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Vettel grabs win from Bottas after Hamilton and Raikkonen tangle

2018 British Grand Prix summary

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Sebastian Vettel took victory in the British Grand Prix ahead of Lewis Hamilton after a thrilling late battle between Vettel and Valtteri Bottas.

The Ferrari driver made a decisive move for the lead late in the race to pass Valtteri Bottas, with Lewis Hamilton taking second despite an opening lap clash with Kimi Raikkonen saw him drop to the rear.

Raikkonen took the final podium position, with Bottas and Ricciardo behind.

A dramatic start saw Vettel get a jump on Hamilton, sweeping through into the lead into Abbey as Valtteri Bottas also passed his team mate. Kimi Raikkonen fought to take third from Hamilton under braking for Village, but the Ferrari locked up and collided with the Mercedes.

The resulting spin dropped Hamilton to the rear of the field with the Mercedes driver reporting damage to the right rear of his W09. Raikkonen was awarded a 10 second time penalty for the collision.

Vettel led the early phase from Bottas, with Max Verstappen in third, Raikkonen and Daniel Ricciardo. By lap 11, Hamilton had already worked his way back up to sixth place.

After the first round of stops had concluded, Vettel resumed the lead from Bottas, with the two Red Bulls now ahead of Raikkonen, who briefly went off track at Abbey after a moment of oversteer.

Red Bull pitted Ricciardo for a second time, but strategy was turned its head when Marcus Ericsson spun into the barriers at Abbey, bringing out the Safety Car.

Vettel pitted from the lead along with team mate Raikkonen for fresh soft tyres, promoting Bottas into the lead of the grand prix. As the race restarted with 15 laps remaining, Bottas led from Vettel, Hamilton, Verstappen, Raikkonen and Ricciardo in sixth.

Raikkonen passed Verstappen into Brooklands, but Verstappen was able to re-pass the Ferrari around the outside of Luffield and hold on to fourth.

The Safety Car was then deployed for a second time after a high-speed collision between Romain Grosjean and Carlos Sainz at Copse. Both drivers were able to climb out of their cars apparently unharmed.

The race resumed once more with 11 laps remaining, with Bottas again leading from Vettel with Hamilton ahead of Raikkonen, who quickly passed Verstappen for fourth.

Vettel began to put Bottas under severe pressure for the lead, trying to pass the Mercedes around the outside of Luffield, but Bottas was able to successfully defend.

With six laps remaining, Vettel saw another opportunity and dived down the inside of Bottas into Brooklands, taking the lead in decisive fashion. Hamilton quickly followed through by passing his team mate, with Bottas then losing another place to Raikkonen.

Vettel was untroubled over the remaining laps and took his fourth victory of the 2018 season. Hamilton crossed the line two seconds behind with Raikkonen in third.

Bottas took fourth ahead of Ricciardo in fifth, with Verstappen retiring late in the race. Nico Hulkenberg, Esteban Ocon, Fernando Alonso, Kevin Magnussen and Pierre Gasly rounded out the points.

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2018 British Grand Prix reaction

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96 comments on “Vettel grabs win from Bottas after Hamilton and Raikkonen tangle”

  1. “Vettel can’t overtake” – competitors from 2010-2013.

    1. Some realism needed .. Ferrari on NEW soft tyres 1 second faster per lap while Bottas on 30 lap old mediums (1 sec slower per lap).

      1. New?
        10laps old

        1. New .. Ferrari pitted both for NEW Softs under safety car.

          1. New 10 laps old lol

          2. BOT pitted on lap 22
            First SC came on lap 32, Ferrari and REd Bull pitted
            Second restart was on lap 42

            Tell me about 30 laps old medium vs new softs

          3. So Vettel still can’t overtake? @mcs1 you were one of ‘those’ fans huh? sad.

          4. Vettel crashed into Bottas trying to overtake previously. Now he has NEW Soft tyres vs very old medium tyres and you seem to think he is the greatest overtaker … lol

          5. @mcs1

            Vettel crashed into Bottas trying to overtake previously

            So? HAM tried to ovetake ROS and crashed into him previously, and that’s not mentioning his contacts with MAS in 2011 (for which he was actually penalised). Doesn’t quite make me think less of him as an overtaker.


            you were one of ‘those’ fans huh? sad.

            Aren’t you yourself?

          6. Very old medium tires???
            27 laps old, partly behind safety cär. Almost just rubbed in.

          7. @mcs1
            If you belive Bottas tyres where 30 laps old when Ferrari pitted for new softs you either are so heavily biased towards Bottas that logic is thrown out of the window or you need to completly redo your maths.

          8. @davidnotcoulthard Lol, no I’m not one of the fans that said “SV can’t overtake and can only win from the front row”. I’m not a blind macaw. I’ve realized his talent since 08

    2. Vettel is a champion. He can overtake anybody.
      Lewis sore looser… Bottas cannot help him.
      Poor baby…

    3. “Vettel can’t overtake” – me watching Vettel clumsily crash into Bottas on lap 1 in France

    4. Yeah, had he missed that turn and ended up behind both mercs and Kimi people would’ve called him stupid. I appreciate his attitude, always going for a gap, and yes, I am one of those guys quoting Senna, and quite proud of doing so. Seb was perfect today and that’s how he should be if he wants to win the crown this year. Great racing.

  2. 10 Seconds Vs., 5 seconds for a similar incident, LOL.

    1. Yep favouring Crashttel again.

      1. Oh Really? Saw the respective Merc drivers that got hit? Notice anything?

        1. Kimmi admitted a 10 sec penalty was right .. shame Vettel is as honest.

        2. Andrew in Atlanta
          8th July 2018, 16:00

          Yeah, he is the chosen cry baby and a whiner to the extreme. His car was NOT broken but for laps all you heard was him crying, as he passed everyone wherever her wanted, that his car was broken and the team telling him it was fine. I’m done with both LH and SV and their crying. We get it, you think you’re the best but you wouldn’t even be in an F1 car even 20 years ago with your lack of understanding of your own car under you. Just drive the damn car and leave the setup to the professionals

      2. Crashttle? Ooof, that’s a bit forced.

        Should’ve gone for “SebCRASHtian”

    2. 10 seconds might have cost a championship. Those penalties are very light….

    3. Andrew in Atlanta
      8th July 2018, 15:58

      Exactly, turned it off after that bs. And now it seems the spin did NOTHING to LH’s finishing place. Vettel had him by car lengths at the start and seems like he could do anything he wanted with the Ferrari. And nothing like this track to show there’s F1 and Formula1.5 and it’s not even close. Monza and Spa will be a bore beyond belief and only variable will be hot vs cool for who is out in front. Thankfully I gave LM my 100 bucks earlier this season to prob not watch much more of the season, think they needed it more than I do.

    4. I guess the difference was that Vettel disadvantaged himself as well in Le Castellet, while Räikkönen didn’t significantly lose ground after colliding with Hamilton.
      That being said, I thought today’s incident was closer to a racing incident.

    5. Exactly my thought when I heard Raikkonen got a 10 second penalty. The incident didn’t look that different from the collision Vettel had with Bottas at Paul Richard. Can’t wait to hear the rationale from the FIA why Raikkonen got a bigger penalty than Vettel. Though to be honest the rationale the FIA gave for apparent inconsistencies in penalties for similar incidents didn’t quite convince me, but that might be just me.

      1. It’s obvious isn’t it? After the Vettel Bottas incident Vettel was already penalised in part by having to rejoin at the back of the grid, after the Rai/ham incident, Kimi hadn’t lost so much ground so got a harsher penalty.

        1. That makes waaay too much sense for the Shamilton fans here to digest

  3. Great race :D Found myself shouting and cheering at the battles on track between the top 4 in the closing stages. Intriguing safety car initiated tyre strategies which spiced up the race to lead to that, but still, incredibly exciting none the less.

  4. Earthquake1965
    8th July 2018, 15:53

    Hmmmm , Vettel on Bottas previous race . Raikkonen on Hamilton this race . Come on FIA , get your act together . Oh i forgot . Ferrari International Assistance says it all .

  5. Truly disappointed for Max but that’s racing.

    This time the SC didn’t help him and his car failed at the end. I’m curious what happened to him.

    1. @anunaki Yeah feel the same way. Still watching the post-race coverage but sounded like Max’s car got stuck in 4th gear.

    2. Brake by wire failure… complained about his brakes from lap 1 on

      1. Ah, the oranges and their made up facts.

  6. Bronze arrrows
    8th July 2018, 15:56

    Team orders Toto. Tut tut.

  7. Ferrari ilk booed on podium which was well deserved today.

    1. No booing should be condoned.

      1. Why? Booing is totally fair if people deserve the booing, or if at least there’s a case to be made for the booing.
        I don’t think Raikkonen crashed Vettel on purpose, but I can definitely understand that people would be unhappy with the result.
        I’m not, screw Hamilton, I hope he catches a cold.

        1. This is a drunk troll.

        2. @nathanbuilder No, I believe it would take something truly awful to justify booing for sportspeople. They are performing under immense pressure driving cars at speeds of over 200kph in close proximity to other cars, and mistakes can obviously happen. If Raikkonen had completely rammed into Hamilton with the intention of murdering him, then yes, booing is justified (probably jail time as well). But in this case, absolutely not. The reason for the booing was simply because they took out their favorite driver. If Raikkonen had done that to Marcus Ericsson, you think people would give a damn?

          1. Well, if a person believes Raikkonen willingly took out Hamilton, isn’t that something truly awful?

          2. From perspective of fans at race track all they saw is someone hitting their favourite driver and still stand on podium. Atleast it’s not like at Italian GP(for F1 and MotoGP) everyone gets booed who is not driving for Ferrari or is Valentino Rossi.

          3. They’re booing because, like Hamilton, they don’t want to accept a lose and would rather come up with some absurd conspiracy about how it’s all rigged.
            There was a mistake by Kimi, Hamilton paid the price, unfortunately. Move on. Stop sulking and coming up with bs theories about why your man couldn’t hack it, put your big boy pants on and man up for the rest of the season.

      2. Generally yes booing is wrong in cases of crass fanboys do it when their favourite team/driver dont win(Italian fanboys pop into head as they boo when non-Ferrari drivers wins Italian or in motogp when anyone except Rossi wins Italian GP) but in cases like today where deliberately a rival being was taken out by unfair techniques then booing is deserved. Also Ferrari drivers seems to have this habit of crashing into their rivals on track on purpose(Mexico 2017, Spain 1997 pop into head). Even Rosberg was booed after belgian GP where crashed into Hamilton on purpose.

  8. Good race. To bad the Red bulls where so far off and the Saubers missfortune.

    At least Ericssons crash spiced up the race by bringing up Hamilton and the Red Bulls. I do wonder what kind of brainmelt he had to not close his DRS, hopefully it was a mechanical error.

    Hamilton being a really bad loser didnt do much for him at his home gp either.

    1. Also Max mechanic retirement was a downer, he had some great battles and the only one who could challenge the top 4.

  9. Exciting race after the second safety car period.. Really happy as vettel won, but exceptional comeback from hamilton and a A+ performance from Kimi too..

  10. Another great race, another bunch of drivers driving to the absolute fullest of their potential. Wonder what happened to Verstappen with that off then being passed, then that spin, then that retirement… And what could Ric have done, before the safety car he was catching the entire field ahead of him. Four drivers scrapping for the win within two seconds of each other in the last few laps, but wouldn’t it be better if it could be six?

    1. Wonder what happened to Verstappen with that off then being passed, then that spin, then that retirement…

      This race was so packed with action that a retirement from 4th place wasn’t even explained via Team Radio or by replays. It seems he suffered a gearbox (Crofty mentioned briefly something about a stuck 4th gear) or brake by wire issue… maybe both.

  11. Out of all the races I could have missed this season…it simply had to be one of the best that we’ve seen this season, and probably will see this season. Gotta catch up on the highlights.

    1. you should watch the whole race, not just the highlights, it was that good! Too bad you already know the outcome, but seeing it live it was an “edge of your seat” kind of race almost the entire 52 laps: messy 1st lap, comeback from last place, high-speed crashes, SC, pass for the lead a couple of laps to go… you name it.

  12. Miltiadis (@miltosgreekfan)
    8th July 2018, 16:04

    A very nice race!
    The safety car made for a good, unpredictable show where some stratestic mistakes by Mercedes played a huge role in the finale.
    For me it was a no brainer that they boxed Bottas for fresh softs. He would emerge in P2,if im no mistaken, with super fresh soft ready to put pressure on Vettel…
    Good recovery by Hamilton, Kimi made many mistakes as usual (race start, DRS mistake, overtaken by an underpowered RBR). Terrible management by Red Bull on Ricciardo, he’ll be throughtoutly angry…
    Solid job by Hulkenberg-Alonso, Haas was unlucky at the start but Grosjean is doing everything he can to not get a contract extention.

    1. @miltosgreekfan Bottas didn’t have fresh softs left. That’s whey they didn’t pit him.

      1. Miltiadis (@miltosgreekfan)
        8th July 2018, 16:23

        @huhhii he was in the same situation with Ricciarco when they re-boxed him.
        A set of used soft(around 3-4 laps usage) would have been much better than staying in 25 old mediums

  13. Max had a brake-by-wire issue (for those wondering) which is a shame, he looked to be going well and his defence against Kimi was probably the moment of the race. Good one by Vettel, though, beating Lewis at home. Let’s see if he can turn that around next race.

  14. YellowSubmarine
    8th July 2018, 16:11

    Interesting race. Steward inconsistency worrying, as it seems they look at more than just the incident on the track when deciding penalties. Makes you wonder. Great race for vettel, strange Mercedes strategy for Bottas. Astonishingly good recovery drive for Lewis from 18th to second, even if the safety cars helped. Good damage limitation.
    But what does it say about the car imbalances in f1, that one can some from dead last to second?

    1. Andrew in Atlanta
      8th July 2018, 16:27

      It says close down all teams other than MB, Ferrari and Red Bull, there’s no chance they’ll even podium without having failures from the majority of the big 3. Makes it a pointless exercise to do anything other than what Haas is doing, buy as much as you’re allowed and save costs.

      1. If you leave out the 3 top teams then you’ve got an interesting competition as well. In fact I might consider that a more interesting competition, because of the 3 top teams RBR is clearly the weakest. RBR might get on the podium once in awhile when Ferrari and/or Mercedes have a big problem but otherwise finishing 5th or 6th is where they are.

        1. The fight between Williams and McLaren was like old days… 👹

  15. The decision to bring the safety car the first time was ridiculous – the incident was off the track and a VSC to clear it would have been sufficient. Only reason I can think is that they wanted to bring Hamilton into the race at his home GP

  16. Hulkenberg 6th and best of the rest despite the car being slower than Haas, Force India and Sauber this weekend and doing a weird medium-hard strategy. Easy. :)

    1. What about Alonso in the second worst car.

    2. When i saw him in the pits so early i was wondering what the hell they were doing and then i saw hard tyres, it was like going from the frying pan into the fire. I’m really happy he ended up in sixth, great driving as always

    3. Yeah, i didn’t thing the Renault would be very good on this track, but Hulk knows his stuff. I thought after the second restart he will be a sitting duck on his old hard tyres, but he kept it cool as always.

      Also, I’m beginning to wonder: is Hulkenberg ruining Sainz’s chances of climbing the ladder in F1? Seems to me that the “golden boy” status is starting to wear off for SAI (same for Vandoorne).

  17. Levente (@leventebandi)
    8th July 2018, 16:41

    It was a really ambivalent race I think.
    There was great racing, and action, with a few thriller moments, but a few thing left a bit sour aftertaste for the race.
    For example one would wonder, how the race would have pan out without DRS. The Vettel – Bottas duel could have been a Schumi vs Alonso @ Imola level fight, but after all, DRS helped to make settle it after 4 laps.
    Also the Hamilton recovery was absurd, in a bad way. Of course he is one of the best of his generation, but the catchup was awful to watch. The passes were mostly highway passes, as the Mercedes was quick like hell, even helped with the DRS. Nobody fighted with him, because everyone knew it was futile, being in the F1 1st class car, versus the Formula1 second class cars. The gap is absurd, Hulkenberg as the best of the rest being 28 seconds behind after everyone mqde at least 1 stop

    1. Yeah, agree, but sometimes it can be a lot worse. Like, for example, the winner finishing 20sec or more ahead of 2nd place and lapping everybody except top 6 or so. And, actually, if it wasn’t for the SC periods, most likely the situation at the end of the race would have been a lot closer to my examples. Would have been a lot better to have McLaren and Renault up there with RBR.

    2. Had there be no DRS, the whole race would’ve been different:
      – Lewis wouldn’t have made the dash forward in 10 laps, but would’ve been 8th just before his stop in lap 25-30, to regain the track in P12 – P14 after his stop. That’s counting on Lewis staying out as long as he did today, which probably wouldn’t have been possible without DRS, because he would’ve needed a lot more from his tires to make a pass…
      – Ferrari would’ve left Vet out and he wouldn’t have needed to fight with Bottas, because without DRS getting just as close isn’t harder, but you need to get much closer to pass, and that’s near impossible.

  18. Shocking start by Lewis but then a good recovery (albeit with some fortune).

    I don’t think Kimi crashed into Lewis deliberately. But I do think Ferrari have instructed Kimi to leave no quarter if he finds himself in a dogfight with Lewis.

    It was a tense race right till the end and this championship is far from over.

    1. Agreed another poor start from Hamilton, with explaination coming from Mercerdes. That poor start wasn’t helped with his team mate taking the position behind vettel, away from Hamilton, forcing him off line. Its seems incredible that Hamilton should keep having these poor starts!

      1. Its seems incredible that Hamilton should keep having these poor starts!

        I’d doubt that though since last time out the race-start chaos did leave him leading the race

    2. On the other hand, I somehow doubt Bottas has been instructed to make life easy for Vettel.

  19. If Toto thinks Kimi would deliberately lock up and hit Lewis, and if he thinks Kimi is an “incompetent” driver, no wonder he has trouble with strategy.

  20. Once again Vettel proved that he is the best Formula 1 post-Schumacher driver. He deserves to win his fifth championship this year.

    1. Vettel did a fine job today, pain in the neck or not :-)

      That said, whoever wins this year’s title will have earned it. The see-sawing in the lead for both titles is something we’ve not had in a very long time, and I – for one – welcome it, irrespective of whether the driver I support wins the WDC or not.

    2. @jorge-lardone A bit over-larded but he deserves the title and performance so far this year, yes. Still half a season to go though.

    3. @jorge-lardone

      Hahahaha.. man I miss your comments. You forgot to call Alonso a cheat and Hamilton a cry baby.

  21. I will take this opportunity to give some unwanted attention to a driver that has been flying a bit under the radar.

    I will just judge on the face of it, but Stoffel has been poor hans’t he? I could give him the benefit of the doubt that he is driving for McLaren and I can’t understand what the hell is going on there, but still, these performances won’t cut it.

    I will even try to influence Keith, since we are approaching the mid season rankings, amd say that he is a good candidate for the last place, a good struggler too for the RaceFans star performers, well I’m tagging you as well @keithcollantine

    1. I agree – an amount of slack has been cut for him in the past, but even now he is being badly outqualified, and not doing great in the races as well. If the McLaren were any better, his seat might be under threat, but right now the only ones eyeing his race seat would be the Williams pair and Hartley (for a change of luck).

    2. I think it’s just a terrible car and he can’t get to grips with it. Whereas we know from his Ferrari days, Alonso is the master of taking a difficult car and making it look pretty good and making his team mate look awful, Vandoorne just can’t cope. I think put him in a car like the Sauber or Renault which seem more stable, he’d be doing a lot better.
      Personally, I’d have the Williams 19th and 20th, with Vandoorne or maybe Hartley 18th.

    3. Difficult to defend a driver who doesn’t defend himself, but I’ll try anyway:
      McLaren should be renamed McAlonso, and what Alonso demands is what happens. This means new parts go to Alonso, Setup direction and car evolution dictated by Alonso. Strategy calls optimised for …
      This weekend is a perfect example: Both friday sessions, Stoffel had to do “validation runs” to find out why the car doesn’t behave like in simulation / the wind tunnel. The race and qualifying setup they would copy from Alonso.
      Alonso has a different driving style to Stoffel, and that means Stoffel is ill at ease in the car.
      Today, Gwen Lagrue was co-presentor to Gaetan Vigneron at RTBF, and he was rather blunt: Stoffel should leave this McLaren ASAP, because they’re screwing him over in any way possible, and the kid is way too nice to bite back.

      1. Can’t agree with you.
        First, I think some of your accusations about Alonso are unproven and unfair.
        Stoffel had several good races and scored points – he’s in a rut and needs to regroup.
        I think he will.

        1. It’s not an Alonso Accusation, it’s a McLaren accusation.

      2. I hope there is some truth to the rumors that he might go to Renault (if Sainz goes to Red Bull, which probably depends on Ricciardo moving).
        I don’t think he’s treated equal to Alonso. For example: Alonso received several updates earlier than Stoffel in the past. He’s had to give Alonso a tow a few times, while I don’t think he received one. It’s nice being a good teamplayer and helping out and not bad mouthing the team that’s in a bad situation. But now other teams might get the impression that he’s really slower than Alonso. He may be a little bit, but not much I think.
        The only thing he really needs to work on are his starts. Where Alonso almost every race gains a few places, Stoffel can only keep his place or loses a few. The McLaren is not fast enough to gain the places during the race as Stoffel has to do. And the aerodynamics favor keeping faster cars behind, the situation of Alonso due to his better starts.
        But in the end it’s the results that count and especially the results vs your teammate.
        As a Belgian I really hope, he can stay in Formula 1 and get the car that he deserves, because I really think he can be WC one day.

  22. Grosjean is really pushing his luck isn’t he?
    Almost ten seasons under his belt and accident prone as ever.
    This guy is helpless. His deal is done on F1.
    Could be Kimi on that car next year, who knows.

    1. I agree…Romain isn’t worthy of that seat.
      Kimi would be good there.

  23. Lewis would never have won after his bad start against a better Ferrari. Would have been 3rd at best.
    It would have been a 2-stopper anyway and Mercedes didn’t have any softs left.
    So Lewis second was a gift, because of lucky safety cars

  24. Vettel on form and luck always around. Hamilton under pressure, out of comfort zone, and still thinking about the future. It will be a tough challenge this championship. Great race. Hamilton needs to get it together. He reminds me of Nicole days…

  25. Man, I am beginning to warm up to the Idea of reverse grids.

    Every time a lead driver is behind we get a fair bit of racing going.

    To bad there were all those DRS highway passes.

    But the Meat of the story is Hamilton and Vettel just switched to a higher gear than all the others.

    There is no doubt anymore. They are in it to win the championship, helped by safety cars but still come what may Lewis finished second.

    Suprise of the race for me was Kimi. He was aggressive, racing hard, with few more laps he would have taken second…

    He was also aggressive on the start, that is a fair change, seems like he is taking a hint. He did not look like someone I would replace for 2019.

    Bottas likewise. I got a.thought while watching the race. How good would Valteri and Kimi have to be to dent their superstar teammates? I am quite certain we are seeing two alltime greats racing for their fifth star. Teammates best hang on and finish second.

  26. To anyone “not understanding the difference between the penalties given to Vettel and Raikkonen”:

  27. Califormula1fan
    8th July 2018, 21:58

    1. Grid Position
    2. Start
    3. Track position at turns 1 to 4 on 1st lap
    4. Race Pace
    5. Tire performance
    6. Mechanical Reliability
    7. Safety Car number, timing and duration
    8. Luck

    LH and Mercedes are possibly the most dominant qualifying combination on all but the lowest power circuits

    SV consistently out-performs LH on starts

    MV, RH, VB are the best at fighting for track position at the start, but their aggressive approach often ends in collisions

    Ferrari seems to have best race pace right now; that will change

    RedBull has the best tire performance among the top three, followed by Ferrari and Mercedes.

    Reliability goes to Ferrari right now

    Safety cars are randomizers; this week they favored Ferrari, who got an extra stop in over Mercedes

    Luck ran to SV this week: but luck is fickle.

    SV, MV, DR, LH and KR are all so closely matched that the random effects that introduce chaos into F1 are having a desired effect: nobody is walking away with the title yet.

    It makes for entertaining racing.

    It is of little use to say “If circumstances had been different, outcomes would have been different,”.

    Hamilton won qualifying, barely, and then lost the start. He didn’t have the race pace to beat Vettel. Given Vettel’s tire performance, there was was probably no way he was going to pass Vettel. The double safety car sealed his fate, as Ferrari got to reset their tire strategy with fresh tires.

    Hamilton was unnecessarily acting the sore loser after the race. He beat Kimi anyway and there was never really a pathway to get Vettel with the safety cars coming when they did.

  28. Vettel seemed like he was able to beat Hamilton even without the incident with Kimi.
    The Ferraris got amazing pace and speed. Hamilton, even if he did not pit he gained a lot from the safety cars.
    It was fun watching Kimi mumbling on the radio and pushing the tires hard.

  29. I alredy miss the older spec cars.
    Its borderline unbelievable how the top 6 is ahead of the rest.
    Hamilton fell to last and mid race was 30 seconds ahead of the seventh place.

    1. Yeah, it’s just a joke how they’re impressed he fought back. Look at the car the has!

      Like watching a fighter jet overtake a pack of 747s

    2. Which older spec cars? The last three years with the narrower cars Mercedes were overwhelmingly dominant. The final year before the hybrid era Red Bull were dominant.

  30. Anyone noticed they waited for the first six to pass the pit entry before calling Safety Car after Ericsson crashed? We blamed raced director in the opening races, we need to praise the decision today.

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