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Russell takes championship lead from Norris as Markelov wins

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Artem Markelov took a straightforward victory in the Formula Two sprint race at the Red Bull Ring, finishing over five seconds ahead of George Russell.

The Russian Time driver was never troubled for the lead, which he held from the start of the race. As was the case yesterday, the race began behind the Safety Car due to ongoing concerns about drivers stalling the new generation F2 car.

Yesterday’s winner Russell worked his way up from eighth on the grid to finish second and take the lead in the drivers’ championship. Lando Norris, who had led point standings since the season began, had a difficult race and slipped out of the points in the latter stages.

The podium was completed by Sergio Sette Camara, who passed Markelov’s team mate Tadasuke Makino late in the race. Antonio Fuoco and Alexander Albon later demoted Makino to sixth. Santino Ferrucci and Nicholas Latifi completed the points scorers. Norris came in 11th behind Nieri Fukuzumi and Arjun Maini.

A late clash between Sean Gelael and Louis Deletraz produced the race’s only retirements.

At the halfway stage in the championship Russell now leads the standings on 132 points. Norris is 10 points behind and Markelov 38 adrift of the new leader.

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5 comments on “Russell takes championship lead from Norris as Markelov wins”

  1. Norris was incredible: immense pace, great battles. It’s a shame that his car gave up on the first lap. Without the problems he would easily be first with 10-second gap to second place.
    PS: the problem lies between the steering wheel and the seat.

    1. Syviat, honest question are you a failure from some junior series where Norris beat you? you seem to have a massive chip on your shoulder and it’s not very edifying.

  2. Really wish Markelov had better qualifying performances. Surely would be leading the title, best driver on the grid, kinda hope Ricciardo goes elsewhere so Sainz goes to Red Bull, and then Markelov goes to Renault. I almost feel like he doesn’t try in qualifying so he can come through the field in the race. Even with the poor qualifyings, you take out the 2 engine failures at Baku, and he’s right up there with Russell and Norris.
    On Russell and Norris, I do think Russell is the better driver currently, although he is 2 years older. At the same stage in Russell’s career at Norris’ age, he was finishing 3rd in F3.

    1. @hugh11 Markelov is into his fifth season in GP2….he is quick at times, but really five seasons in, his experience is far beyond any of this seasons Rookie Drivers.

    2. He’s far more experienced and If he was the better driver he would do better in qualyfing. And it’s difficult to calculate luck factors, Camara, for example, lost a entire weekend, a second place, and had 2 bad pit stops and car’s problems also 2 times If I remember well.

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