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2018 Austrian Grand Prix race result

2018 Austrian Grand Prix

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133Max VerstappenRed Bull-TAG Heuer
27Kimi RaikkonenFerrari
35Sebastian VettelFerrari
48Romain GrosjeanHaas-Ferrari
520Kevin MagnussenHaas-Ferrari
631Esteban OconForce India-Mercedes
711Sergio PerezForce India-Mercedes
814Fernando AlonsoMcLaren-Renault
916Charles LeclercSauber-Ferrari
109Marcus EricssonSauber-Ferrari
1110Pierre GaslyToro Rosso-Honda
1255Carlos Sainz JnrRenault
1335Sergey SirotkinWilliams-Mercedes
1418Lance StrollWilliams-Mercedes
152Stoffel VandoorneMcLaren-Renault

Not classified: Nico Hulkenberg, Valtteri Bottas, Daniel Ricciardo, Brendon Hartley, Lewis Hamilton

2018 Austrian Grand Prix

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18 comments on “2018 Austrian Grand Prix race result”

  1. Grosjean finally managed to finish in the top-10. About time.

  2. Grosjean made a big leap in the points! Ad did Max. Good thing Ferrari gave kimi the chance to try and catch max instead of swapping him early to give Vettel those few points extra.

    Oh, and did Ericsson really stay behind Leclerc? I thought he got ahead – or did Sauber switch them back around again.

    During the race I was wondering whether both Mercedes had engine issues
    (thinking about the reasons why they did not introduce the latest engine earlier), but in the end it was Hamilton with fuel pickup issues and Bottas with hydraulics problems. Still, a painfull blow to them.

    1. Good thing Ferrari gave kimi the chance to try and catch max instead of swapping him early to give Vettel those few points extra.

      While true, I wonder if Vettel could have done it at a quicker rate, and then actually have a chance at passing Verstappen for the lead. If not, they could have swapped the places before the end and hand the 2nd place to Raikkonen. Similar to the situation between Hamilton and Bottas in Hungary last year (if I’m not mistaken).

      1. Seeing how Vettel never really got closer (apart from when both Kimi and Lewis were stuck behind Ricciardo earlier in the race) I don’t think he would have done better @toiago.

        1. That’s a fair point @bascb.

    2. did Ericsson really stay behind Leclerc? I thought he got ahead

      I thought Ericsson only got ahead in after the lap 1 off. LeClerc led Ericsson when they overtook Gasly, @bascb.

      I don’t understand Ocon Perez though. Perez overtook Ocon towards the end quite easily (with fresher tyres), but in the final classification Ocon is again ahead. Did they swap them back.

      1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
        1st July 2018, 17:16

        Yes they let Perez ahead with the fresher rubber to go after Magnussen and swapped them back when he didn’t get him

      2. im pretty sure i saw ericsson overtaking leclerc with 1 lap remaining or less, im wondering what happened

        1. forget it.. just checked the race replay… it was team orders to give marcus a chance on alonso, but they swapped back

          1. Ah, right, that makes sense then @j3d89

      3. Yeah, I know Leclerc was ahead when they both passed Gasly, but Ericsson was clearly faster since he had much newer tyres towards the end of the race. I also thought I saw him ahead on track on a few shots, but either I was mistaken, or Sauber did the same as FI did with Ocon and Perez (as @fullcoursecaution mentions) @coldfly.

    3. Come on, man, it’s ridiculous to read these kind of comments over and over again… When did they swap places in similar situations in the last 2 years?!

      1. every time there was such a situation. OR Ferrari had kimi stay out so long to block Bottas, or Hamilton (or whoever was there to block) that he dropped down the order like a stone.

  3. Good win for Verstappen, Ferrari left their run a little late I think. What is going on with Merc two retirements in one race is not very Mercedes like. Disappointing for Ricciardo, first his tyers then a Hydraulic or mechanical failure. Alonso finished in the points well done.

  4. as usual, Austria is more of an intra-team battle than anything elseā€¦

  5. Of course 3 front runners retire, Hulk also retires, losing probably 8 points, and a bunch to Magnussen and Alonso. Awesome.

  6. Nice of someone else to get a bit of luck ..other than Hamilton

  7. Entertaining?

    Mercedes some how manages to shoot themselves in the ass, as both drivers over-drive their new engines into early retirements. Did I call it, or what?

    Like I said, if Mercedes loses this year’s championship they will only have themselves to blame.

    Still, at least Red Bull managed their first win on their home track?!

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