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Bottas expects Mercedes contract announcement soon

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Valtteri Bottas is handling negotiations for a new Formula 1 contract with Mercedes personally and expects to confirm his future plans soon.

Mercedes confirmed today Lewis Hamilton will remain at the team for the next two seasons. The team is believed to favour retaining Bottas, who joined them at the beginning of last season.

Speaking to media including RaceFans at the Hockenheimring today Bottas welcomed the confirmation of Hamilton’s new contract.

“From my side I am really happy for Lewis and for the team,” he said. “I think it’s great news for both sides so that’s very good.

“And from my side for sure I hope quite soon there will be some news. I’m pretty confident there will be.”

Bottas revealed he is taking care of his own contract negotiations with the team.

“I do all the negotiations myself because I want to, I prefer speaking with the team face to face. All the respect to all the management team that’s been helping be since 2008, they’ve helped me to get where I am now. At some point i just felt I want to do [it] myself because I’m interested in my own future and me being face to face with the boss, to me that’s the most simple way. That’s how I want to do things.”

The 28-year-old’s previous management team, which includes Didier Coton, continues to support him in an advisory role, he said.

“If I still need any help I can get some and I can get advice. They’re still supporting me.”

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5 comments on “Bottas expects Mercedes contract announcement soon”

  1. Give it to him please. He deserves it. 2 year deal or 3 year deal.

  2. In general, what are the advantages/disadvantages of managing contract negotiations on one’s own?

  3. To me he would be the logical choice. He’s certainly competitive enough and should (barring his appalling luck this year) be actually close to the WDC lead.

    Hopefully people are starting to see that he’s not overrated at all and deserves to be where he is.

  4. Gemma St. Ivans
    20th July 2018, 5:43

    He seems like a grounded and fair Man. No huge ego, no garish tattoos and piercings, no fashion shows or rap music. I hope he gets a fair contract .

  5. For the spectacle of racing I would have much preferred a top class driver to get his seat. Unfortunately Bottas has proven he isn’t a match for Hamilton, presumably this actually suits Mercedes.

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