Dixon keeps it clean to boost title hopes with Toronto win


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Scott Dixon boosted his IndyCar championship lead with victory in Toronto on a day when his closest championship rivals all had brushes with the wall.

Dixon took the lead after Josef Newgarden, who had led from pole position, hit the wall during a Safety Car period. Newgarden was able to continue but the resulting pit stop for damage inspection dropped him back into the pack, leaving him ninth at the finish.

Team mates and title contenders Ryan Hunter-Reay and Alexander Rossi hit trouble on the same lap. Hunter-Reay understeered into the barrier at turn three, breaking his front wing. Rossi also incurred front wing damage after clipping Will Power’s car while trying to pass the ailing Penske machine.

Dixon survived his own brush with the wall late in the race while trying to lap Hunter-Reay. The Andretti driver held the race leader up for several laps while second-placed Simon Pagenaud closed on him. Once Hunter-Reay dived into the pits Dixon reeled off a series of rapid laps to reassert his supremacy.

Pagenaud jumped ahead of Robert Wickens through his final pit stop and survived a thump from behind from the Schmidt driver at turn one. Wickens tried to get around the outside of him at turn three but backed off after the Penske man edged him towards the barrier.

James Hinchcliffe brought the other Schmidt car home in fourth place, passing a string of cars in the final stint. Charlie Kimball was already on course for Carlin’s best result when Marco Andretti made a pit stop in error at the beginning of the final lap. Andretti’s stop promoted Kimball to fifth ahead of Tony Kanaan, Zach Veach, Rossi and Newgarden.

Newgarden’s brush with the barrier triggered a chaotic restart in which several drivers tangled at turn one. Graham Rahal went into the back of Max Chilton

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8 comments on “Dixon keeps it clean to boost title hopes with Toronto win”

  1. pastaman (@)
    16th July 2018, 0:32

    Can you please put these articles behind spoiler tags of some sort :(

    1. This is a motorsport news website, therefore will show results of motorsports events as and when they occur. If you don’t want to know the result of a race before you’ve seen it, simply wait til you’ve see it before coming online. We don’t have spoiler tags plastered over this website at the end of Grands Prix…

      1. pastaman (@)
        16th July 2018, 12:48

        Yes, totally understood. But let’s be honest, despite the name this is a Formula 1 website with a smattering of news from other series. Are there ever any other articles besides race results for these other series? Does anyone come here for their regular IndyCar, FE, etc. news? No, I’m guessing they go to dedicated sites for that. In fact, I wish results from any series besides F1 would be behind spoiler tags.

        1. Had to pause the race and watch the last third in the evening, so I purposely didn’t come here just in case. No problem.

        2. @pastaman This site has evolved over time. I would have been a bit upset to see spoilers when it was F1Fanatic but the site has increased its coverage of other sports since the rebrand so I think such headlines are ok.

    2. @pastaman
      LOLWUT? What do you expect coming onto a car racing news website – not getting car racing news?

  2. Dixon is going to his best track next race. Another W there and not even the short oval in STL can save Team Penske.

  3. Fun race! Dixon is really, really good.

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