Banned F2 racer Ferrucci tried to run Trump slogan on his car

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Formula Two driver Santino Ferrucci, who is banned from competing in the next four races of the series, was refused permission by the championship to run Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign slogan on his car last weekend.

Ferrucci’s F2 team Trident wrote to the championship’s director Bruno Michel requesting permission to run the slogan “Trump – Make America Great Again” on his car during last weekend’s races at Silverstone. Michel rejected the request on the grounds that political slogans are not permitted in the championship.

“Article 10.6.2(a) of the International Sporting Code expressly states that competitors taking part in international competitions are not allowed to affix to their automobiles advertising that is political in nature,” Michel wrote in response.

“Given the political nature of the image you have requested to display on the car, we hereby confirm that it is prohibited under the terms of the rules.”

RaceFans understands the letter, which has been widely circulated on social media, is authentic.

Ferrucci received his ban, which covers the next two F2 race weekends, after deliberately colliding with team mate Arjun Maini at the end of Sunday’s sprint race. He also repeatedly ignored summons from the stewards to appear before them and was found to have driven to the starting grid while holding his phone.

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Arjun Maini, F2, trident, Monte-=Carlo, Monaco, 2018
Maini’s car carried a slogan until Monaco
The Trident team accused Ferrucci and his father, who accompanies him to most races, of “unsportsmanlike and above all uncivilised behavior” towards his team mate.

The timing of Ferrucci’s request to run the slogan may be related to Trump’s scheduled visit to the UK this weekend.

An F2 spokesperson refused to comment on the matter, including whether the championship had granted or withdrawn permission for Ferrucci’s team mate to run any slogans on his car.

Maini’s car featured the phrase “Justice for Asifa” on its nose from the early in the season until the Monaco round. The slogan refers to the ongoing trial of eight men for the alleged murder, torture and rape of eight-year-old Asifa Bano in Kashmir earlier this year.

Pro-Trump messages have appeared on racing cars in other series. Most notably, NASCAR driver Reed Sorensen carried a pro-Trump slogan on his car during the championship’s round at Texas Motor Speedway, two days before the last US presidential election in 2016.

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53 comments on “Banned F2 racer Ferrucci tried to run Trump slogan on his car”

  1. Strangely fitting, but though nothing to get upset about, unlike pretty much everything else he apparently did during that weekend.

    1. Kieran Kelly (@)
      9th July 2018, 16:21

      My thoughts exactly.

      I’d add those Jeans he wore for the Haas signing to the list of bad things he’s done as well.

    2. @nase @kiers Just when you thought Santino Ferrucci couldn’t get more annoying… I gotta say, however, whatever your political inclination I am glad FIA doesn’t allow it. Quite frankly I don’t think I want to know the political inclinations of some of my favourite drivers.

  2. He behaved like an irresponsible man. Maybe he is.

    1. I think child would be a better description. A man should know better.

      1. Are we talking about Ferucci or Trump now? … lines are getting blurred :p

    2. Trump as his role model. Okay, enough said …..

  3. Ah, so that explains his shameful behaviour… follow the leader.

  4. What’s with this guy? Thought he was a prospect but who would want to hire him now.. guess there is such a thing as bad publicity.

    1. @knewman, to be frank, even before this you’d have to say that his results weren’t that great and have to question why somebody would want to hire him.

      In Formula 3 he was beaten by two of his rookie teammates in 2015, despite the fact that he’d driven a Formula 3 car for most of the 2014 season, and in 2016 he was thrashed by another team mate (Jake Hughes): as a particular irony, Maini managed to beat him even though Maini didn’t compete in the opening two rounds.

      He doesn’t seem to have been particularly competitive against the team mates he had, nor had any really striking results – he was also subject to criticism in his brief appearance in IndyCar where some of the other drivers complained about his arrogance and recklessness, saying that he seemed to have no respect for any other driver and just bumped them out of the way (perhaps making it less surprising that he acted in that way towards Maini).

      Now, though, he’s painted a picture of himself as a liability to any team and, frankly, I expect that he’s going to be dumped by both Trident and Haas (Steiner has indicated that Haas would review their contract with him).

      1. His brief appearance in IndyCar was a result of Daddy buying a single race ride after young Fittipaldi hurt his legs in the WEC crash. Finishing 20th and 22nd in the Detroit Dual GP’s by some stroke of luck.

    2. @knewman I’m pretty sure NASCAR teams won’t mind hiring him, providing he has the talent and money required. The attitude is already there.

  5. As an American, I’m deeply embarrassed by this. This is not what we are like, these are just the loudest idiots in the room.

    1. We know! Don’t worry, we know!

  6. of course he did… ¬¬

  7. and was found to have driven to the starting grid while holding his phone.

    Wait what???

    1. My thoughts also, it’s a pretty random charge by any standards

  8. ColdFly (@)
    9th July 2018, 18:31

    I don’t think he deserved a race ban.
    Separating him from his family and charging a 25% import duty when returning to the USofA would suffice ;-)

    1. Ooooouch.

    2. Dude. That’s savage.

    3. Montréalais (@)
      12th July 2018, 4:26

      Nice, @coldfly, nice!

  9. Neil (@neilosjames)
    9th July 2018, 18:48

    I went to try to research him after seeing what he did at Silverstone, and stumbled across an article from 2010, when he was 11, and he moaned about Obama winning and saying he’d supported McCain.

    At least he’s stayed loyal to his party!

    1. @neilosjames Interesting article, thanks for the link. The bit about Superman made me laugh..

    2. At 11 years old, his political views were almost certainly a near-carbon copy of his parents’ views. Even at 20 years old, most people’s views are strongly shaped by their upbringing.

      Judging from the rumors of how he and his father were mocking the Maini family this weekend, the kid’s probably never had an independent thought in his life.

      1. Kids political views and religious beliefs usually that of their parents. That’s the problem.

    3. Funny same age as Max Verstappen even raced together in F3 and if this is America greatest talent then i reall pitty them. Sorry about that.

  10. The fact that he wanted to display that brainless slogan explains so much… it’s hard to drive with your head up your a**. At one time was intersected in seeing him do well, now I could care less.

  11. Sush meerkat
    9th July 2018, 19:07

    The kid is a rockstar

    1. You’ve got to rock before you can become a star.

  12. Tweeting or texting at the wrong time? Check.

    Getting into arguments with or deliberately jeopardizing the success of your ally/teammate? Check.

    Being an immature, spoiled rich kid? Check.

    Santino doesn’t need a decal to remind people who “his president” is. Birds of a feather, it seems.

  13. Amazing how he manages the steering wheel with such small hands…

  14. An Italian American racing driver who acts like a rednecks..

    He should better than that, but he decided to not to..

    1. I think Maini”for to pay Ferrucci for “protection” last week.

  15. I suppose the liberal echo chamber here would have been fine by him if he wanted to promote Sadiq Khan or Barrack Obama.

    The intolerence and feet stamping shown by leftists is why it’s best to keep politics out of sport.

    Good for anyone who rejects polite f@scism (political correctness ) in sport though . F@scists demanding removal of Grid Girls etc….

    1. No, RaceFans has objected to liberal political messaging on cars in the past, notably that incident in 2012 when Ferrari decided to lobby for the release of some political prisoners on a F1 race weekend. For some reason the FIA did not share our opinion, even though the same rule was breached…

      1. @alianora-la-canta Yes, that was the Indian Grand Prix weekend when they hurriedly backtracked on what they’d posted on their website when it was pointed out they were making a political statement:

        1. @keithcollantine The message remained on the cars even though we knew it was political, at least in initial intent, and nothing was done about it by the FIA (presumably they thought changing the explanation, and the resulting embarrassment – if any – to Ferrari, sufficed).

          Thank you for posting the link to the incident, which demonstrates the even-handed nature of RaceFans’ stance.

    2. I understand that some of the comments above might be offensive for somebody that supports Trump.

      But, now:

      1. Fascism? No.

      2. Why is somebody acting like girls have been banned from the grid? Nobody has been banned, Nobody has been removed. Grid girls have been dropped; girls and women will access the grid and the sport more and more as engineers, managers and drivers.

  16. It might be quicker to go through the list of rules Santino is not attempted/alleged/demonstrated to have broken in the last four days. On balance, probably a weekend where he would have been better off staying home.

  17. This guy is literal gutter trash.

    1. Champagne Papi
      10th July 2018, 10:20

      Well said.

  18. Richard (@)
    10th July 2018, 0:52

    Let me get this right: he wanted to say by publication that we should make America great again ?
    In response to this he was told that he could not do so AND many have castigated him for his statement ?
    I guess his detractors would prefer something like ,” let’s give 150 billion dollars to a terrorist regime “?
    This is the 1st I am hearing about this young man aside from the fact that he is a talented driver but, let me say that while I know very little about him I am starting to like him .

    1. By all accounts, not as talented as should be required for his seat at Haas.

      Intentionally hits teammate.

      Texting while driving an F2 car on track.

      Then trashtalks his way around the paddock like he’s untouchable.

      This petulant little turd is getting all the respect he deserves regardless of his request for political slogans ro be pasted on his car.

      I find it astounding that anyone could just ignore how blatantly terrible an individual he is for this sport simply because he happens to fit whatever ill-conceived victim/underdog role suits one’s political persuasion.

    2. So you’re starting to like this spoiled kid, who deliberately crashes into his teammate, apparently throws racist remarks at him (together with his dad; talk about setting an example), makes fun of his mental health (“says the one who cries on the radio”) and to top it all of: he somehow doesn’t think he might need to apologise or explain himself after all of this. If you’re supporting that guy, please have a good think about your own values.

      I think this is it for Ferrucci, at least in F2. Maybe he should try his luck in America, but it seems they didn’t like his arrogance in IndyCar either after just one weekend.

      1. And i thought Lance was spoiled but compaired with this kid Lance was brought up with some good sense.

  19. Surely this calls for sanctions against the FIA. Sad!! Renegotiate the International Sporting Code or the US will pull out. Bad deal for America!!

    1. Montréalais (@)
      12th July 2018, 4:34

      Ha ha ha! That was funny Gabagool! I’m sure the Rest of the World is just waiting for the chance to receive a US ultimatum like that!

  20. Slava Ukraini on my car.

  21. Now I’m waiting for Trident to fire him.

  22. Just to be clear, he wasn’t banned because he wanted to run a political endorsement on his car. There is no issue with supporting Trump, he supports his President and felt strongly about it to the point where he wanted to advertise it. However, this contravene’s the rules, hence it was not allowed. Simple.

    If anybody else wanted to run a campaign slogan supporting Sadiq Khan or Barack Obama (you wonder why a guy who finished his presidency 1.5 years ago still keeps getting brought up) or Stephen Colbert, they should be barred as well, as this is against the rules.

    Ferrucci was banned for his unprofessional conduct, which was totally unacceptable, not because of his political leaning. Try physically barging into your work colleague, hurl some abuse, try to break some safety regulations at your job…you will get hauled up, potentially suspended, perhaps even sacked. Fault of the left/liberal echo chamber?

  23. Dash_Riprock
    10th July 2018, 14:12

    Most of you blabber away about ‘drivers not having personalities anymore’. What it really is, is that drivers don’t have personalities that step off your thought plantation.

    I like him. Keep being you kid.

  24. Wow. He should be banned for life. No racing team in any series should employ him. That slogan is effectively the American equivalent of the Nazi swastika, I’m afraid.

  25. That’s hilarious. Everyone knows that politics in sport are reserved for the sporting organizations and their respective governments. Sheesh…

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