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Bottas sympathises with “struggling” former team Williams

2018 Austrian Grand Prix

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Valtteri Bottas says he’s sorry to see his former team Williams struggling in Formula 1 this year.

The Mercedes driver made his F1 debut with Williams five years ago. He was released from a contract to drive for them last year in order to join Mercedes.

But Williams has suffered a troubled start to 2018. After eight races they are last in the constructors’ championship with four points.

“For sure it’s a legendary and with a lot of history in Formula 1,” Bottas told media including RaceFans at the Red Bull Ring. “So it’s not nice to see them struggling that much.

“They’re struggling even more than what we did in 2013 which was my debut year,” he added. Williams ended 2013 ninth out of 11 teams.

“I know it’s tough for everyone there going through difficult times,” Bottas continued. “Obviously they just have to keep pushing and I think everyone hopes they do well.

“It’s a nice team, nice people, I enjoyed everything with them so for sure it’d be nice to see them closer back at the top.”

Williams ended the first practice session at the Red Bull Ring with its cars in 16th and 20th positions. Lance Stroll said the team is grappling with the same problems it has faced since the season began.

“It’s a combination of things,” said Stroll. “Everything adds up the lap time. Drive-ability, balance, overall grip, it all kind of means the same thing.

“I still think we’re figuring out the same problems we’ve been trying to figure out from the beginning.”

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12 comments on “Bottas sympathises with “struggling” former team Williams”

  1. I agree. It’d indeed be nice to see them closer to the top.

    1. They’re taking sand-bagging to a new level.

  2. I think there’s a typo in the article, shouldn’t it say “It’s a combination of things,” said Stroll. “Everything adds up the lap time. Driver-ability, balance, overall grip, it all kind of means the same thing.

    1. RogerRichards
      29th June 2018, 12:44

      @hollidog I don’t think you can blame the drivers anymore given how Robert Kubica hasn’t done any better with the car.

      In Austria FP1 Kubica was struggling just as much as Stroll & Sirotkin usually do, Was slowest of all & 7-8 tenths slower than Stroll.

      Given how everyone was confident that Kubica would be faster than the 2 race drivers & he just hasn’t been at any point he’s been in the car running identical spec I think it’s clear that the race drivers are not the problem, The car is just rubbish!

      1. How do you know cars were identical? You don’t. The only way to compare Kubica performance is to let him race.

        1. Right. I looked more like Kubica was trying to develop the car.

  3. It was just perfect timing for bottas to get out of williams.

  4. Drive-ability, balance, overall grip, it all kind of means the same thing.

    If Stroll thinks those are basically the same thing…I’ve been wrong to give him the benefit of the doubt for a season and a third.

    1. You simply must not like the kid nor have given him the benefit of the doubt, when you choose to ignore his sentence ‘It’s a combination of things…’ and then put your own word ‘basically’ in his mouth.

    2. Somebody organize a search party to find Paddy Lowe.

  5. Sirotkin is already a faster driver than Stroll.
    But as the car is really bad and his starts are awful, he is often behind.

    In fact, the only thing Stroll can be proud of are his starts. He usually gain a few places every race.

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