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2018 Canadian Grand Prix championship points

2018 Canadian Grand Prix

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2018 Canadian Grand Prix

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10 comments on “2018 Canadian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Raikkonen keeps losing points in qualifying. Look how close the constructor’s is! That’s annoying.

  2. Lol, even Sauber is pulling away from Williams.

  3. When Ferrary will announce Hulkenberg for 2019?

    1. That would be nice.

      1. Too late, I think. His reputation has already been tarnished by too many years spent in midfield cars and not beating Pérez conclusively enough. I rate him much higher than Räikkönen, hands down, but he’s already not a man of the future anymore, at least in the public perception.
        I would look out for Leclerc instead, but I fear that his young age and inexperience will tempt Ferrari to play it ‘safe’ and let Räikkönen waste another year in a top seat.

        1. Vettel and Mercedes like Räikkönen in the seat because Kimi seems perfectly happy in the support role, doesn’t make waves and is friendly with Vettel. I can’t help but think Kimi did all he wants to do in the car and is simply padding his bank account at this point. Hey, whatever works.

          Now, if Vettel wins the championship but Mercedes win the constructors? I think Kimi is out no matter how well he fits with the team.

  4. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
    10th June 2018, 22:15

    It is interesting to think that If Bottas hadn’t had that puncture in Baku, he would be 2 points behind Hamilton in the championship. 113 (hamilton) and 111 (bottas) And it is over a 3rd into the season now. So all it would have taken is for Bottas to beat Hamilton in the next race is a 1st, 2nd or 3rd with Hamilton behind for Bottas to be leading. And if you give Bottas his win in Baku, their luck this season hasn’t been that different.

    But anyway. I feel that Bottas either more than deserves his seat or Hamilton is not having a particularly good season. I think it is a bit of both. Hamilton is a bit up and down. Very good at times but has had some week races. Bottas had a very clostly moment in Australia, but has been really solid (but rather unlucky at times) since then. I really think Mercedes will be happy with his performance.

    1. @thegianthogweed I agree, I think the Bottas DNF masks the fact he’s been the marginally better driver and is likely to improve with more confidence. I’m not sure where Hamilton is going to get the kick start (or kick up the butt) he evidently needs. Rosberg was always a good source of motivation. Last season it took the Baku incident to get him angry enough to start producing. Vettel has evidently learnt well from last year’s over-aggression and has been focusing on his own performance. Bottas, meanwhile, is also laid back and clearly canny enough to avoid mind games with Lewis. So what’s left? A bit of elemental pride? Any true passion for racing still there? Obviously he’ll deliver still in some qualifying and races, that’s not in question. But with a tight championship battle, a team mate close on points, but no real fire, I don’t see him winning this year. Vettel looks the far more likely and hungrier for the 5th championship.

  5. Alonso still 7th despite a double dnf, impressive consistency!

    1. Just like Hulk

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