Lewis Hamilton, Christina Aguilera, Baku City Circuit, 2018

Hamilton refuses to confirm if he performed on Christina Aguilera’s new album

2018 Austrian Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton refuses to confirm whether he has made his musical debut on Christina Aguilera’s new album Liberation.

Hamilton is widely reported to have performed on Aguilera’s song ‘Pipe’ under the pseudonym XNDA. However he refused to answer questions about the song when asked about it ahead of this weekend’s Austrian Grand Prix

“Nothing’s really changed from the last races,” Hamilton told media including RaceFans. “My sole goal right now and focus is fully Formula 1.

“In the last race I was like it’s not something I really want to speak about. I’m here to focus solely on trying to win the championship.”

Aguilera attended the Azerbaijan Grand Prix earlier this year, which Hamilton won. Hamilton has previously revealed an interest in creating music and said in 2015 he had often stayed in the studio until late during race weekends.

Hamilton’s lyrics on ‘Pipe’


You know I got a wild imagination
I like to play the doctor, operation
Spread it on the bed like a patient
I’m about to show you domination
Got the ‘nana drippin’ like a waterfall
Ooh, that ‘nana good, I could eat it all
I’m a dive in, touch the ocean floor
You already know what you came here for
You know that I’m grown and I’m ’bout it
And I know what to do wit’ ya’ body
Every single time that you drop it
Trust me I know what to do with it

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44 comments on “Hamilton refuses to confirm if he performed on Christina Aguilera’s new album”

  1. He’s singing about his nana… How sweet of him to dedicate a song to his gran 😂

    1. His dripping nana. I’ll give the music video a miss.

  2. I am not being rude- will Lewis actually be any good at his music

    1. It would be hard to do worse than Jacques Villeneuve.

  3. @keithcollantine – its been a great site Keith- please don’t muck it up with clickbait and Lewis friends

  4. The song; which he co-wrote, was well received in the music press, and his voice likewise. Although once it became common knowledge within the music press it was Hamilton, a number of them predicted that the F1 fraternity would castigate the guy; given their deep knowledge of this particular genre of music.

  5. If it is him I’m really surprised at how good a singer he is

  6. Trust him, he knows what to do with it.

  7. I can’t believe Christina upstaged Lewis Hamilton’s double earrings by having 1 MASSIVE one in each ear.

    ….So *that’s* what happened with the rejected Halo prototypes.

    [I get the feeling I won’t be getting COTD with this post]

    1. Obviously you won’t. I’m sorry but it’s not even funny.

  8. Vettel fan 17 (@)
    28th June 2018, 17:34

    Trust me I know what to do

    Hey, he’s stealing Kimi’s quotes

  9. Since this is a fun article, can I know what has happened to the popular caption competitions of racefans?

    1. GtisBetter (@)
      28th June 2018, 18:55

      I know, this picture is screaming capture competition.

      1. Lewis can’t believe his nana’s new look

      2. Peppermint-Lemon (@)
        29th June 2018, 8:46

        “My heads this big”

  10. I expected nothing and still I was disappointed

  11. Those lyrics are pure filth

    1. Sounds like the drunken rants of a 15yr old girl rather than a couple of 30yr olds who really should grow up – Christina and Louis

    2. Definitely him – last few words give it away. Always found it quite creepy that people in money gravitate together to create things like this – they can’t help but remind us that ‘they are in it together’ and the rest of us are the audience….

  12. Song should have been called “pole (position)” instead of pipe.

  13. He’s singing through his nose, he’s using autotune, and he sounds just like everybody else. At least it’s not yap music.

  14. This isn’t the type of news I want to be reading here.

    1. I think this site probably thought long and hard about whether to post this type of topic as well, but I think overall it’s good to give a background to what drivers are doing in the public domain outside of f1. Probably shouldn’t have put the lyrics in the article, i would say that was unnecessary, but if you don’t want to read it you would’ve known from the headline not to click in the first place

    2. So why’d you click the link ? @the-last-pope

    3. @garns @john-h @osella-alfaromeo @the-last-pope I’m always open to constructive criticism. This isn’t it. If you want me to understand your objections please explain what they are.

      1. @keithcollantine open to questions as well? I always wonder why there’s no more team radio articles, this site was the best for them, will they never be back?

        1. I am pretty sure the reason why is that they take quite a lot of effort to create – it means watching the footage (on the world feed but also on the seperate channels that have more radio messages) several times and transcribing all of it @esploratore

          1. Ah, ok, thanks, @bascb. A shame, all other websites I check have very little in comparison to f1 fanatic, and that includes the videos about team radio the official channel makes.

      2. @keithcollantine – fair point Keith, I withdraw my comment and apologise to you.

      3. @keithcollantine
        I’m a racefan. I’m not a fan of music industry related gossip.
        It would be relevant F1 news if Lewis announced “I’m launching a second career” or Mercedes painted their cars gold with “buy the new album” branding.

        Now all there is is someone at a press conference asking Lewis: would you comment on your musical aspirations? And Lewis says: “No. I only talk about racing.”
        And then Dieter and you, two well informed racing journalists, write this article.

      4. @keithcollantine
        Of course. Just disappointed to see this story seen as it doesn’t seem to be about Motorsport. I guess maybe some of us hope to nip this in the bud and cling on to the old F1F style but totally understand it’s down to you! Hamilton singing music lyrics as a headline seems a bit odd that’s all (maybe one for the round up) but then some might enjoy it I guess. Who am I to criticise!

      5. Hi, @keithcollantine. You are right: it is not constructive to critisize without good explanations. I will try to explain: I believe you are in danger of watering down the magnificent value that RaceFans contributes to the F1 sports press. You are, in my opinion, the best and have been for quite a while now. With the addition of Dieter, you are shooting even higher. But this site is about F1, not gossip. I know you are a British site – hence the urge to comment on anything media related to Hamilton – but I don’t believe it adds any benefit to this site; the opposite, in fact, because it dilutes the seriousness of this publication. If you are going to go with articles on Lewis’ music career, then you should also comment on who Perez or Verstappen are dating, no? It’s all irrelevant to the subject which we are interested in. Keep to F1 and let The Sun comment on the bull. It sounds incredibly harsh, but do be honest: you are above this.

  15. Fair play to him I say. Yes it sounds garbage using autotune, but he co-wrote it. I’ve heard worse. I get his “still i rise” from Tupac.. So I respect Lewis.

    Still hope Seb gets it.

  16. Sign the Merc contract, Lewis. Don’t quit your day job just yet.

  17. Does sound like Lewis yeah. Looks like he might be making better music than Jacques Villeneuve, so that is something. How often has Hamiltion mentioned that he would like to do music once he does hang up the helmet? Therefore this is certainly significant, and as Ian Dearing mentions, it was recieved well.

    For all who don’t like the article, it says clearly in the title what it is about, so you could have just stopped reading if you were not interested.

  18. Care factor is zero. Also, autotune != singing, or talent.

  19. YellowSubmarine
    29th June 2018, 7:33

    It’s obviously Lewis. To those moaning about this article being on this site – did someone force you to read it? Articles have headlines for a reason. If you saw the headline and went ahead to read the article and even had the time to comment on it, cut the pretend objections. If you don’t like the subject matter, read the headline and give the article a skip.
    Quit whingeing like Alonso.

    1. Ok, sorry!

  20. Peppermint-Lemon (@)
    29th June 2018, 7:59

    The developers behind the autotune software used had their hands full with that one. Still didn’t make his voice sound good.

    The lyrics are ridiculous and should not be aimed at younger listeners… Not setting a good example at all.

    He should be embarrassed.

  21. I am ok with this article, got a good laugh out of it and I wouldn’t have probably found out about it otherwise. The lyrics are hilariously awful, just wow. Like others have said you can always just skim the headlines and then open up the article andread what you like, not every article on Racefans ‘has’ to be read.

  22. Fantastic song, mostly because of Xtina, but Lewis was good too

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