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Weekend Racing Wrap: Super GT, NASCAR and WRX

Weekend Racing Wrap

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Catch up on video highlights of last weekend’s racing action in Weekend Racing Wrap including a dramatic NASCAR finish in Chicago, success for ex-F1 drivers in Super GT and a controversial finale in the World Rallycross Championship.

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Super GT

Super GT made its fifth visit to the Buriram circuit in Thailand. Former IndyCar racer Hideki Mutoh and Daisuke Nakajima took pole position in their Honda NSX.

World Rallycross Championship

Johan Kristoffersson arrived at his home round having won four of the first five rounds of the World Rallycross Championship.


The 17th race of the 2018 NASCAR series – still one race shy of halfway through the championship – began with Paul Menard on pole position for a 267-lap encounter at Chicagoland.

Also last weekend

Marc Marquez scored his fourth Moto GP victory of 2018 in a thrilling encounter at Assen. The Honda rider now holds a 41-point lead over Valentino Rossi in the standings.

Max Verstappen scored his first Formula 1 victory of 2018 after both Mercedes hit trouble in the Austrian Grand Prix.

In the support races, George Russell took the lead of the Formula Two championship after winning on Saturday and finishing runner-up to Artem Markelov on Sunday. Callum Ilott took his second consecutive GP3 win on Saturday and kept his lead in the championship after Jake Hugher triumphed in the second race.

Over to you

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Next weekend’s racing

F1 concludes its triple-header of races at Silverstone this weekend, supported by F2 and GP3 again. Elsewhere IndyCar heads to the Iowa oval, Euroformula Open will race at the Hungaroring and NASCAR returns to Daytona for its second race at the track this year.

Weekend Racing Wrap

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9 comments on “Weekend Racing Wrap: Super GT, NASCAR and WRX”

  1. I made the mistake of watching the Moto GP race before the Austrian GP. The MotoGP race was so good it made a decent F1 race appear to be rather average.

  2. Busch’s fifth win of the year means he now has as many wins as team mate Kevin Harvick.

    Just thought I’d correct this. Kurt, not Kyle, is Kevin Harvick’s teammate

    1. @dersdrums Curse those similarly-named Busch boys!

      Fixed it, thanks.

      1. @keithcollantine
        You still have him listed as a Stewart-Haas driver. Kyle drives for Joe Gibbs Racing.

  3. Don’t forget, George Russell (Mercedes F1 reserve driver) has overtaken Lando Norris (McLaren F1 protégé) in the Formula 2 championship after winning the feature race and coming 2nd in the sprint race in Austria this weekend. It’s the first time this season Norris hasn’t topped the rankings. Russell also won the previous feature race so he seems to have found his groove in the series. He’s a rookie but is the reigning GP3 champion. He might ‘do a Leclerc’ and win both titles in consecutive seasons.

    1. @bealzbob That’s already in the article.

      1. Oops! :) Thanks @keithcollantine

  4. The #DutchGP was so good, that I forgot all the #F1 races of the decade.

    BTW, It was rated 9.7/10 the best and just ahead of the 2016 Australian GP (9.5) 👏🏻👏🏻

  5. FlyingLobster27
    2nd July 2018, 19:45

    There was an amusing remark to be made about that Super GT race in Thailand, the Le Mans 24 Hours and two Toyota drivers. After making the pit blunder that ended the fight for victory in France two weeks ago, Kamui Kobayashi benefitted from a fuel blunder by Team TOM’S. The car co-driven by Kazuki Nakajima stopped on the final lap, letting SARD off the hook…

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