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2018 F1 season

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The new edition of the official Formula 1 game will feature 20 classic cars covering five decades of the sport’s history, Codemasters has announced.

F1 2018 will feature eight new classic cars, two of which will only be available to early purchasers of the game, plus the 12 cars which were previously available in F1 2017.

The 2009 Brawn BGP-001 and 2003 Williams FW25 will only be available to those who pre-order the game or purchase the ‘headline edition’ release of F1 2018. The game will also feature the ful roster of 20 drivers, 10 teams and 21 tracks from this year’s championship.

F1 2018 Classic cars list

1972Lotus72DNew to F1 2018
1976Ferrari312 T2New to F1 2018
1976McLarenM23DNew to F1 2018
1978Lotus79New to F1 2018
1979Ferrari312 T4New to F1 2018
1982McLarenMP4/1BNew to F1 2018
2003WilliamsFW25New to F1 2018 – limited release
2009BrawnBGP-001New to F1 2018 – limited release
1988McLarenMP4/4From F1 2017
1991McLarenMP4/6From F1 2017
1992WilliamsFW14From F1 2017
1995Ferrari412T2From F1 2017
1996WilliamsFW18From F1 2017
1998McLarenMP4-13From F1 2017
2002FerrariF2002From F1 2017
2004FerrariF2004From F1 2017
2006RenaultR26From F1 2017
2007FerrariFFrom F1 2017
2008McLarenMP4-23From F1 2017
2010Red BullRB6From F1 2017

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2018 F1 season

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30 comments on “20 classic cars confirmed for Codemasters’ F1 2018”

  1. Still no Renault R25, of course. Once again, it got entirely ignored despite all the historical relevance it features. I feel it (or any 2005 car for that matter) definitely should be included in the game since it’s from the final V10 era season as well as because it’s the first title-winning car from Renault. Overall, very little variation from last season’s game. #Disappointed #YouHadOneJobCM

    1. Michael Brown (@)
      13th July 2018, 18:50

      I’d rather they swap the 2006 Renault for that

    2. @jerejj, surely, if you wanted a car from Renault that was a real paradigm shift, it would have to be the RS01 from 1977 that introduced the first turbocharged car to F1? I would say that was a much more significant car than the R25 in terms of the impact it had on the sport.

      I would also say that, if you wanted to be pedantic, technically the V10 era lasted until the end of the 2006 season – it always seems to be forgotten that Toro Rosso was allowed to use a V10 era for that year (the deal having originally been agreed for Minardi, only for the team to be sold off to Red Bull after that).

      In one sense, the R26 is actually a more unique car than the R25 because Alonso achieved an unusual accolade in 2006. During that season, he used only one chassis – R26-03 – which I believe makes him only the second driver ever to have won a championship whilst using a single chassis – after Jackie Stewart and the Tyrrell 003 – as well as being one of the most successful individual chassis ever to have been used in F1 (with seven victories, beaten only by the eight victories Stewart racked up with his Tyrrell 003).

      1. @anon Yes, I’m aware that Toro Rosso was using a V10 (albeit with some restrictions) in their debut season, but still, the V10-era ‘effectively’ ended the season before. Furthermore, it isn’t unheard of to use a single chassis (or monocoque or survival cell in alternative names) for an entire season far from it. Massa, for example, used the same monocoque for the whole of 2015 as well as both Ferrari-drivers in 2016 just to name a few (source: Autocourse annual book, which always features a ‘chassis log book’ that features information concerning which chassis number each driver has been for which GP weekend of the season in question). Button also used the same monocoque (#01) for the entirety of his Championship-winning season of 2009 (Brawn GP only had a total of three monocoques for the entire season, and Barrichello used IIRC #02 copy from Australia till Singapore, and then #03 copy for the remaining races of the season).

        1. @jerejj, you are correct about Button winning that season, which I had forgotten about – the point was that it is still unusual for a driver to have won a championship with a single chassis, at least at the time that Alonso did it with that car (until then, it was more normal for a driver to go through multiple iterations of the same chassis).

          Maybe it’s just me, but I really just don’t get the fuss and don’t really consider the R25 to be that much of a landmark car to warrant that much of a fuss over including that instead of the R26 (or, for that matter, the rather excessive fetishisation of the V10 era in general).

        2. ‘has been using’

      2. Do we know why Alonso only used one chassis all season? Presumably they had the resources to build many, was it just preference?

  2. digitalrurouni
    13th July 2018, 17:14

    The handling of those cars always felt a bit off to me in the classic cars.

    How do you guys feel about the handling of the actual car you are racing in Career mode? I am racing the Mercedes right now and I have to say the handling is awesome.

    1. I drive Mercedes (MERC FOR LIFE) and the car handling is superb. Particularly in the change of directions, jeez. The rear is the only one that needs a few upgrades. I have the first 2 chassis upgrades and 1 rear aero upgrade and the car is just insane. I find that it can also take a lot of kerb because I have driven the Ferrari and Red Bull and I cannot take the kerbs as aggressively as I do in the Mercedes.

  3. The cars that I would like for F1 2019:

    – McLaren MP4-20
    – Lotus 49
    – Renault RE30
    – Ferrari F10 (wasn’t the most iconic, but I always liked it for some reason)
    – Mercedes W05
    – Benetton B194

    But more importantly, give us some classic tracks like in F1 2013!

    Would love any of these:

    – Old Hockheimring
    – Brands Hatch
    – Imola
    – Istanbul
    – Nurburgring
    – Indianapolis
    – Magny Cours
    – Old Spa (for a really old classic!)

    1. I’d be all in on the Lotus 49 but only the 49A (the one that Jim Clark drove in his last F1 race). It has the right color (dark green) and it was before before the hideous looking wings and the commercial livery.

    2. Yeah I agree with bringing back the old tracks. There just seems to be something totally not right racing an old f1 car at tracks like Abu Dhabi, COTAs and likewise.

    3. The B194 with option 13.

      1. Luckily you can run traction control on all cars in the Codemasters Games ;)

    4. I remember the F1 05 game for the PS2 had Detroit as an unlockable circuit, wasn’t too bad actually.

  4. Calum Menzies
    13th July 2018, 18:29

    Would be very welcoming of any new tracks added to the game! (F1 classics or contemporary non-F1 tracks)

    There was a year with Brands Hatch and Jerez even though they weren’t on the calendar.

    1. @Calum Menzies F1 2013, yes. It has Not only Brands Hatch, and Jerez, but Imola, and Estoril as well.

  5. It’s nice to have these cars but there aren’t that many that are compatible with each other or even raced with each other. I would love to have a full 1982 grid with all the cars and tracks. I know there would be licensing issues but I pay for that if it were a DLC.

  6. They have to fix some stupid bugs, like the safety car issue and some stupid issues, like the commentators saying totally stupid stuff, like announcing that the 12th driver is the “driver of the day” or something that you won by “managing your tyres and optimizing each stint” when you have made 10 overtakes in a wet race.

    Also, the drivers in career mode should move around teams, or it becomes too boring after a while. And they could add a bigger pool of drivers, like current F2 drivers that could join a few years or old F1 drivers that could reappear. It’s not fun racing against Alonso in the same slow McLaren until 2025.

    1. Licensing has always been the issue with drivers moving teams in the game, Alonso driving about in a Red Bull breaks god knows how many contracts. Things might be different under Liberty, but I’m guessing it’ll take time. FIFA gets away with it in Career mode, you can have Messi, Ronaldo et al playing for other clubs and wearing Nike/Adidas outside of their contracts so it’s not impossible to do. It just depends on whatever Bernie had in place before and how to get around it.

      It is frustrating that if you take the second seat at Red Bull, Max’s career is essentially over.

      1. @bernasaurus I think this is an excuse, what contracts apply in my private career game? They are probably too bored to do it, since they cash out with each game having very little differences from the last. In almost every other sports game (be it FIFA, NBA and more) you can switch players around, don’t they have contracts?

        1. I’m guessing FIFA/EA Sports have had more time to figure this out, but it’s definitely a licensing issue and Codemasters have confirmed it. Ricciardo drinking a Monster drink in his Mercedes upsets a lot of people who either can’t or won’t waive their rights to such a thing occurring in the game.

          There’s other things such as the Williams running in it’s Abu Dhabi stripes so as not to affect the PEGI rating, where as in FIFA you can play as Kobenhaven with Carlsberg across the front of your strip without any sanction at all on the age rating of the game.

          My only guess is EA Sports/FIFA have a much bigger legal department, which seems to get them over the line in comparison to Codemasters.

          In the meantime, Jolyon Palmer is in his 7th season at Renault and is yet to out qualify Hulkenberg.

  7. The big question is if it will have vr support

    1. This and only this!

  8. The best racing game on the planet is gt sport, with FIA accredited championship races.
    Why on earth play an outdated career mode in a sub-par game made by codemasters?

    1. I think you will find that a lot of more dedicated sim racers will say that GT Sport is really not that good, and that there are quite a few far better games out there – but GT Sport does have the largest marketing budget and a large target audience, which probably explains why that ended up earning those accolades.

    2. Haha, GT Sport is not the best racing game, not by a last chance. Even Project Cars II is much, much better.

  9. Wish we had Jordan and Benetton.

  10. I felt the classic cars never brought much to the 2017 game, I’d rather they added GP2 and dynamic driver line up changes. Though, I know why they won’t because no one would buy F1 2018.

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