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2018 British Grand Prix championship points

2018 British Grand Prix

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8 comments on “2018 British Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Sirotkin still the only driver with zero points. I think he’s going to finish the season like that although he still has approximately half season to achieve his first point(s).

    1. That’s an easy pick given how far from the pack Williams is at the moment. They are by far the worst team and it’s quit probable that Stroll is not going to score any other point either.

  2. Whoa, last week’s double DNF for Mercedes has ended up flattering Kimi greatly.

    1. How so? Kimi already has 2 DNFs with no fault of his own. He could easily have 20-30 points more.

  3. Alonso keeps chipping away. Stoff really needs to pick up his game.

    Haas are easily the 4th fastest team, and yet Grosjean only has 12 points. Says a lot about how important the quality of driver is.

    1. GRO failed to get many points, but Haas was the 4th fastest team – and not easily tho – only in 3 races so far: the last 2 + Australia. In some other races they’re fighting to even make it to Q2.

      1. @mg1982 Spain they were 4th fastest. Azerbaijan they were probably up there with Force India.

    2. @jaymenon10 – good observation about Alonso. While his team still seems to have delusions of grandeur, Alonso keeps it clean and sneaks in a few points here and there, while his younger compatriots get too eager and DNF.

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