Esteban Ocon, Force India, Silverstone, 2018

Ocon sees Force India gains after consecutive points finishes

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In the round-up: Esteban Ocon believes Force India are making progress after their second consecutive double points finish.

What they say

I have to say I’m really happy with that. It was a very tough race I have to say keeping Fernando [Alonso] and Kevin [Magnussen] in the back was not an easy task. The car was a bit hard to drive today with the wind and the conditions. So to come home seventh and the last race sixth we are happy going on the week off.

It’s [been] a good season. We are improving, that’s why I am smiling now.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Does Romain Grosjean make himself unpopular with too much finger-pointing?

What I don’t enjoy is the instantly blaming Sainz, “he just turned into me!”, when clearly it’s Grosjean making a correction mid-corner. Which is fine, it’s straight after the Safety Car, tyres are cool, it could happen to anyone, there would be plenty of corrections throughout the field on that lap, his just happened in the wrong place at the wrong time.

To be instantly shifting blame on the radio, is unnecessary at best.

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On this day in F1

  • On this day in 1988 Ayrton Senna won a soaking wet British Grand Prix at Silverstone while team mate Alain Prost pulled out

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24 comments on “Ocon sees Force India gains after consecutive points finishes”

  1. Todd (@braketurnaccelerate)
    10th July 2018, 0:58

    Re:COTD – I wonder if Romain blamed Magnussen on the opening lap. I wouldn’t put it past him

    1. Of course he didn’t blame Magnussen, it was clear as day it was -somehow- Ericsson fault!

      1. Todd (@braketurnaccelerate)
        10th July 2018, 2:53

        Facepalms all around.

        I just don’t understand his logic to instantly assign blame, often incorrectly at that. I understand a lot of drivers blame each other, the tires, etc after a crash, but there’s usually some reasonable connection to it. A lot of Grosjean’s excuses have been baseless and he’s often incorrectly assigned blame on someone or something else.

    2. Todd (@braketurnaccelerate)
      10th July 2018, 2:53

      As an aside, does anyone actually have footage of the Mag/Gro incident? It was broadcast and I’m having troubles finding it.

      1. @braketurnaccelerate
        If you go on the official F1 site and check the video of Hamilton and Raikkonen (not the in cars obviously). At almost the exact same time that they make contact, you can see Grosjean hit Magnusson.

        Took me a couple of watches to focus on the background. It doesn’t look likeca big hit, but you can see sone bodywork fall off.

      2. There is very little footage from the rest of the field from Sunday’s race.

      3. It is up on the Skysports F1 Site

    3. I think Grosjean has people around him who spend too long trying to let him maintain his own confidence and not enough actually analysing what’s happened. What he perceives his level of talent to be, and what he actually displays on the track are two very different beasts.

      He seems to be at a point where he actually pathologically believes he isn’t doing anything wrong, possibly because when he’s had minor incidents in the past people have tried to move him past them by exculpating him from all the blame. Unfortunately, when he commits so many minor things without believing he’s at fault, it’s now added up and he seems to feel in his own head he’s bulletproof.

      Haas now seem to have finally reached a point where they’re sick of it. For a man who thought he’d be taking Kimi’s seat he’s managed to commit errors at almost every single event this year. Bear in mind these errors include crashing behind the safety car entirely off his own complacency and inability to shut DRS going into a corner. He’s a talented driver, but at this level he makes far too many mistakes the best drivers in the world should not be making. They’re the sort of things that are understandable as one-off errors, but he makes them almost every weekend.

      He’s had plenty of chances in his career and been allowed at least one redemption. The only way I see him continuing is if he keeps his mouth shut, not only acknowledges blame but adjusts his own approach,and concentrates on nailing the basics of driving an F1 car for the rest of the season. He said it himself, these Haas cars should be scoring points and they’re not.

  2. Ferrucci’s non-apology apology is a candidate for worst ever in any forum, sporting or non-sporting.

    As his racing career self implodes he certainly is showing a knack for the disingenuous doublespeak that seems to be a requirement in today’s world of shameless politics.

    1. @bullmello – I’m sure Wall Street and the CEO club are looking at that tweet and thinking to themselves “The boy’s got talent”.

    2. I actually believe his excuse that he had a urgent medical family matter to attend, @bullmello.
      He and his father had to undergo brain surgery.

      1. Can you please clarify, @coldly ? Was that to add or remove one?

        1. It might be tough to find a working one to remove ;-)

  3. Classy Ferrari tweet. If it’s now described a “racing incident” can the penalty be reverted?

    I’ve never been a Ferrari fan, but I have to say I am slowly warming to them, and I think Arrivabene deserves credit for that. If they agree to finally give up their preferential payment, who knows, I might actually start supporting them.

    1. @phylyp – Funny, a long time ago (1970’s, parts of the 80’s & 90’s) I liked Ferrari even though they were never my favorite team. Could not support them through the 2000’s however. Warmed up to them again in the Arrivabene era. I like their team better now and especially when Marchionne stays quiet. Would be nice if they could see their way to give up on that payment for the good of the sport. Seems doubtful though…

    2. @phylyp And Veto too.

      1. @tonyyeb – agreed, preferential payments, veto, and all that it takes to give parity to all teams on these aspects.

  4. Gemma St. Ivans
    10th July 2018, 8:18

    Hamilton won’t sign for 5 years. He is more interested in fashion catwalks and boy bands.

  5. I agree with the COTD.

  6. @keithcollantine could you please check your RSS feed, it seems not to be working over a week now.

    1. For me it has been working fine.
      The push is a little delayed but it is as usual.

  7. This Ferrucci fellow seems to be a thoroughly unsavory character, and I have no doubts that his “apology” is nothing more than a self serving attempt to salvage his ride. Whatever his daddy’s business is, he’d probably do well to start learning it.

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