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Hamilton leads final practice after heavy crash for Hartley

2018 British Grand Prix third practice

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Lewis Hamilton set the quickest time in the final practice session ahead of qualifying for the British Grand Prix.

The Mercedes driver set the fastest time of the weekend so far, lapping Silverstone in 1’26.722, just over a tenth of a second slower than his pole position lap at the circuit 12 months ago. However the Ferraris looked threatening as the track temperature rose to 44C. Kimi Raikkonen ended the session within a tenth of a second of Hamilton’s time.

Their team mates came next, though Valtteri Bottas was over six-tenths of a second slower than Hamilton. It was much closer between the Red Bull pair in fifth and sixth positions, Max Verstappen ahead by just six-thousandths of a second.

The hour-long session was heavily disrupted after Brendon Hartley crashed heavily at Brooklands. The Toro Rosso suffered a major suspension failure at the front of the car which pitched him off the track and into the barrier.

Hartley was taken to the medical centre and the FIA subsequently announced he is fit to resume driving. However he is unlikely to have a car to drive in the upcoming qualifying session.

His team mate Pierre Gasly took no further part in the session as the team began investigating the cause of Hartley’s sudden failure.

Sauber’s Charles Leclerc led the midfield with a time just one-tenth of a second slower than the Red Bull drivers. The Haas pair were next, followed by the second Sauber of Marcus Ericsson.

Esteban Ocon, who went off at the high-speed Abbey corner earlier in the session, missed out on a place in the top 10 by a tenth of a second. The quickest McLaren was Fernando Alonso’s in 13th place, just two-hundredths of a second ahead of Nico Hulkenberg, the leading Renault driver.

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Pos.No.DriverCarBest lapGapLaps
144Lewis HamiltonMercedes1’26.72215
27Kimi RaikkonenFerrari1’26.8150.09314
377Valtteri BottasMercedes1’27.3640.64217
45Sebastian VettelFerrari1’27.8511.1298
533Max VerstappenRed Bull-TAG Heuer1’28.0121.29022
63Daniel RicciardoRed Bull-TAG Heuer1’28.0181.29615
716Charles LeclercSauber-Ferrari1’28.1461.42418
820Kevin MagnussenHaas-Ferrari1’28.4181.69616
98Romain GrosjeanHaas-Ferrari1’28.5541.83218
109Marcus EricssonSauber-Ferrari1’28.8142.09217
1131Esteban OconForce India-Mercedes1’28.9172.19514
1211Sergio PerezForce India-Mercedes1’29.0662.34415
1314Fernando AlonsoMcLaren-Renault1’29.0702.34817
1427Nico HulkenbergRenault1’29.0942.37212
1555Carlos Sainz JnrRenault1’29.1332.41115
1618Lance StrollWilliams-Mercedes1’29.8293.10713
1735Sergey SirotkinWilliams-Mercedes1’29.9843.26217
182Stoffel VandoorneMcLaren-Renault1’30.0043.28217
1910Pierre GaslyToro Rosso-Honda1’30.0503.3284
2028Brendon HartleyToro Rosso-Honda

Third practice visual gaps

Lewis Hamilton – 1’26.722

+0.093 Kimi Raikkonen – 1’26.815

+0.642 Valtteri Bottas – 1’27.364

+1.129 Sebastian Vettel – 1’27.851

+1.290 Max Verstappen – 1’28.012

+1.296 Daniel Ricciardo – 1’28.018

+1.424 Charles Leclerc – 1’28.146

+1.696 Kevin Magnussen – 1’28.418

+1.832 Romain Grosjean – 1’28.554

+2.092 Marcus Ericsson – 1’28.814

+2.195 Esteban Ocon – 1’28.917

+2.344 Sergio Perez – 1’29.066

+2.348 Fernando Alonso – 1’29.070

+2.372 Nico Hulkenberg – 1’29.094

+2.411 Carlos Sainz Jnr – 1’29.133

+3.107 Lance Stroll – 1’29.829

+3.262 Sergey Sirotkin – 1’29.984

+3.282 Stoffel Vandoorne – 1’30.004

+3.328 Pierre Gasly – 1’30.050

Drivers more then ten seconds off the pace omitted.

PosDriverCarFP1FP2FP3Fri/Sat diffTotal laps
1Lewis HamiltonMercedes1’27.4871’27.7391’26.722-0.76571
2Kimi RaikkonenFerrari1’28.2181’28.0451’26.815-1.2372
3Valtteri BottasMercedes1’27.8541’27.9091’27.364-0.4973
4Sebastian VettelFerrari1’27.9981’27.5521’27.851+0.29965
5Max VerstappenRed Bull-TAG Heuer1’28.3251’28.012-0.31348
6Daniel RicciardoRed Bull-TAG Heuer1’28.1441’28.4081’28.018-0.12676
7Charles LeclercSauber-Ferrari1’30.0271’29.5571’28.146-1.41175
8Kevin MagnussenHaas-Ferrari1’30.0651’29.6171’28.418-1.19969
9Romain GrosjeanHaas-Ferrari1’29.3521’28.554-0.79830
10Marcus EricssonSauber-Ferrari1’29.9421’30.0461’28.814-1.12874
11Esteban OconForce India-Mercedes1’29.8151’29.4671’28.917-0.5571
12Sergio PerezForce India-Mercedes1’29.8121’29.5221’29.066-0.45670
13Fernando AlonsoMcLaren-Renault1’30.3221’29.3061’29.070-0.23667
14Nico HulkenbergRenault1’30.7011’29.3541’29.094-0.2665
15Carlos Sainz JnrRenault1’30.3581’29.5631’29.133-0.4373
16Lance StrollWilliams-Mercedes1’29.8781’30.0691’29.829-0.04972
17Pierre GaslyToro Rosso-Honda1’30.0041’29.8311’30.050+0.21951
18Sergey SirotkinWilliams-Mercedes1’31.0171’30.1031’29.984-0.11975
19Stoffel VandoorneMcLaren-Renault1’30.4161’30.1211’30.004-0.11773
20Brendon HartleyToro Rosso-Honda1’30.7491’30.40469

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15 comments on “Hamilton leads final practice after heavy crash for Hartley”

  1. Just beat the outright lap record already. BTW, The third crash of the weekend in as many sessions already.

  2. Sauber’s heading the midfield already? Not bad.

    1. They’ve improved for sure, but I think this circuit is also flattering the Ferrari PU when compared to Sauber’s Renault-powered competition. @pratyushp276

      1. Leading the Haases though.
        Improvement indeed at Sauber. McLaren should get done training from them.

      2. @phylip: I know almost nothing about engines, so I didn’t know that was even possible. I understand that different chassis are faster in different races due to their aerodynamic configuration, but how does that work for PUs? I thought with PUs it was a simple case of “the most powerful one goes faster”, and that would apply to any circuit. Can you explain?

        1. It, ‘s not only power but the way the power is delivered to the components. Every race they try to find a setting fitting with the circuit. A very elastic engine offers the best tuning options.

  3. What’s with Vettel, btw? After his initial runs, we didn’t see him on track at all, did we?

    1. You are correct, we didn’t. Apparently, according to @bosyber, he is suffering with neck problems.

      1. @gufdamm – many thanks, I wouldn’t have guessed that, if anything I’d have thought car issues :-)

        1. Did Sky mention it by now too? As I said in the live session; I heard it via the F1 live app on my phone (which is, I think, bbc radio5?)

  4. Feel sorryfor Hartley. He can’t catch a break. Watching that suspension just buckle was bizarre.

    1. That was quite scary, when the car started to role it made me very nervous, fortunately it deeped in the sand and Hartley emerged unscathed.

      It reminded me of Buemi in China when he had the double suspension failure.

      Do wr know if STR will participate on qualifying @keithcollantine?

      1. We just heard that Gasly will, after they did work on the suspension @johnmilk

  5. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
    7th July 2018, 14:31

    For US viewers, is anyone else upset that ESPN are airing the Qualifying live on a different channel for the British GP? They normally show it on one of their main ESPN channels and sometimes on one of the main network channels but today it’s on ESPN News. Even worse, their ESPN app is not letting me watch it or stream it either…

    Apparently, this is an extra channel by ESPN but my Verizon package doesn’t include it – I have to upgrade to the Extreme or Ultimate to get that and I just can’t justify it for a few qualifying sessions. NBC would sometimes air programs on CNBC instead of MSNBC but at least it was part of the package.

    Liberty Media and ESPN are busy putting the final nails on this sport and what a job they’re doing. I find myself watching all 3 races of MotoGP and fast forwarding through F1’s races.

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