrow though

    12. Time to get cocky when you finish the race on the podium kid.

    13. Invisiblekid
      9th June 2018, 23:28

      Of course you can still drive duh! It’s how and when we all had a problem with.

      Now repeat this on Sunday and we’ll all fall over with love for you again. Huzzah

    14. Well..Turn 1 has a bit of a history of crashes…so still early days..haha

    15. Max to me shows he was the fastest in Q, but he lacked a party mode. Still he beat Lewis and Kimi. I think it shows how good he is.
      I think a lot of people who comment on Max don’t know much about F1 and racing. They do not understand how good Max is at 20. He beat Ricciardo many times last season at 19 and Ricciardo is very good. He actually made him better by challenging him so hard.
      It took him one race in a new car to win a grandprix. He managed his tires like the best and kept a faster Kimi behind him for 50 laps by exiting the turn into the strait better then Kimi. And he didn’t make one mistake in that race.
      Now he has made two mistakes and all at ones he should be a bad racer? I’ve have seen Sen and Lewis make bad mistakes, but they are still very good.
      Watch Brasil last season. Who can challenge Max in rain? Not one of all the world champions that were racing that day had his pace.

    16. As in most cases the start will be crucial. Verstappen has done his job so far and is in a good position to take advantage of any errors in front of him. I would think that he will be able to take Bottas at the start, but he should settle for that and not to try and take Vettel as well. That could well lead to a coming together. I think Hamilton and Ricciardo will play it cool and see how things pan out in the first couple of laps. Unless something is handed to them on a plate.

    17. He’s probably junxed himself now, but see how he does in the race. After all, it’s only the sunday that counts.

      On one hand, he needs a good result, but that might leave him over-confident come the next race and raise the chances of a crash and it’ll be back to square one.

    18. The Max-bashing is going too far now, people actually WANT him to crash so that they can say “I told you so.”

      Not a good attitude for any kind of F1 fan, if you ask me.

      1. He doesn’t do himself any favours with his attitude. He can be a great driver, but he will have to learn to avoid thinking too much about the criticism he gets.

        He needs to find the right balance between aggression and mindful driving.

    19. I think he will try to stay out of trouble at the first corner, but only to ram his car into the Wall of Champions a bit later. ¯\_༼ᴼل͜ᴼ༽_/¯

    20. Max is such a knob. He should be wearing a red helmet
      with the words “Make F1 Great Again” above the visor.

      1. Zeke, …He already did.

    21. Be afraid, be very afraid…

    Comments are closed.