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2018 Austrian Grand Prix championship points

2018 Austrian Grand Prix

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2018 Austrian Grand Prix

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15 comments on “2018 Austrian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Which among them is more reliable? Mercedes’ cars or their pit wall?

    1. So far the cars. The pit wall has failed 4 times this year already.

  2. Hulkenberg with 3 dnf’s compared to Sainz’ 0 and still 6 points ahead in the championship, easy.
    Also ridiculous how Bottas is 6th after the season he’s had.

  3. Six Ferrari engines in top ten ….

  4. Six Ferrari engines in top ten ….

  5. Such a shame to see Bottas so low in the standings.

    Verstappen is just 3 points lesser than Ricciardo! Who would have imagined that after the first 6 races of the season? If he hadn’t thrown away all those points at the start of the season, he would been right in the thick of the championship hunt this year.

    1. I don’t get it how you feel sorry for VER, he’s pretty much where he deserves to be. “Karma” affects everybody to a certain degree, in the end things are more or less even. He mentioned he’s not sorry for anything, he continues like this… although most people think there’s obviously something in his approach that needs a 2nd thought. His way of racing costed him points, others too (VET in China, for example), but also his ”on the limit” moves gained him points (like today, on behalf of RAI). Bottas is indeed significantly lower on points than should be tho.

      1. @mg1982 How is @todfod “sorry” for VES?

        If he hadn’t thrown away all those points

      2. @mg1982

        As @davidnotcoulthard mentioned, I’m not sorry for him. Just mentioning his early season blunders made him throw away a WDC challenge.

    2. he was named crashtappen for reason, he isn t just there for no reason, he did himself the damage

  6. As usual Alonso punching above the capabilities of car, coming up to finish in 8th after starting in pit lane that’s mighty impressive.

    1. at least 3 retirements in front otherwise no points. Impressive but also fortunate to be in points.

  7. Good that the champs are still alive, but I think in the end Mercedes will easily prevail in the WCC. Ferrari and VET better get act together if they want to keep their chances alive, ’cause in the final part of the season might be their turn to lose precious points because of tech penalties or DNFs.

  8. If he hadn’t had those two retirements, Kimi would be well in the championship hunt…

  9. Grosjean finds that points are like busses. You wait 9 races, then 12 show up!

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