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2018 French Grand Prix championship points

2018 French Grand Prix

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2018 French Grand Prix

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12 comments on “2018 French Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Wow so Ric is now third in the driver’s championship…….who would’ve thought it with the 5th fastest car.

    1. 6th fastest car.

      1. Surely you mean 3rd fastest car ?

        Only Mercedes and Ferrari are quicker.

        1. 7th fastest car.

    2. Theoretically both Ferrari and Merc cars are faster making Redbull cars 5th/6th which is where I got 5th from.

      Whether it’s Max or Dan faster seems to depend on the day/track as they are so close on ability it just comes down to who’s feeling it more on the day.

    3. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
      25th June 2018, 6:50

      Well, it isn’t that surprising. he was 4th and Kimi has been rather bad most of the season. And Bottas has now missed out on about 35 points. nearly over 40 if you include the fact the safety car in China allowed Ricciardo to get fresh tyres. I think Ricciardo has missed out on 25 points with his retirements. And the retirement in Baku based on the stewards decision was partly his fault as well as Verstappen.

      But i guess it looks surprising. But the reasons why he is there are pretty clear to me.

  2. Hamilton’s worst result this season is 5th. Vettel won’t win this if Hamilton continues like that.

  3. Poor Bottas keeps getting shafted. He should be much closer to the leaders in the title fight.

    1. Yeah I feel for him. He’s been quite close to Hamilton’s level this season. When the car is in the zone, Hamilton seems to have his measure, but when the car is struggling, Bottas has been getting more out of it. It’s a shame because he could have had an outside shot at the championship, but he’s too far down now to claw that back.

  4. How the hell are McLaren 5th in the constructors? *goes back to check results*

  5. Grosjean still pointless…..hilarious!

  6. Mark in Florida
    25th June 2018, 1:06

    Magnussen nearly tied on points with Sainz. Hmmmm. Maybe he’s a better driver than some will admit.

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